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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 10 DiscoveringTheSpecial Aseriesdocumentingthosethathavelefta heritageworthnoting. by C.C. McCotter WWhat makes Lake Anna so spe- cial to so many people both resident and visitor alike Is it the clear clean and warm water Is it the abundant fish and birds that also make the lake their home Is it the lake lifestyle that features both laid back and wild boat parties and places with names like Cocktail Cove The Sand Bar Kayak- ers Beach Skinny Dippers Cove and Bohemian Bay Or is it places like Tims Anna Cabana Anna Point Ma- rina and High Point Marina that offer great access and good times Its probably all of the above as well as a 100 other reasons depending on whom you ask. But if you asked folks like we did on page 14-15 to name what makes Anna so special its more often than not something thats natural a sunset woods a beach a quiet morning. In this series well bring you the sto- ry of familiesfolks that have made sure that those that live and visit here will be able to enjoy this intrinsic beauty of the lake undeveloped and green ap- preciating places that remain a bit wild and untouchable by the bulldozers of development. These are the special people and places of Lake Anna and we should all be grateful to them. Raleigh Edward Conway 63 lives at Lake of the Woods and works as an x-ray technician in Fredericksburg. You might bump into him if you are on the upper end of the lake in the Pamunkey Branch or Terrys Run. Hes a kayak paddler and a shell rower. A powerfully built man that looks like he could paddle across the English Channel then polish off a pint or two. He is unassuming and observant. Hes also one of Lake Annas special people for setting aside a good-sized chuck of prime real estate from developers. Raleigh no longer lives on the family land that sits between Terrys Run and the Pamunkey Branch see Conway Point on Lake Anna maps but his kin still do. His brother and wife live at the Lake Anna home place and operate Pen- insula Farm. John and Kim Conway raise organic vegetables on the land and sell them at the Mineral Farmers Market. It wasnt always like this though at Conway. For many years the home place and the unique Texas plain home on it was permitted to age without much intercession. Momma Conway matriarch of the family died several years back so the boys decided the place needed to be fixed up. It needed a carpenter builder and farmer. My brother is good at all three Conway told LT. The path of the Conways to the land on the lake is part of Virginia history rich and convoluted like the now un- nundated creek that once meandered along prime bottomland. It all started with my great grand- father Richard Moncure Conway who was a Civil War veteran living in Fredericksburg. He married Katherine Littlepage Holiday who lived at Wood- side estate. Katherine and Benjamin Holiday brother and sister owned the Woodside Estate 400 acres and decided to split it into 200 acres in ap- proximately 1872-73. Benjamin kept half and Katherine and Richard got the other half and Conway Farm was created and oper- ated quietly for the next 80 years. In 1952 Conway had two great aunts that needed money to pay for nurs- ing home care and were considering selling the family property. Conways father grandson of Richard Moncure Conway decided he would purchase 180 acres from them and took out a loan for 3500 paid the sisters and the rest is history. So what makes Conway a special person He and his brother decided to donate their land to the Virginia Out- doors Foundation under the Conserva- tion Easement program. An open-space easement is a legal document made between a land- owner and a public body the Virginia Outdoors Foundation. The easement continued on page 12 Aerial view of Elk Creek Bridge by PeopleAndPlacesOf Lake Anna Lake Annas amazing sunsets draw thousands of visitors per yea Lake life means many that brings them here families that are keep