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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 1 Lake Anna Monster ARound The Lake OVERHEARD EATDRINK LAKE LIFE Calendar DID YOU KNOW LAKE ANNAs SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENT lake anna AugustSept. life times The Special People Places Of Lake Anna Celebrating Those Who Have Left A Heritage To Remember LKATM Hydrilla Update Wake Surfing Ordinance LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 2 540 895.5085 Join us for one of our special events this season a personal wine tasting or just an evening out with someone special. - Jeff Heidig Lake Anna Winery Visit our website for more great winery weekend events. Weddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun. Lake Anna Business Partnership 5621 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania VA 22551 Join Us For Great Events... Last Days Of Summer September 5 Lake Anna WINERY JoinUsOnFacebook n Haunting Halloween Madnes October 31 HOV Wine Trail November 7-8 HOV Jingle Bell Trail December 5-6 n n Drop by for a tasting try our new Concerto Merlot LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 3 contentsAugustSeptember 2015 Vol. 1 Issue 3 overheard 5 around the lake 8 7 fact or fiction real estate news Quote of the Month did you know 16 lake anna monster23 lake life20 calendar of events history fun facts opinion LKA gliteratti reviews news lake anna life times I do agree that it does need to be controlled in some way shape or form. It does not however need to be destroyed. Chris Craft p. 23 Special People of Lake Anna 10 first hydrilla treatment complete eat drink18 Lake Anna Grapes Grains Festival October 10 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 4 lake annalife times lake lettersPublisher Woods Waters Publishing LC Editor-In-Chief C.C. McCotter Managing Editor Christine McCotter Editorial Staff Writers Kate Elim Libby Hayes Bob King Ashley Newton Advertising Senior Account Representative Susan Vandervliet Account Representative Bob King Restaurant Account Representative Ashley Newton Advertising Design Woods Waters Publishing LC Lake Anna Life Monthly is published six times a year DecemberJanuary FebruaryMarch AprilMay June July AugustSeptember OctoberNovember Decem- berJanuary. It is distributed on newsstands around the Lake Anna region and inserted into other publica- tions. The electronic version can be viewed at www. Subcriptions are available for 30 per year media mail or 45 per year first class mail. We invite the submission of exclusive articles and cannot be responsible to the return of unsolicited works. 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral VA 23117. News tip and ad- vertising inquiry email Office phone 540.894.5960. All Lake Anna Monster submis- sions or Letters From The Lake must be signed with return address. Website Email Our Policies All communications for print whether by mail text or email must be signed by the person submitting the letter and include a phone numberaddress where the person can be reached. We reserve the right to edit for grammar. The opin- ions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher or Editor merely those of our readers. Please submit all electronic correspondence and advertising inquiry to lkalifeearthlink. net and all mail to Lake Anna Life 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral Va 23117. Copyright by Woods Waters Publishing LC 2015. All rights reserved. Printed on recycled newsprint. LKA is a licensed trademark used with permission. facebook.comlakeannalife lkalife correspondence Find The Lake Anna Monster... 540-967-1514 - Land Surveying - 540-967-1499 - Aerial Mapping - Surveying Lake Anna Area Since Before The Lake Boundary Surveys Topographic Surveys Family Divisions Subdivisions Construction Staking GPS Control Aerial Mapping Orthophotos Its hidden somewhere in this issue. Guess right and be entered to win a 15 LKA Outfitters gift certificate. Email your guess to us at CorrectionsAdditions While we strive to be error-free alas we are not. In our JuneJuly edition we had the wrong caption under the Cutalong graphic and apolo- gize for any confusion that may have caused. Dear Lake Anna Life Times Congratulations on your new publication. We have enjoyed the first two editions greatly as it covers Lake Anna news and activities like nothing else weve seen. One of these days well be the first to find the LKA Monster Diane James Falls Church VA We appreciate your kind words Diane and will continue to try and set the standard for Lake Anna news and information. - ED To the Editor Can you tell me where the photo for the JuneJuly edition was taken Paul Randle Richmond VA The cover photo from our last edition was a contributed photo taken during Hot Boat Weekend at a down lake private residence. - ED LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 5 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION First Hydrilla Treatment Completed In recent years Lake Anna has seen the reemergence of the submerged aquatic weed known as hydrilla. While the total coverage is currently miniscule compared to the entire lake hydrilla can propagate rapidly. Hydrilla might not seem like a ma- jor issue now but the threat of infestation levels and the course of action to control it early have activated a number of area residents each with their own idea of the correct future path. While there are a number of native grasses that grow in Virginia waters hy- drilla is an exotic brought in to the U.S. many years ago by tropical fish dealers. Since its escape from fish tanks hydrilla has managed to find its way into many of the countrys lakes and waterways. Some- times it grows within ecological limits. Sometimes it grows like kudzu spreading quickly in relatively shallow clear water forming dense mats that can make boat- ing difficult. Hydrilla can establish and then displace native aquatic plants such as pondweeds and eelgrass. While all aquatic plants have developed adaptations for life in the aquatic environment hydrilla seems to be a couple of steps ahead of other sub- mersed plants. Research has identified many of the characteristics that enable hydrilla to ex- ist and compete so effectively. The growth habit of hydrilla enables it to compete ef- fectively for sunlight. It can elongate very rapidly up to one inch per day until it nears the water surface. Near the water surface it branches profusely and produces great- er stem density than other submersed aquatic plants. One half of hydrilla standing crop occurs in the upper 0.5 m of water column. By pro- ducing this mat of vegetation on the water surface hydrilla is able to intercept sun- light to the exclusion of other submersed plants. Hydrilla makes efficient use of available nutrients. Hydrilla tissue is composed of approximately 90 water. Therefore the plants can produce a great deal of fresh plant material from a limited supply of the essential plant nutrients carbon nitrogen and phosphorus. Hydrilla is able to grow under a wide range of water chemistry conditions. It is commonly found in oligotrophic low nutri- ents to eutrophic high nutrients waters. It can grow in water up to about 7 the salinity of seawater or higher and it toler- ates a wide range of pH but tends to grow better at pH 7. Hydrilla is adapted to use low light levels for photosynthesis. This means that hyd- rilla can begin to photosynthesize earlier in the morning and thus successfully com- pete with other aquatic plants for limited dissolved carbon in the water. The low light requirement 1 of full sunlight or less also allows hydrilla to colonize in deeper water than other aquatic plants. Licensed applicator John Kauffman and Tom Guntner at work treating hydrilla on August 25. Larry Zemke photo Wake Surfing Examined Wakesurfing is a relatively new water sport that has become pop- ular on Lake Anna. Enthusiasts utilize a specialized wake surfing boat that creates a two- to three- foot wake so they can surf it on a wakesurfing board. The boards are smaller and differently shaped than typical surfboards employing padded kick bumps that enable the rider to master jumps spins and other tricks. Its said to be a lot of fun and easier on the joints than its counterpart wakeboarding. While this might sound like just another way to enjoy the water to some to others wakesurfing has become a nuisance a danger to boaters and a major source of ero- sion to the lakeshore. Early last fall in 2014 the Lake Anna Advisory Committee LAAC began to hear from a number of attendees to their meetings that