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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 13 ke Annavalue by less than 30 at the time of the contribution. To qualify the easement must prohibit all but de minimis commercial recreational use. Local property taxes may be reduced with respect to land but not dwellings farm buildings or other improve- ments to the land. However if land is already assessed at use value in other words enrolled in a local land-use assessment taxation program an additional reduction in taxes is unlikely. Thats more than enough tax information though. Why did Raleigh and his brother decide to limit their earning potential on their own land We decided we wanted to keep the Conway property neighbors that own Wood- side agreed in perpetuity. A Virginia Outdoors Foundation conservation easement estab- lishes a property as non-sub dividable. It will stay 70 acres. Woodside is the same way. The land is a gift given to the VOF and some of that can be used as a tax deferral. I wanted to keep it that way because its a nice quiet place. Also my brother and wife always had a dream to have a farm and raise veg- etables. Conway noted there were some factors that helped he and his brother make the deci- sion. We were getting some pres- sure from land developers and we thought that it would be a way to relieve this but the moment in time would be any time we would be sitting on the porch enjoying the woods. We were there enjoying it well before lake too though the lake is nice. We asked Conway what he would tell others considering setting aside family land as a conservation easement. There are others that have done this. The Harris have done this with their farm and so have our neighbors at Woodside. Zachery Lewis did so with Bel Air land down near the across from the power plant. Lawyers Road was named after Lewis and his son who were lawyers because they were always going back and forth trying to establish Spotsylvania as a county. I think open land makes Lake Anna better. People like undeveloped views. The next time you are boat- ing or paddling in the Pamun- key Branch or Terrys Run youll know who lived behind the woods there and how they came to be stewards of the land. You might perhaps nod or raise a glass and thank the Conways for make Lake Anna a better place for everyone. continued LakeAnnaPilates Yoga BAKER Lawncare 540.894.9408 Give us your lawn and well make you look good Commercial Residential American- Owned Operated withShannonSternberg Lake Annas First Only Pilates Yoga Studio New Client Special - Complementry 30-minute private instruction. Call to schedule your appointment today 9942 Kentucky Springs Rd 1 mile down from Food Lion 540.748.7080