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November 18, 19 Greater Tuna. 7:30p – Nov. 20 – 2:00p $25 Preferred Seats/$20 All Other Tickets. Greater Tuna is a hilarious comedy about some of the fine upstanding citizens of Tuna – Texas’s third smallest town. December 3 Kick It Out/A Tribute To Heart. 7:30p.m. $35 – All Tickets. The Kick It Out Band passionately performs Heart’s greatest music with integrity, power, and adrenaline. With their re-creation of Heart’s music Upcoming Performance Calendar LAKE ANNA CARPET CLEANER Garland Ray // Vietnam Veteran FREE ESTIMATES / CHURCH, SENIOR CITIZEN & CHURCH DISCOUNTS Call 540.894.9200 for appointment today! LKA Lake Anna Beach Marina continued from page 7 right to deny permits.  This is a highly destructive action.  There were jobs that never came to be. This will delay the creation of the restaurant for years. I believe [Louisa County] has the ability to be flexible however they chose not to be flexible. “The County had convinced themselves that we were trying to open without a site plan, (back- door the system). We repeat- edly presented evidence to the contrary, however this info fell on deaf ears. “At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting where we had made a request for a special exception, two of the board members made their attitude known to the public, alleging our uncooperative at- titude.  Our request was not ap- proved.  Recently attitudes have started to change but the timing I can’t explain.”   Has this experience affected the future of the Pleasants Landing/ Lake Anna Beach Resort? Vallerie: “Yes. Before I explain this let me remind you of what our original objectives were and what business were created to achieve them: 1. Pleasant Landing Marina LLC.  I am retired; I have been in small business and an employer for the past 30 years. I have no intention of running a small business. We had hired George Grove to man- age the marina and to be a part owner.  George was very excited however after months of hard work and frustration George did finally “throw in the towel”. Hence we will seek a marina tenant. The marina will be responsible for all boat sales, rentals, boat slips, storage, repairs and service.  2. Angler Outdoor Entertainment LLC:  runs the point and is re- sponsible for the beach, the con- certs/shows, movie night (every Wednesday during the ten weeks of the summer), festivals and sponsors.   3. The LLC is a non-partisan political organiza- tion whose mission is to give a voice to the people.  Encumber. com will be hosted our concerts and prior to each concert Encum- will extend through the local newspapers an invitation to come up on stage and complete the statement: “If I were president I would…..”  Applicants would have to submit their statement prior to the event. Obviously we can‘t have someone up the just bashing away but we could get a number of good one line zing- ers and possible some good so- lutions to some of our national concerns. 4. Pleasant Landing Road House. We never expected to be denied the right to open the facilities for the 2016 summer. We did not ex- pect to lose a full year of income. This loss of income will delay the creation of a lakeside dining venue.  It was always our inten- tion to seek a restaurant tenant however the cost of a restaurant is 200K for the kitchen, 150K for septic expansion and we would need an additional site plan.  JoAnn and I have our limits.  We will not make this investment. If the current investment can gen- erate the profits required to fund the restaurant then someday there will be a restaurant.”   Do you think the County is sup- portive of small business? Vallerie: “The County doesn’t understand small business. The systems, their rules are all de- signed for land development businesses/contractors, which we are not. I remind you we did not build any new structures. We were duplicating the old site plan. We did clean, we did repair, we painted, we sealed and we per- formed seven years back main- tenance on the entire site, includ- ing beach, 500’ of sea walls and 72 boat slips.”   Will you run your concert series next summer? Vallerie: “I want to, however the county does not want 10 con- certs, they want only one per month? To me this program with the is… well, the opportunity to have a political say.  I know of nowhere else that you can get opportunity to voice what you think is a good solution to a political concern. I will ask for the 10, and I will hope the public voices their support to their BOS representative.” At the Life & Times October deadline, Allyson Finchum of Louisa Community Develope- ment noted Vallerie’s site plan had not yet been approved, how- ever he did receive an approved conditional use permit allowing him “specific and limiled uses of the property for temporary events”. “County staff is continuing to work with Mr. Vallerie to obtain an approved site plan so Pleasants Landing Marina may begin op- erations of a marina, showroom, repair and retail store,” noted Finchum. Editor’s Note: Since the time of this writing, Louisa County Com- munity Development approved Vallerie’s site plan.