described what they felt was a growing danger to the boating public from wakesurfing. The Lake Anna Civic Association had also logged similar complaints. Reports of boats being swamped and docks being over-washed by the over-sized wakes accompa- nied reports of increased shore- line erosion. With these concerns in mind the past chairman of the LAAC appointed a LAAC Wake Surfing Subcommittee asking them to re- search the situation. Fast forward to the July 22 meet- ing of the LAAC where the Wake Surfing Subcommittee presented their findings and recommenda- tions and youll see where some serious battle lines were drawn among lake users. Subcommittee chair Jean Mc- Cormick recommended LAAC ask Orange Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties to support their recom- mendation that the existing Spotsylvania and Louisa ordi- nances be changed to establish 200 feet for wake surfing and 100 feet for other towing activities as the common rule with Class 4 as the common misdemeanor type for violation and that Orange County enact a similar ordinance for consistency of expectations and enforcement on Lake Anna. Current Spotsylvania and Louisa ordinances are inconsistent. The Virginia regulation is 50 feet. The subcommittee saw confusion in the laws and heard law enforce- Hydrilla has been found growing at a depth of 15 meters in the Crystal River and commonly occurs in water three me- ters deep in Florida lakes. The bright green water weed is also very efficient at reproducing itself and maintain- ing itself during adverse conditions. It can reproduce itself in four different ways in- cluding fragmentation tubers turions and seed. Almost 50 of hydrilla fragments that have a single whorl of leaves can sprout a new plant that a new population can grow from and greater than 50 of frag- ments with only three whorls of leaves can sprout. This means that small amounts of hydrilla on boat trailers bait buckets dra- glines and from aquariums can spread the plant from place to place. Hydrilla is one adaptive plant that has cost lake managers billions of dollars to control. You can see why folks around a clear lake like Anna might be a little nervous when it shows up again after 25 years. All that being said hydrilla also has a number of beneficial aspects to the lakes and rivers it inhabits. Since it uses nutrients so efficiently hyd- rilla acts as a natural filtering agent clear- ing and often cleaning water of suspended particles and silt. Aquatic life generally thrives in the underwater weedbeds. Hyd- rilla like all plants also gives off oxygen as it grows a good benefit during hot sum- mer low oxygen levels in lakes. Addition- ally everything from aquatic invertebrates think nymphs and other water bugs and microscopic life to juvenile fish to adult fish seek the sanctuary and oxygen of a hydrilla bed. In general homeowners and recreation- al boaters are not fans of hydrilla. Many anglers will argue its a welcome addition to the water they enjoy fishing that only im- proves catch rates and fish stocks. To further understand Lake Annas his- tory with hydrilla we turn the pages of his- tory back to the late 80s when hydrilla first found its way into the lake. Then it spread rapidly 900 acres from the Cool- ing Lagoons hot side into the main lake creating a testy situation between home- owners and the counties around the lake. Eventually Dominion made the decision to stock approximately 6300 sterile grass eating carp another exotic species into the Cooling Lagoons. With the assistance of the Virginia Department of Game And Inland Fisheries VDGIF and the Lake Anna Civic Association the carp were continued on next page continued on page 7 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 6 804.347.2042 I handle every job like it was my own personal project. - Jeff Owen Homes Remodeling Garages - Kitchens Bathrooms Basements Lake Anna Business Partnership HOMES ADDITIONS GARAGES BOATHOUSES DECKS Make Cutalong your home today.A world-class golf community overlooking LakeAnna. Ideally situated between Washington DC. Richmond and Charlottesville. 1-855-CUTALONG 1-855-428-8256 or 540-223-9180 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 7 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Hydrilla Treatments Part Of Pilot Program Wake Surfing continued from pg. 5 ment officials tell them that as a result they were not enforcing the county ordinances. Wake surfing enthusi- asts present at this meet- ing expressed discontent that their sport was being singled out among many others that created wakes and increased erosion around the lake. While one member not- ed he was present during a subcommittee meeting he protested vehemently that wake surfing was not dangerous to other boats nor did it create exces- sive amounts of dam- aging shoreline erosion compared to other boat- ers using the lake. Other wake surfers pres- ent that spoke against the recommendation in- cluded Matt Smith and Scott McMillan. After much discussion the subcommittees rec- ommendation was not voted on at the July 22 meeting. LAAC member Jim White Orange Coun- ty Supervisor asked for the vote to be tabled. He received a second and the vote was unanimous- ly tabled. At the August 12 LAAC meeting the wake surfing was again on the agenda. This time the committee listened to representa- tives of both Spotsylvania and Louisa County law enforcement detail why they dont currently en- force the wake set back regulations a difficulty holding up in court as well as a number of other reasons. After discussion among the committee members as well as with mem- bers of the public pres- ent representing wake surfing Louisa County Supervisor Stephanie Koren made a motion ad- dress asking the boards of Orange Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties to have consistent shoreline distance requirements and asked the Virginia Department of Game And Inland Fisheries to allow localities to enforce beyond the 50-foot state set minimum. The LAAC passed the motion unanimously. Shannon Sternberg has opened Lake Anna Pilates Yoga on Kentucky Springs Road. dumped into the lake in 1993 and turned loose on the hydrilla. Within a year or so the raven- ous carp ate all of the hydrilla and then turned their appetites to less favored but available aquat- ic weeds around the lake. Gradu- ally the carp spread out over the entire lake indiscriminately har- vesting desirable aquatic weeds as well as non native weeds. This resulted in reduced habitat for many other lake creatures. According to VDGIF and Do- minion Resources biologists Lake Anna is recovering from this eating binge. Fishing has improved on the lake as native weeds have returned providing cover and food for the lakes fish population. Carp are not the answer to the hydrilla question in all cases and while VDGIF supports carp in ponds on its website it does not support the return of carp into Lake Anna at this time. Evidence from other states has indicated that the use of carp is a hit or miss affair. A study published by the state of Washington stated Some- times the stocking rate of sterile Lake Anna Pilates And Yoga Studio Now Open Originally from New Jersey Shannon Sternberg received her Pilates training 10 years ago in the NYCNJ metro area from a Classical Pilates training center. Years before she found her way to pilates Sternberg worked as an orthopedic surgical techni- cian and witnessed first hand how the body is more prone to injury when it is muscularly im- balanced. Applying my medical experi- ence and knowledge to my pi- lates training and subsequent teaching has had a profound change on not only my own body but countless of my clients as well Sternberg told Lake Anna Life Times recently. Sternberg moved to Virginia four years ago with her three teenage boys and opened a Pi- lates studio in the Charlottesville area. They ended up moving to the lake as full time residents in the summer of 2014 and since that time felt there was a definite continued from page 5 continued on page 17 carp results in no control con- trol or even complete elimination of all underwater plants. 