Lake Anna Life & Times Summer 20 1 8 11 LKA around the lake WHAT’S NEW? According to Daniels the goal was to discuss ways to work together to make sure Anna wasn’t the #1 lake in 2018 for reportable boating incidents as it was in 2017. “Business is good! That will continue as long as Lake Anna is recognized as a safe boating environment for all its us- ers,” said Daniels in the invitation letter. Louisa County Sheriff Office Major Don- ald Lowe attended the safety summit and told Life & Times, “The Safety Summit, an essential meeting went very well iden- tifying safety concerns on Lake Anna. “This summit has proven its importance relative to maintaining a safe environ- ment for all and I hope that it will be held annually and whenever situations dictate on Lake Anna. “Thank you to all the hard work to all that organized and contributed to the summit.” While there are no plans to hold regular summits, Daniels’ efforts with LARG are on going. Chuck Meeks, owner of Anna Point Ma- rina and Lake Country Marine, attended the Safety Summit and was very inter- ested in the plans for this summer on the lake. “The Safety Summit proved an excel- lent start to initiating dialogue on how to improve safety on Lake Anna. “Attention to safety on the water is criti- cally important to everyone. Knowledge- able boaters boat smart, boat safe, are courteous on the water, and pay attention to their surroundings and the conditions. “Everyone wants to have fun on the lake and staying safe is the first important step to doing so!” Gene Newman of Fulton Mortgage is informally known as the Mayor of Lake Anna. He also attended the meeting. “I was very impressed with the level of concern around the lake. The amount of people that showed up from the Game and Inland Fisheries to Louisa and Spotsy police, owners of most marinas around the lake and the Coast Guard they all showed serious concern for safety. Everyone seemed to have the same goal in mind: educating the boater about safe operation and addressing drinking and driving in a watercraft of any type. Even the wake boarding com- munity showed up with a very healthy attitude towards safety and respect for the neighbors along the shoreline. “If we don’t all work together to curtail accidents there will be more rules and regulations to use the lake which in the long run will hurt property values and property sales as well. We all have an obligation to work together to make our lake a better and safer place to use.” At Safety Summit To Discuss Lake Law Enforcement KatianaQuarlesistheVDGIFConser- vation Officer for Lake Anna.