Lake Anna Life & Times Summer 20 1 8 18 BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY! Plus, Paints, Tool Rental and Composite Deck/ Dock Products cont. from 5 So why wait? Contact us today! 540.748.8288 DOCK TALK UNFUNDING “If an external agency is deemed to have suf- ficient other funding sources, it may be asked to fund its own efforts during a given budget year. This does not represent lack of County support for LAAC’s efforts, but rather good fiscal stewardship of our citizens’ money.  “As discussed during budget deliberations, LAAC’s continued efforts are worthwhile – the Board is grateful for them and welcomes the op- portunity to consider funding requests for next budget year.” The LAAC was formed in 1994 by a cooperative agreement from Virginia’s General Assembly and ratified by each county. The purposes of the group include; to promote cooperation and coordination among the local governing bodies and Dominion Energy on issues concerning Lake Anna, to develop recommenda- tions for new or revised ordinances/legislation specifically addressing the needs, issues and or/ or problems involving Lake Anna, its shoreline, its shoreland area behind the lake and the wa- tersheds of Lake Anna as designated by the local governments, to promote planning and manage- ment for land, water and other natural resources and environmental quality maintenance, to admin- ister the on-lake marker program, to promote re- search, control and/or eradication of undesirable aquatic weeds in Lake Anna and to improve the quality of the water and to control pollution in and around Lake Anna. The central assumption of the cooperative agree- ment signed over 20 years ago is that areas of the lake in Louisa, Orange and Spotsylvania Counties are to be considered for policy guidance jointly, not independently. Doug Smith is the president of LACA, the other agency denied requested Louisa County funds. His group, too, has money in the bank (over $100K) but runs an annual budget of approxi- mately $16,000 and was denied their annual fund- ing request from Louisa County. Each year LACA has requested approximately $5,000 to assist with water quality monitoring of the lake (See related article on E. Coli Testing). “Lake Anna is fortunate to have a premier water quality monitoring program.  It is a result of count- less hours of hard work by leaders to manage the program and over 30 volunteers to collect water samples.  “[Water quality monitoring] is funded cooperative- ly by Louisa, Spotsylvania, and the Virginia Dept of Environmental Quality. For Louisa to suddenly decide not to participate for the coming year puts the whole program at risk.  “We are actively seeking emergency funding for FY 2019 from Dominion Energy and are seek- ing donations from Lake Anna  users.  Donations are tax deductible and may be made by check to LACA at PO Box 217 Mineral, VA 23117.  We have had discussions with Louisa County Officials and are hopeful that both counties and DEQ will be participating in FY 2020.” Time will tell as to what Louisa County will do for the 2019-20 LAAC and LACA funding requests and what effect the un-funding will have on Spot- sylvania County’s position. For now, though, both watchdog groups will continue to operate, just with a little tighter belt. LKA Design / Installation / Maintenance Licensed and insured Mowing, trimming and aeration Pruning, Mulching andTree work Seeding and Fertilization Landscape and hardscapes Pasture management Virginia pesticide licensed LACY 804/556-2873 Email us at ESTBL. 1992 Residential & commercial jobs welcome. 877.564.6261 Lake Anna’s Log Home Pros! LACA volunteers performing water quality testing.