39 of the 98 lakes stocked with carp all submersed plant spe- cies were eradicated. It has become the consensus among researchers and aquatic plant managers around the country that grass carp are an all or noth- ing control option. They should be stocked only in water bodies where complete elimination of all submersed plant species can be tolerated. During the winter of 2014-15 the Lake Anna Advisory Committee tasked a Hydrilla Subcommittee to come up with a course of ac- tion for the hydrilla. Subcommittee members Larry Zemke and Doug Smith presi- dent of the LACA worked with a number of volunteers to collect information on possible treat- ment options. The goals of the committee were to develop a long range strategy and plan for hydrilla control at the lake and to determine if hydrilla infestation can be stopped by early applica- tion of herbicides at known sites in the summer of 2015. need for a studio here. In May of this year I closed the studio in Charlottesville and re- located it to Lake Anna. My goal is to provide a resource where people in the community can access information and services to improve their physical health and overall well being. Pilates and yoga work to bal- ance the body so that muscle tissue is both equally strong and flexible which results in allow- ing people to enjoy their recre- ational activities without pain or limitation. Sternbergs studio is fully equipped with a multitude of pi- lates apparatus. Unlike conven- tional gym equipment pilates al- lows for strength building without force or stress on the body. The studio offers classes and private instruction six days a week. Additionally we will be hosting workshops and classes through- out the year on a variety of topics that will help clients with specific issues that affect us as we age. A myofascial release workshop that will address skeletal muscle limitation and pain is anticipated to take place this fall. For more information Stern- berg can be reached at 540.748.7080. There were a number of other tasks the subcommittee worked on as well including gain ex- perience in contracting for and working with licensed applier get cost estimates and select a contractor develop a contract for applications in JuneJuly and Au- gustSeptember identify specific herbicide to be applied and re- search chemicals involved iden- tify and contact homeowners in areas to be treated evaluate and document the performance of the contractor. Community outreach tasks in- cluded to provide education and information to the Lake Anna Community on hydrilla its rec- ognition and control options develop guide to identification of weeds including hydrilla de- velop a QA paper to answer basic questions and publish in- formation articles in all available media. To understand the scope of the hydrilla the LAAC Hydrilla Sub- committee planned to survey the entire lake for the presence of hydrilla establish a volunteer corps and format of informa- tion to be collected conduct the survey and collect the infor- mation document known sites with estimates of their size and characteristics collect informa- tion from survey and develop data base identify areas of hy- drilla presence on map of the Lake and make available on web site assess the effectiveness of herbicides in controlling hydrilla in the outbreak areas measure the areas in June and again in September measure again in June 2016 survey homeowners in the Fall to get feedback on ef- fectiveness assess the impacts of the use of herbicides and level of acceptance by adjacent hom- eowners and survey the adjacent homeowners If the aquatic herbicide treat- ments were not effective in con- trolling hydrilla the committee was prepared to develop a con- tingency plan for future use of grass carp to control hydrilla that included a careful analysis of how many fish would be needed based on acre of hydrilla or total acreage and their effect on na- tive vegetation. By March 2015 they had a LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 8 around the lakeREAL ESTATE NEWSCOUNTY NEW ROUND-UP Libby LAKE ANNA LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE Buying or Selling Your Lake Anna Area Specialist CERTIFIED INVESTMENT AREA SPECIALIST LIBBY SANDRIDGE 540-223-0350 Visit... ABR CIAS Lake Anna Business Partnership 540.872.6556 Begin your search for properties at Then call or email me at Associate Broker Linda Fosdick Dave Guna Realtor Lake Anna Island Realty 540-903-9428 c 540-894-4400 o 540-226-1964 Thinking of buying or selling Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia To view current listings please visit... blog email Kate Elim Call REALTOR W BY KATE ELIM Want to advertise here Contact Bob King at 540.854.4181 Lets Go Fishing For A Great Lake Place For You ill next years real estate market be as good or better than this years I can speculate I can guess I can wish upon a star but I cannot know for sure. I would give anything to be able to answer that questions with a resounding Yes But I cannot. Does it look hopeful I can say Yes to that. Looking back over the past few years we have seen a steady increase in the amount of business we have had. True to form this year has been even better than last year and we were quite happy with how that was. Not only do those of us in the real estate business know that the market has improved here at Lake Anna a number of property owners have rec- ognized that as well and so I and others am being asked the question above. It would be easy to say yes next year is going to be even better than this year so get your property ready to sell if that is what you have in mind. However my crystal ball is as cloudy as ever and just about impossible for me to read. I can speculate I can take a guess I can wish upon a star but I can- not know for sure. What I do know is that this has been a very good year. There has certainly been a bottled-up demand for Lake Anna property and many buy- ers are taking advantage of the continued low rates and very good inventory. Like the buyers many sellers that have thought about selling for the past few years held off waiting for the market to improve. They realized based on the way the market has been heading here that this was probably the right time to jump in. And fortunately it is not too late to take advantage of it so if you have thoughts of selling contact your local Realtor. Im saying your local Realtor because who else knows bet- ter what is happening here NO ONE. Are you thinking that the best time to sell has come and gone If so rethink that. We still have buyers looking for homes and the inventory has decreased somewhat which means you might have a better chance of getting your place sold. There was a time that spring and summer was the sweet spot for selling but fall now continues to be a very produc- tive time. Buyers also want to know what next year is expected to be like. Only with hindsight can we really provide a defini- tive answer. Right now all we can do is speculate. With that in mind Im going to guess that it is going to be another very good year. All indications point to that possibility. Interest rates will remain low even if there is a slight bump in September. Historically the rates are extremely low. There are still many of us that recall rates well into the upper teens. We are so far below that so com- bining that with the fact that we have not experienced a lot of appreciation bodes extremely well for buyers during the rest of this year and into next. The first quarter of 2015 was a busy time with the sale of 30 homes a combination of water access and waterfront. The second quarter was even busier with a total of 51 homes sold. Again this was both ac- cess and waterfront homes. We were very grateful for the increase in sales as there is definitely pent up interest on the part of a good number of property owners wanting to sell Looking Into The Crystal Ball For 2016 Reveals... their properties after weather- ing the downturn in the real es- tate market beginning in 2008. With 51 homes sold that meant there were 102 trans- action sides each transaction having the listing side and the selling side. Comparing last years second quarter of 33 sales to this years 51 means we were able to sell 17 addi- tional homes during the past quarter. It looks like we will be having a similar busy quarter in the third quarter. Ill be sending out another market report in October covering the months of July through September. How long will this market remain good for both sellers and buyers I certainly do not know but my suggestion is take advantage of it while you can. Should you decide to do just that contact a local Real- tor for guidance that you can count on. