Lake Anna Life & Times Summer 20 1 8 17 beaches and parks. Each of the deputies assigned to the Marine Patrol are required to complete a boating class and certification through the United State Coast Guard and must pass a swim- ming course. The Spotsy Marine Unit works with the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fish- eries, the Louisa Sheriff’s Office, the United States Coast Guard and other law enforce- ment agencies on the waters of Lake Anna. On this initial ride-along I was the guest of Ron and Bruce of the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office. Both men are veterans on the force; Ron for 19 years and Bruce for six years. These men put in many hours to keep the public and the watercraft operators safe. They are part of a team that patrols the lake, and they all know the rules. When not on lake duty they work the courthouse, road patrols, warrants, arrests and other full time duties as assigned. When I asked, Ron and Bruce explained that most watercraft tickets are given out due to excessive speed in the no wake zones, no registration, no boaters safety card, no ID, jet skis towing more than their capacity or not having enough PFDs for everyone on board. Here’s how my afternoon with Marine 2 unfolded. Our first call was a 911 hang up, triangu- lated by 911 near the power plant.The call could be a water accident, domestic dispute, stalled engine, etc… Since the reason for the hang-up was unknown, it was investigated Minutes from the lake on Rt. 522 4533 Zachary Taylor Highway Mineral, VA. Join Us This Season At Lake Anna’s Newest Event Venue&Restaurant! Our menu features traditional steaks, chicken, pork & seafood Featuring weekly Greek specials & sale of home grown produce Onsite catering and banquet facilities 540 894-4343 Farm to table dining, event catering, craft brews and more! and turned out be a non event. Then we headed to Lake Anna State Park where we patrolled for a while. Lake traffic was suprisingly light for a Saturday. We did observe many boats around the Rt. 719 Bridge and Dillards Bridge that were borderline stoppable. At times we would wave to them to cut their speed just a little. All visual warnings were heeded. Throughout the afternoon we patrolled almost the entire lake and encountered two other patrol boats. We all slowed down, waved “Hello” and talked about how quiet boating traffic was. Later that afternoon we took a quick break atThe Cove to cool off and get some water. While there we stopped a fellow and gave him a warning because he was towing two children on a jet ski rated for two people. Remember, you cannot have any more folks than what the jet ski is rated for on it or be- ing towed by it. All in all, it was an interesting day with no incidents. It was an uneventful day, but I learned a lot from the deputies safety procedures.Thank you to the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Department for hosting me. If anyone would like information on Lake Anna’s boating regulations, please go on- line to and check out the Virginia Watercraft Owners Guide. Be forewarned, the only person you’re fooling is yourself if you don’t adhere to the rules and safety regulations. If you’re caught, it will cost you and it’s not cheap. Safe boating everyone and I hope to see you on the lake! Author, middle, flanked by his Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office hosts for the ride along day. 540894.8770 Minutesfromthelake! 4541ChoppingRd.,Mineral Open 7a-5p M-F and Sat. 7-Noon “We invite you to stop in and check out the lake’s headquarters for hardware, paint, power equipment, mowers, tractors and small engine repair.” - Jon and Stephanie Koren LKA