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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 23 lake anna monsterPAGE The Lake Anna Business Partnerships After Hours August 18 event at Mill Run subdivision drew a number of local candidates includingMikeSilbermancandidateforLouisaCo.SheriffSheriff AshlandFortuneTonyWilliamsandJamesSmithJacksonDistrict Supervisor candidates. Hydrilla Control It Dont Eradicate It The opinions expressed in this column do not reflect those of this publication. They are those of the writer and meant to elicit a response from our readers. If youd like to submit an essay for publication please email it to us at I for one am all for the hydrilla to continue Most of the areas that it is growing will not impact boating because you shouldnt be pull- ing tubes wake boards and skiers in water that shallow anyhow. Also the areas that I know where it is grow- ing are mostly in No Wake Zones. I am speak- ing of the cold side as I rarely fish on the hot side. I have been fishing the hydrilla for the last five years in sporadic areas and I for one can attest to the quality of the fishing in these areas. Some of these areas were devoid of fish before the hydrilla started coming in. Some areas had a few fish in them and only got better after the hydrilla started to grow. I do agree that it does need to be controlled in some way shape or form. It does not however need to be destroyed. At the current time it is not affecting boating. It is however allowing the young of the year fish to survive better. Hydrilla produces oxygen something that is needed for most aquatic life. Although once it is sprayed it uses oxygen during decay. This time of year is the most crucial time that there is. We have the most boat traffic of the year with folks trying to get the last bit of summer in and oxygen levels are at their lowest point due to lack of fresh water coming into the lake. The fish are already stressed enough with all of this destroying their habitat will only stress them even further. As an angler that cut his teeth fishing on the Potomac River although I have been a resident of Lake Anna for 20 years I have seen what aquatic grasses like hydrilla and milfoil have done for the river. It cleaned it up I remember the days growing up when the Potomac was so polluted about the only fish you could catch were catfish and carp. Then natures water filter came into the scene and shortly afterwards the fishing jumped tremendously and more anglers were making the Potomac River their destination. The river went from a highly polluted river system with very few fish to one of the best fisheries in the country and probably the best on the east coast for quite some time. Now that the grass is disappearing from the river in many areas the fishing as a whole is being affected and is steadily dropping off as well anglers are fish- ing and spending their dollars elsewhere. These are just my opinions on this matter. Lake Anna is more than just a boating destina- tion in Virginia. The fishery is getting better and better each and every year this past spring alone we weighed in six largemouth bass over eight pounds at Fish Tales at Anna Point Marina. Last year we saw three bass over eight pounds brought to the scales at Fish Tales and numerous five six and seven pound plus fish that anglers caught. The average weight in the bass tournaments has grown significantly since I started fishing the lake in 1995. In March of 2012 I caught my personal best largemouth weighing in at 9-1. That is the first nine-pound bass that I per- sonally have seen since 1998. I know that there have been a couple others caught and verified at other marinas but the hay day of the lake was many moons ago and hopefully we are heading back towards that again. There are many anglers that come to Lake Anna looking for that trophy of a life time the Old Girl fishes tough at times but is very rewarding as well. The hydrilla has the potential to boost the economy of the lake and local marinas. As the tackle manager at Fish Tales I know these anglers are a very big part of our business. Al- thoughthe other folks that visit the marina are just as important to us we see the anglers year around. They are the anchor of the economy for the majority of the year. I have seen an increase in the amount of fishing equipment rods reels lures and live bait that we sell and that is solely because the lake is fishing better than it has in 20 years. Once the grass is gone in my honest opinion it will get back to the way it was the last time the hydrilla was eradicated - tough to catch fish and even tougher to catch quality fish. The old nick names will come back out like One Fish Anna and The Dead Sea. This in turn will hurt the local economy and anglers will look for other fisheries to travel to. As a resident that depends on the quality of fishing I really wish control instead of eradi- cation would be considered. But who am I kid- ding it is much easier to get rid of something than to keep it around. Author Chris Craft is the assistant manager at Fish Tales at Lake Anna and operates CC Bas- sin Guide Service. OPINION LAKE ANNA GLITTERATI MikeHigginsphoto The many colors of LKA at the August LABP Sunset Concert. Bell Surveys Scott Leiffer foreground with drones to be used as soon as he receives FAA approval. Major Donnie Lowe LCPD and Mike Duffy of Dominion background. All were caught by LT at the August Lake Anna Business Partnership After Hours meeting held at Mill Run subdivision. We caught Dr. Michael Clark of Piedmont Dental at Lake Anna catching up with Diana Lester at the August Sunset Concert. Bet he can make you smile