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 9 Long Foster Real Estate 13001 Lake Anna Village Drive Spotsylvania VA 22551 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 10 DiscoveringTheSpecial Aseriesdocumentingthosethathavelefta heritageworthnoting. by C.C. McCotter WWhat makes Lake Anna so spe- cial to so many people both resident and visitor alike Is it the clear clean and warm water Is it the abundant fish and birds that also make the lake their home Is it the lake lifestyle that features both laid back and wild boat parties and places with names like Cocktail Cove The Sand Bar Kayak- ers Beach Skinny Dippers Cove and Bohemian Bay Or is it places like Tims Anna Cabana Anna Point Ma- rina and High Point Marina that offer great access and good times Its probably all of the above as well as a 100 other reasons depending on whom you ask. But if you asked folks like we did on page 14-15 to name what makes Anna so special its more often than not something thats natural a sunset woods a beach a quiet morning. In this series well bring you the sto- ry of familiesfolks that have made sure that those that live and visit here will be able to enjoy this intrinsic beauty of the lake undeveloped and green ap- preciating places that remain a bit wild and untouchable by the bulldozers of development. These are the special people and places of Lake Anna and we should all be grateful to them. Raleigh Edward Conway 63 lives at Lake of the Woods and works as an x-ray technician in Fredericksburg. You might bump into him if you are on the upper end of the lake in the Pamunkey Branch or Terrys Run. Hes a kayak paddler and a shell rower. A powerfully built man that looks like he could paddle across the English Channel then polish off a pint or two. He is unassuming and observant. Hes also one of Lake Annas special people for setting aside a good-sized chuck of prime real estate from developers. Raleigh no longer lives on the family land that sits between Terrys Run and the Pamunkey Branch see Conway Point on Lake Anna maps but his kin still do. His brother and wife live at the Lake Anna home place and operate Pen- insula Farm. John and Kim Conway raise organic vegetables on the land and sell them at the Mineral Farmers Market. It wasnt always like this though at Conway. For many years the home place and the unique Texas plain home on it was permitted to age without much intercession. Momma Conway matriarch of the family died several years back so the boys decided the place needed to be fixed up. It needed a carpenter builder and farmer. My brother is good at all three Conway told LT. The path of the Conways to the land on the lake is part of Virginia history rich and convoluted like the now un- nundated creek that once meandered along prime bottomland. It all started with my great grand- father Richard Moncure Conway who was a Civil War veteran living in Fredericksburg. He married Katherine Littlepage Holiday who lived at Wood- side estate. Katherine and Benjamin Holiday brother and sister owned the Woodside Estate 400 acres and decided to split it into 200 acres in ap- proximately 1872-73. Benjamin kept half and Katherine and Richard got the other half and Conway Farm was created and oper- ated quietly for the next 80 years. In 1952 Conway had two great aunts that needed money to pay for nurs- ing home care and were considering selling the family property. Conways father grandson of Richard Moncure Conway decided he would purchase 180 acres from them and took out a loan for 3500 paid the sisters and the rest is history. So what makes Conway a special person He and his brother decided to donate their land to the Virginia Out- doors Foundation under the Conserva- tion Easement program. An open-space easement is a legal document made between a land- owner and a public body the Virginia Outdoors Foundation. The easement continued on page 12 Aerial view of Elk Creek Bridge by PeopleAndPlacesOf Lake Anna Lake Annas amazing sunsets draw thousands of visitors per yea Lake life means many that brings them here families that are keep LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 11 PHOTO Linda Fosdick. The year was 1972. The 1 Billboard song was The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Roberta Black. The Hustle was taking the country by storm. The top-selling auto was the Chevy Monte Carlo. Richard Nixon was in the White House. Louisa County Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Koren and the Lake Anna Business Partnerships Gene Newman at the recent Lake Anna Spring Festival. ar. MikeHigginsLakeAnnaCaretakersphoto ny things to many people but most will agree its the lakes natural beauty e and keeps them coming back. These are the stories of the people and ping Anna beautiful for us all. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 12 SpecialPeopleAndPlacesOf Lake BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY Plus Paints Tool Rental and Composite Deck Dock Products limits present and future property development rights. It allows the landowner to live on the property and use it for its traditional use e.g. as a farm forest open space and or natural area but protects it as well. The easement is legally recorded and bound to the deed of the property perma- nently. The Virginia Outdoors Foundation holds easements in perpetuity that protect a wide variety of natural and cultural resources including watershed areas the setting for historic homes scenic views lands adjacent to public parks and game preserves community lands and more. The gift of an open-space easement in perpetuity to the Virginia Outdoors Foundation VOF may qualify as a non- cash charitable gift providing the donor with various tax benefits. A donor applying for tax benefits must hire an independent certified ap- praiser to establish the value of the easement which value is primarily based on the value of the development rights forgone. Once that value is established it becomes the basis for calculating tax benefits. Donations of open-space easements that meet federal tax code requirements may entitle the donor to federal income tax deductions. For tax year 2015 the deduction is limited to 30 of adjusted gross income which if not used up in 2015 may be carried forward at 30 of adjusted gross income for an additional five years or until the donation is fully expended whichever comes first. An en- hanced federal deduction was available from 2006 through calendar year 2014 but has now expired. A Virginia state tax credit has been established for conserva- tion easements at 40 of the value of the easement. The amount of the credit that may be used by a taxpayer may not exceed 20000 for tax- able years 2015 and 2016 and 50000 for taxable year 2017 and each taxable year there- after but any unexpended portion may be carried forward for the next 13 taxable years. In addition any unexpended portion may be transferred to another Virginia taxpayer. A recent tax court opinion suggests that the income from the sale of tax credits held for more than one year prior to sale may receive more favor- able long-term capital gains treatment. Tax credits in excess of 1 million or more will be issued only if the conservation value of the donation has been veri- fied by the Director of the De- partment of Conservation and Recreation DCR based on criteria adopted by the Virginia Land Conservation Founda- tion. Pre-filing review of the conservation value is available through DCR. There is a 75 million limit on the amount of tax credits that the Department of Taxation may issue in each calendar year. For an easement conveyed on or after July 1 2015 the application must be filed with the Department of Taxation by December 31st of the year following the calendar year of the conveyance or the credit will be disallowed. Extinguishing some or all of the development rights for a parcel of land through a conservation easement may reduce the value of the land for estate tax purposes thus reducing the estate taxes often substantially. In addition Section 2031c of the Internal Revenue Code provides an estate tax exclusion from the gross estate of up to 40 of the remaining encumbered value of the land but not im- provements on the land pro- tected by a qualified conserva- tion easement. The exclusion is capped at 500000 and is reduced if the conservation easement reduced the lands Ware Hill at Lake Anna State Park. FOR Service To America Service To Louisa Ready To Serve Again Louisa Co. Resident Since 1973 Graduate of Fork Union Military Academy 1987 Graduate of Virginia Tech 1997 Married 23 with 2 sons Owns Oakley Farm in Louisa County Decorated Military Leader Veteran Currently A Major In The National Guard 13 Years In Local Law Enforcement MIKE SILBERMAN LOUISACO. SHERIFF So why wait Contact us today 540.748.8288 BECAUSE EXPERIENCE MATTERS Re-Elect Sheriff Fortune VOTE NOV. 5 FOR LOUISA CO. SHERIFF 16 Years Serving As Louisa Co. Sheriff LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 13 