Lake Anna Life & Times Summer 20 1 8 10 around the lake WHAT’S NEW? Local Businesses, Law Enforcement And EMS Meet On May 9 long time Lake Anna Coast Guard Auxiliary officer and Lake Anna Rescue Group (LARG) founding mem- ber, Maureen Daniels sent out an urgent message via email to a number of area business owners. “Lake Anna Rescue Group is calling for an urgent Safety Summit  between lake business owners and LARG to discuss what we all can do to make Lake Anna a safer environment for all its users.” Daniels felt after Lake Anna officially had more reportable incidents than any other Virginia water in 2017 according to Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries’ data, it was time to talk about safety. “One boating incident that happened at The Splits region of the lake on July 1 last year resulted in the death of the operator, almost killed two children riding in a tube and caused the boat to circle out of control for 20 minutes. This hap- pened on the lake’s busiest night of the year—fireworks—in the busiest part of the lake—at dusk. “Every year, the number of people flock- ing to Lake Anna to enjoy time on the wa- ter increases. Lots of individuals engage in lots of different activities often in the narrowest, busiest parts of Lake Anna. There are lots of close calls and near misses. “These visitors use the marinas, eat in the restaurants and picnic at the State Park. They buy water-related equipment, rent boats, kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards. In most cases, residents do the same. A safe lake is one of reasons they continue to return,” she wrote. The Safety Summit was held May 16 and generously hosted by Tim’s at Lake Anna. It was well-attended by law enforcement and business leaders ranging from vari- ous sheriff offices to emergency services, boat rental providers to fishing guides. GUTTERS DECKS 5" & 6" Gutters Leaf Guards Siding Replacement Windows Roofing & Repairs Rehab Decks Deck Enclosures “No job is too big or too small for us!” - Timmy Hein There’s Only One name To remember - Timmy Hein Call us at 540.894.9341 for a free estimate. Members of the Lake Anna business community listen as Micheal Grubb of theSpotsylvaniaCountyFire&RescueServicebriefsthemonplanstoimprove safety on the lake this summer.