ke Annavalue by less than 30 at the time of the contribution. To qualify the easement must prohibit all but de minimis commercial recreational use. Local property taxes may be reduced with respect to land but not dwellings farm buildings or other improve- ments to the land. However if land is already assessed at use value in other words enrolled in a local land-use assessment taxation program an additional reduction in taxes is unlikely. Thats more than enough tax information though. Why did Raleigh and his brother decide to limit their earning potential on their own land We decided we wanted to keep the Conway property neighbors that own Wood- side agreed in perpetuity. A Virginia Outdoors Foundation conservation easement estab- lishes a property as non-sub dividable. It will stay 70 acres. Woodside is the same way. The land is a gift given to the VOF and some of that can be used as a tax deferral. I wanted to keep it that way because its a nice quiet place. Also my brother and wife always had a dream to have a farm and raise veg- etables. Conway noted there were some factors that helped he and his brother make the deci- sion. We were getting some pres- sure from land developers and we thought that it would be a way to relieve this but the moment in time would be any time we would be sitting on the porch enjoying the woods. We were there enjoying it well before lake too though the lake is nice. We asked Conway what he would tell others considering setting aside family land as a conservation easement. There are others that have done this. The Harris have done this with their farm and so have our neighbors at Woodside. Zachery Lewis did so with Bel Air land down near the across from the power plant. Lawyers Road was named after Lewis and his son who were lawyers because they were always going back and forth trying to establish Spotsylvania as a county. I think open land makes Lake Anna better. People like undeveloped views. The next time you are boat- ing or paddling in the Pamun- key Branch or Terrys Run youll know who lived behind the woods there and how they came to be stewards of the land. You might perhaps nod or raise a glass and thank the Conways for make Lake Anna a better place for everyone. continued LakeAnnaPilates Yoga BAKER Lawncare 540.894.9408 Give us your lawn and well make you look good Commercial Residential American- Owned Operated withShannonSternberg Lake Annas First Only Pilates Yoga Studio New Client Special - Complementry 30-minute private instruction. Call to schedule your appointment today 9942 Kentucky Springs Rd 1 mile down from Food Lion 540.748.7080 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 14 Peaceful beauty Julie Moore Plotz We asked our readersfol- lowers at www.facebook. comlakeannalife What makes Lake Anna so special to you and requested photos. Your response was overwhelming and inspiring. The descriptions and photos of many follow. You can see more online. We encourage you to visit our social media platform where youll find contests timely news great photos and more. Friends and family love to come visit us for some much-needed RR. - Biana Duckwitz What Makes Lake Anna So Special To You LakeAnnaLifeFacebookPollQuestion Hanging at The Islands with great friends. Kim Berkley Flying around the lake. Craig Woodberry Family Laura Keatts Ray Our lake family at Cocktail Cove enjoying Lake Time Robbie Dudley Good times with good friends. Melissa Ripley LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 15 Hawkins Creek Construction Lake Farm Home Rudy Goodman 540.894.3668 Land Clearing Brush Hogging Eco-Friendly Tree Brush Removal Driveway Repair Installation RipRap Retaining Walls New Yard Installation or Regrade Drain Culvert Installation Maintenance We are licensed insured. No Job Is Too Small Now offering low cost options to conventional land clearing. Call today WatsonsMULCH TOPSOIL STONE YARD LAKE ANNA 540.895.0006 MINE RUN STORE 540.854.7703 Let Us Help You With Your Home Project Quality MulchesTopsoil Gravel Natural Landscaping Stone Pavers Wall Block Artificial Veneer Stone Beautiful and serene sunsets. Rob Jones Our daughter was conceived in Lake Anna... Her name is Lakin - Jen Higgs Bassler We love Lake Anna so much and hope one day to retire here. but un- til then wonderful family memories to keep in our hearts. Here is our son and dog enjoying water fun. - Donna from Kindreds Sprirts at Childss Cove Love it here. Been coming to Lake Anna since 2009. Nothing beats being on the water with family. Always good times. - Larry Holbert LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 16 did you knowLAKE ANNA HISTORY TRIVIA Much history remains around Lake Anna passed down through generations of first settler families with names like Tyler Goodwin Carr and Duerson. Look at a map and youll note these names on points creeks and various other lake landmarks. One such landmark that is often won- dered about is Bear Castle. While many might think they know its secrets and story there are few that actually do. Eu- genia Bumpass and Claudia Chisholm of the Louisa Historial Society documented the history of Bear Castle and this draws heavily upon their work appearing the Lousia County Historical Magazine De- cember 1970 edition. The home itself is unpretentious but stately. The structure is one-and-a-half stories with four rooms downstairs and two up with a central hall and a base- ment. The front entrance is flanked by four windows two a side. Three dormer windows front and back break up the sharp pitched roof. Three-cornered chim- neys once bookended each side of the house. Interior wainscoting were made of solid walnut. The floors were wide plank pine with hand forged nails. The doors were hung on L hinges. An enclosed stairway rose from the back of the central hall to a small upper hall that opened into two low-ceiled rooms. The basement had a brick floor. Bear Castle is located on the Louisa side of the lake in the lower region about a mile below the north Anna Power Sta- tion. It is a home built in the early 1700s by John Carr the son of Major Thomas Carr. The Major was granted 1000 acres of land on Elk Creek and the North Anna River adjoining William Winstons and on August 17 1725. In 1727 he received another grant of 400 acres on the south side of the North Anna and later that same year received 3770 more acres on the south side of the river. John Carr deeded 1000 acres that in- cluded Bear Castle to his son Dabney in 1772. Dabney grew to be a fairly influ- ential Louisan representing his area in the House of Burgesses and becoming a close friend of Thomas Jefferson. Dab- ney Carr was a rival of Patrick Henry and when he was 22 fell in love and married Jeffersons sister Martha. Eventually Bear Castle passed from the Carrs to the Tylers then to the Good- wins the Colemans a Richmonder named Schroeder then a Schmidt and finally back to a Louisan Simeon G. Du- erson. The Duersons bought the house and 329 acres at 9acre in 1871. When Dominion built the reactors and Lake Anna all but 80 acres were sold. The home is currently serving as a pri- vate residence with over 200 years of history that tied together many of the original families of Louisa County. Bear Castle as it stands today serves as a private residence by if its walls could talk it would be able to reveal much about the history of central Virginia. Contrary Creek runs orange from just above the Rt. 522 bridge crossing until it mixes in with the lake. The Story Of Lake Annas Bear Castle BY LIBBY HAYES Did you know that beautiful Lake Anna has one of the countrys most polluted creeks draining into it While the effects have been mitigated now from all accounts before the lake was impounded in 1972 the North Anna River below the confluence with Con- trary Creek for about a mile was se- verely impacted and mostly devoid of aquatic life. Along the banks of Contrary Creek just above the Rt. 522 crossing are the remains of extensive mining opera- tions. These abandoned base-metal sulfide mines and quartz-gold vein deposits affected the Contrary Creek watershed by lowering the pH level to the point at which most life was unsus- tainable. Runoff and leaching from the mines and tailings from them along the banks of the creek are the cuprits. Acidic drainage from what was known as the Arminius Mine enters Contrary Creek during periods of heavy rainfall as well as some during normal condi- tions. This low pH water is mercifully diluted once it reaches Lake Anna. The portion of the creek above the lake however still flows redbrown due to the continued runoff of mine tailings. Inches of highly acidic iron hydroxide a leftover residual precipitate due to the high amount of dissolved metal in the water coat the creek bottom. Mining continues today along and in the creek. The Contrary Creek Pros- pecting Lease is a recreational gold prospecting lease on the private land surrounding Contrary Creek managed by the Cutalong development. Gold prospecting has become a popular pastime with prospectors on the site just about every weekend. Some use traditional gold panning techniques others have larger portable dredges that are used in the creek bed itself. Paddlers curious about the change from lake to creek can venture up Con- trary to the fall line. The water beomes clearer and clearer and the orange coating more prevelant the further up the creek you go. Visitors that stay in the creek bed can try gold panning. A careful eye might even spot garnet stones a semi-precious gem. Ventur- ing outside of the creek bed is not per- mitted. For more information on gold mining in Contrary visit www.ccpros- Want to know more about the Rapture Sculpture Check out Why Is Contrary Creek Contrary And Who Were the Contrarians The Contrarian CastleRapture sculpture as seen in August 2012 before demolition. Photos from LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 17 540.894.0215 Auto Glass Specialist fun to At the end of a great lake day what else is see do in Louisa TM MOWINGTRIMMING SPRING FALL AERATION MULCHING FERTILIZING LANDSCAPING LEAF REMOVAL POWER WASHING DOCKS DECK STAINING FREE ESTIMATES INSURED AND BONDED 540.894.0706 804.402.0263 LKALAWNCAREGMAIL.COM POWER WASHING EXPERTS Your Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VA Auto Glass Repairs TableTops Mirrors Windows Virginia Glassman GV 540 894.8500 Mobile Service 1904 Davis Hwy. Mineral HydrillaPilotProgramcontinued The Lake Anna Advisory Committee is a panel consisting of Supervisors from Orange Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties along with a representative from Dominion and up to two appoint- ed representatives of each county. It currently consists of Spotsylvania Supervisor Ann Heidig Chairman Spotsylvania County representative Gary Bullis Orange County Supervi- sor Orange County Supervisor Jim White and Orange County represen- tative V. Rae Jones Louisa County Supervisor Stephanie Koren Louisa County representative C.C. McCot- ter author and Vice Chair. County Administrators from all three counties What Is The Lake Anna Advisory Committee are ex-officio members. Meetings are held every two months rotating from county to county. Citizen members are appointed for a four-year term. The meetings are open to the public. The group was formed in 1994 af- ter the hydrilla controversy revealed a need for a body to monitor and advise county supervisors of lake-related is- sues. The purpose of the LAAC is to address matters of join interests pertaining to Lake Anna the adjacent shorelands governed by the sur- rounding counties. - Section 2 LAAC Bylaws recommendation the Lake Anna Hyd- rilla Control Pilot Program and brought it to the LAAC for a vote. After long and careful consideration the subcommittees recommendation was to treat the lake us- ing aquatic herbicides. On March 25 that pilot program was accepted 6-1 by the LAAC. In early August those volunteers sur- veyed the lake and found a total of 8.4 acres of hydrilla five acres in the Cool- ing Lagoons and 3.4 acres on the main lake. This represents less than 1 of the lakes approximate 13000 acres. There were 23 sites on the hot side and 16 on the main lake identified having hydrilla growing in them. August also saw the review of licensed aquatic herbicide applicator bids by a three-person panel including Zemke and Smith. Two contractors were carefully graded and a John Kauffman was chosen for the job. Kauffman was with the VDGIF and administered to Lake Anna until his retirement. At the August 12 LAAC meeting a small purchase order was approved unanimously by the members to spend up to 10000 on hydrilla treatment with Kauffman. At the time of the discussion before the vote Louisa County Supervi- sor Stephanie Koren and LAAC member noted she had arranged for Dominion to contribute 5000 for hydrilla treatment in the Cooling Lagoons. On August 25 Kauffman treated the hy- drilla on the hot side of the lake using Diaquat and Cutrine Plus. He treated the main lake on August 27 using the same chemicals. He sprayed the herbicide di- rectly onto selected weed beds. The LAAC hydrilla subcommittee noti- fied homeowners around the treated ar- eas by email noting they should refrain from irrigating their lawns for three days after the treatment. According to the con- tractor and the printed information on the herbicides swimming was safe soon after treatment. Pets and livestock should not be permitted to drink water from treated areas for 24 hours. Also according to the contractor the concentration of chemicals used was not high enough to adversely affect phytoplankton or aquatic macro in- vertebrates or fish. The results of the pilot programaquatic herbicide treatment will be known approx- imately two weeks afterward. The hydrilla subcommittee will monitor the weedbeds and determine if a follow-up September treatment is necessary. Hydrilla growing in Cooling Lagoon 3 back in 1991. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 18 eatdrinkRESTAURANTS AND MORE Tavern on the Rail is a fine dining establishment located just a short drive from Lake Anna in nearby Fredericks Hall of Bumpass. Listed on The National Reg- ister of Historic Places Tavern on the Rail was originally the Harris Poindexter House and Store built along the Bucking- ham Branch railroad line. The local favorite restaurant offers dining in a rustic and refined atmosphere. Tavern on the Rails menu features chicken beef seafood and Virginia Ham entres along with weekly specials. Like the delectable Steak Diane thinly sliced medallions of beef ten- derloin sauted with herbs mushrooms onions and co- gnac. Another delicious choice is the Fredericks Hall Casserole crabmeat baby lobster tails scallops and baby shrimp in a luscious white wine sauce. Local recommendation Save room for desert and order the famous Train Wreck. You may choose to eat in the main dining room upstairs outside on the patio or in the lower section where the atmo- sphere is more intimate and closer to the bar. Tavern is open Thursday through Saturday 11 am to 2 pm and then again 5 pm until 9 pm. Reservations are rec- ommended. Outdoor Waterside Dining Dock Access For Boaters Open 7 Days AWeekYear Round 200 BoardwalkWay MineralVA 23117 540.894.5011 HOT CRABS Tavern On The Rail 540.872.RAIL Join Us For Fine Food Atmosphere More. Brunch 11-230 Dinner 5-9 Th-Fr-Sat Menu at Reservations Recommended 81 Tavern Rd Mineral VA Want to advertise in Lake Anna Life Times Email for information. Tavern On The Rail Wine By The Lake Coming Sept. 19 Lake Anna Grapes Grains Festival 540.894.4440 Hours Monday 11a - 930p Tuesday Closed Wednesday - Thursday 11a - 930p Friday - Saturday 11a - 1030p Sunday 12p - 9p menu NOW OPEN Burger - Sandwiches Pizza - Pasta Calzone - Stromboli Wine By The Lake is a first year festival being held at the Lake Anna State Park Saturday September 19 from 11 am to 5 pm featuring wineries include Burnley Vineyards Horton Vine- yards Lake Anna Winery James River Cellars Narmada Winery Rockbridge Vineyard Mattaponi Winery Saude Creek Lazy Days Winery and Elk Island. Attendees can taste the various bottlings and purchase wine to take home as well as peruse a selection of gifts from local ven- dors enjoy a diverse selection of cuisine from various food trucks and enjoy music by the Reunion and NuCorp bands. The Wine on the Lake Wine Festival is put on by Travel Lake Anna a 501c3 non-profit. This is a family-friendly festival show- casing great Virginia wineries and a great atmosphere to kick off your fall right. Tickets are on sale at http www.winebythelake.comtickets and cost 25 until September 18 and include the 5 parking fee. Tickets are 25 at the gate and do NOT include the parking fee. Children under 16 are free. Ages 16-20 are 10 each. Group dis- counts for 20 or more tickets are available. Pets and coolers are NOT allowed. Travel Lake Anna is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to help promote the Lake Anna area and community and raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Created in 2013 Travel Lake Anna throws events like the Lake Anna Brew- fest which brings thousands of people to Lake Anna while promoting the areas local busi- nesses raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and scholarships for high schoolers who are attending college. If you like craft beer local wine and tasty foods like oyster po boy sandwiches BBQ donuts and pizza youll love the Lake Anna Grapes Grains Festival to be held October 10 from one oclock to 530 pm at the lakeside Christopher Run Event Park. Lake Anna United a local non- profit consisting of area busi- nessmen and women is hosting the event that will feature over 20 craft brews and 30 area wines to sample as well as foodgift ven- dors and two noteworthy bands Brenton The Bluesbusters and Acoustic Onion. We are proud to have local di- rectors local beers and wines local vendors and local bands as the keystones to this event notes Lake Anna United presi- dent Dave Moberly Our goal is to provide a boost to local busi- nesses and the region during the start of the off-season and show our residents and visitors that Lake Anna doesnt close af- ter Labor Day. A portion of the proceeds from the Grapes Grains Festival will be donated to the Louisa Hu- mane Society and Louisa Adult Community Services. The event will commence with a First Pour at noon for VIP ticket holders while general admis- sion begins at 1 pm. General ad- mission tickets are available at www.lakeannagrapesandgrains- for 30 prior to the event or 35 at the gate. VIP tickets are 50 online and 55 at the gate. Each attendee will receive while supplies last a commemorative tasting glass. VIP ticket holders will also re- ceive an event t-shirt while sup- plies last VIP parking and ac- cess to the VIP Legend Brewing Keg Garden. Designated driver admission tickets are 10. Chris- topher Run will be charging a 5 per car parking fee. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 19 eatdrinkDINING GUIDE The Anna Cabana celebrated eight years in business this Fourth of July. The owners are Chris Pugh and Greg Hartle and the Gen- eral Manager is Joe Messett. Joe is the face of the restau- rant and the diehard Redskin fan you often see talking to customers. Pugh recently told LF Greg are I are more behind the scenes. Joe makes everything happen. Pugh and Hartle have wanted to expand the restaurant for years. This summer working with Southern Image Build Design they acquired all re- quired permits from Spotsyl- vania County and will com- mence the expansion this fall. A 700 square foot dining roombar addition is planned that will enable Anna Cabana to operate year round. Brunch will be offered on weekends in the new addition and it will provide shelter for boaters during summer thun- derstorms. We want a place for locals to hang out during the off-sea- son after the crowds of sum- mer have gone. Thus we are working on a customer appre- ciation program Pugh noted. Anna Cabana will be open Anna Cabana Expanding This Fall Brings The Cow To You Leave the goodies to our expert staff.... cupcakes cakes ice cream cakes WHO WANTS SOFT SERVE AT THEIR PARTY We cater birthdays family reunions open houses car shows weddings and more at your location Call 540.854.4387 to book your event now or email us at 200 Lake Front Drive Suite 101 Mineral VA 23117 Lake Anna 208 Bridge 540-895-5285 billikensbbqcompany.netmenu BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Pulled Chicken BBQ Beef Brisket BBQ Spare Ribs BBQ Ham Steaks BBQ Smoked Sausage Purple Cow Open At Wares Crossroads Vitos On The Lake Restaurant Open all year after the addition is finished. During the off-sea- son they will be open Friday through Sunday with a Wa- terfront Brunch on both Sat- urday and Sunday. During the season we are open Tuesday through Sunday. We are different than other Lake Anna restaurants be- cause we have an incredible sunset view. In addition to the view we have a great water- front lawn that folks play corn toss toss the football around or lounge in the sun. Our other secret is we have good food too Lake Anna residents and visi- tors were treated to a sweet surprise in July when a Purple Cow soft serve location for- mally opened near Wares Crossroads. With a locations in nearby Gordonsville and Locust Grove as well as a mobile Party Purple Cow truck this business expanded again just up from Dickinsons Store on Rt. 522. If the big cone is up youll find the Purple Cow serving everything from a Brownie Boat Sundae to soft serve cones with flavors like black raspberry strawberry cara- mel maple blackberry cap- paccino and many more. Purple Cow closes at dark each evening. Its not every day that a new restaurant opens at Lake Anna though in the past sev- eral years weve seen our share much to the delight of LKAers. August brings the addition of the lakes newest eatery the much-heralded Vitos On The Lake located in the Lake Anna Plaza on the Louisa side of the Rt. 208 bridge. Family patriarch Vito Taorm- ina moved from Italy to the United States in 1989 with the dream of becoming a success- ful restaurateur. Taormina first worked in an Italian restaurant in upstate New York. This is where he honed his craft to make a fa- mous New York style pizza. After moving to Virginia in the early 90s getting married and starting a family Vito began to establish successful Italian restaurants around the state. As of today and with the help of his wife Angela daugh- ter Rosalia and sons Rosie and Carlo Vito has success- fully opened and operated six restaurants as well as two in North Carolina. Vitos restaurants are known for delicious foods and won- derful family atmosphere with great pride taken in making au- thentic Italian meals every for every visit. The Lake Anna restaurant will feature indoor and al fresco dining with a view of the lake and a indoor bar. An extensive menu will in- clude appetizers like mus- sels alla Carini toasted ravi- oli and lightly fried oysters sandwiches and burgers you will want to try the Godfather Burger with sauteed onions mushrooms green peppers and pepper Jack cheese Vitos famous pizza white pizza too paninis calzones stromboli pasta and entrees like authentic eggplant par- migiana chicken cacciatorre and more. The penne alla Vito features penne pasta in olive oil with fresh tomatoes feta cheese and fresh basil. The tortellini pesto is a cheese-filled tortell- ini with creamy pesto sauce topped with blackend chicken. B r e a k f a s t L u n c h D i n n e r ATM - Exxon Fuel Beer - Wine Minnows - Coffee Fishing Supplies Newpapers 540.872.3275Call Ahead Orders Welcome LKA Wear 5224 Kentucky Springs Rd Bumpass VA 23024 NEW FOR 2015 WATERFRONT DINING AMAZING SUNSET VIEW TUESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY FOR LUNCH DINNER 540 895.4022 CRABS BURGERS CHICKEN BBQ frequent live music daily specials craft beer Purple Cow now open at LKA LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 20 lake lifeCALENDAR OF EVENTS Every Monday Evening Open Mic Night from 7 to 930 pm at Tims On Lake Anna. Please call 540.894.5001. Saturday Sunday Morning Paddleboard Yoga from 8a to 9a at Rocky Branch Campground with Lake Anna Outfitters and Twig Yoga. Bring your own SUP or rent one. Please register at September 5 Last Days Of Summer Jazz from 6 to 10 pm at Lake Anna Winery. Join us at summers end as we wind down the summer season with a tribute to the classics. 15 Fee includes live music with Richmond sensations SPECTRUM wine glass and tasting. No online reservations after 5pm on the previous day. Please call 540.895.5085. September 6 Lake Anna Sunset Concert from 5 to 9 pm at Lake Anna Marina Event Pavilion. Enjoy this encore concert featuring Acoustic Onion craft beer Lake Anna Winery wine B Blues BBQ and that famous sunset. Free admission. September 8 8th Annual Pooch Plunge at Louisa County Aquatic Facility 1p 3p September 19 Wine By The Lake from 11 am to 5 pm at Lake Anna State Park. Live bands Re- union and NuCorp local vendors food waterside Limited tickets available. September 19 Louisa 5K Zombie Run at Betty Queen Center Trails 930a 2p September 29 Toast To Art 630 pm. Socialize and raise a glass to celebrate the unique artist within. Toast To Art provides all the tools and guidance to create a masterpiece all your own. No painting experience re- quired Only bring your fun- loving self. At the end of the class take home your 16X20 canvas version of our sub- ject in Acrylic paints. Check our calendar for upcoming schedule and secure your easel online at louisaarts. org or book your very own Toast To Art special event 540-967-2200. 30 includes all materials and a beverage wine and beer available with ID. October 3 The Stylistics Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tickets visit October 10 Paddlefest from 830 am to noon at the Christopher Run Camp- ground Event Park. Paddle- board and kayak racing and water games. October 10 Lake Anna Grapes Grains Fes- tival from Noon to 6 pm at the Christopher Run Campground Event Park. Craft beer and local wine food and gift vendors. Live music. www.lakeannagrape- October 16 17 18 Daddys Dyin Whos Got The Will - Little Theater Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tick- ets visit October 17 Fall Festival at Walton Park 8a 2p. Come celebrate autumn at our 12th Annual Fall Harvest Festival. Farmers Market Craft Show Childrens Activities music food and more. October 31 Haunting Halloween Madness at Lake Anna Winery. 6p 10p. Costumes music and food outline this scary Saturday night in the vine- yard. For 15 dance into the night to the tunes of REUNION. Roast marsh- mallows by the Bonfire and wine tasting. Please call 540.895.5085 November 1 Lake Anna Cup Bass Tournament 7a-3p Sturgeon Creek Marina. Fish the lakes most prestigious tournament to see who can Claim The Lake Anna Cup 2000 first prize. Competitors cookout after weigh-in. For entry form email lkalifeearthlink. net November 7-8 HOV Wine Trail 11a to 5p. Buy a pass- Our Lake Life calendar is open to advertisers and non-profit organizations. Submit your event at LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 21 lake lifeCALENDAR OF EVENTS port ticket for only 20.00 and you get a souvenir wineglass wine tasting at the SIX Heart of Virginia Wineries Lake Anna James River Cooper Grayhaven Weston Farms and Matta- poni Wineries. November 7 John Conlee Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tick- ets visit November 15 Pinkalici- cious Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tickets visit November 21 Rayvon Owen Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tickets visit December 4 5 6 Sanders Family Christmas Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tick- ets visit December 5 Christmas Tree Lighting in the Town of Louisa Louisa Court- house Lawn 6p - 7p Enjoy musical performances decorate your own orna- ment sing some carols and watch as we flip the switch for the lighting of the big Christmas tree on the lawn of the Louisa Courthouse. Free admission. For a 10 donation you may endow a light on this years tree in someones memory or honor. These names will be read at the tree lighting cer- emony. Or you may become an ornament sponsor for a donation of 100 to 1000. Information call 540 967-4420. December 5-6 HOV Jingle Bell Trail 11a to 5p. Buy a pass- port ticket for only 20.00 and you get a souvenir wineglass wine tasting at the SIX Heart of Virginia Wineries Lake Anna James SD Communications Authorized DealerRetailer 540.223.7533 Call Us Today For High Point Marina Open Sat. Sun. 930-5 540.894.3540 Outfitters 12 Different T-Shirt Designs We Sell Rent Kayaks Canoes Paddleboards Paddleboats Decorative Signs Great selection of LKA gifts Paddling Thru October XXL CLOTHING SALE SEPTEMBER 5-7... ALL XXL GARMENTS 11 River Cooper Grayhaven Weston Farms and Matta- poni Wineries. December 10 Judy Collins Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tick- ets visit LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 22 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember2015 23 lake anna monsterPAGE The Lake Anna Business Partnerships After Hours August 18 event at Mill Run subdivision drew a number of local candidates includingMikeSilbermancandidateforLouisaCo.SheriffSheriff AshlandFortuneTonyWilliamsandJamesSmithJacksonDistrict Supervisor candidates. Hydrilla Control It Dont Eradicate It The opinions expressed in this column do not reflect those of this publication. They are those of the writer and meant to elicit a response from our readers. If youd like to submit an essay for publication please email it to us at I for one am all for the hydrilla to continue Most of the areas that it is growing will not impact boating because you shouldnt be pull- ing tubes wake boards and skiers in water that shallow anyhow. Also the areas that I know where it is grow- ing are mostly in No Wake Zones. I am speak- ing of the cold side as I rarely fish on the hot side. I have been fishing the hydrilla for the last five years in sporadic areas and I for one can attest to the quality of the fishing in these areas. Some of these areas were devoid of fish before the hydrilla started coming in. Some areas had a few fish in them and only got better after the hydrilla started to grow. I do agree that it does need to be controlled in some way shape or form. It does not however need to be destroyed. At the current time it is not affecting boating. It is however allowing the young of the year fish to survive better. Hydrilla produces oxygen something that is needed for most aquatic life. Although once it is sprayed it uses oxygen during decay. This time of year is the most crucial time that there is. We have the most boat traffic of the year with folks trying to get the last bit of summer in and oxygen levels are at their lowest point due to lack of fresh water coming into the lake. The fish are already stressed enough with all of this destroying their habitat will only stress them even further. As an angler that cut his teeth fishing on the Potomac River although I have been a resident of Lake Anna for 20 years I have seen what aquatic grasses like hydrilla and milfoil have done for the river. It cleaned it up I remember the days growing up when the Potomac was so polluted about the only fish you could catch were catfish and carp. Then natures water filter came into the scene and shortly afterwards the fishing jumped tremendously and more anglers were making the Potomac River their destination. The river went from a highly polluted river system with very few fish to one of the best fisheries in the country and probably the best on the east coast for quite some time. Now that the grass is disappearing from the river in many areas the fishing as a whole is being affected and is steadily dropping off as well anglers are fish- ing and spending their dollars elsewhere. These are just my opinions on this matter. Lake Anna is more than just a boating destina- tion in Virginia. The fishery is getting better and better each and every year this past spring alone we weighed in six largemouth bass over eight pounds at Fish Tales at Anna Point Marina. Last year we saw three bass over eight pounds brought to the scales at Fish Tales and numerous five six and seven pound plus fish that anglers caught. The average weight in the bass tournaments has grown significantly since I started fishing the lake in 1995. In March of 2012 I caught my personal best largemouth weighing in at 9-1. That is the first nine-pound bass that I per- sonally have seen since 1998. I know that there have been a couple others caught and verified at other marinas but the hay day of the lake was many moons ago and hopefully we are heading back towards that again. There are many anglers that come to Lake Anna looking for that trophy of a life time the Old Girl fishes tough at times but is very rewarding as well. The hydrilla has the potential to boost the economy of the lake and local marinas. As the tackle manager at Fish Tales I know these anglers are a very big part of our business. Al- thoughthe other folks that visit the marina are just as important to us we see the anglers year around. They are the anchor of the economy for the majority of the year. I have seen an increase in the amount of fishing equipment rods reels lures and live bait that we sell and that is solely because the lake is fishing better than it has in 20 years. Once the grass is gone in my honest opinion it will get back to the way it was the last time the hydrilla was eradicated - tough to catch fish and even tougher to catch quality fish. The old nick names will come back out like One Fish Anna and The Dead Sea. This in turn will hurt the local economy and anglers will look for other fisheries to travel to. As a resident that depends on the quality of fishing I really wish control instead of eradi- cation would be considered. But who am I kid- ding it is much easier to get rid of something than to keep it around. Author Chris Craft is the assistant manager at Fish Tales at Lake Anna and operates CC Bas- sin Guide Service. OPINION LAKE ANNA GLITTERATI MikeHigginsphoto The many colors of LKA at the August LABP Sunset Concert. Bell Surveys Scott Leiffer foreground with drones to be used as soon as he receives FAA approval. Major Donnie Lowe LCPD and Mike Duffy of Dominion background. All were caught by LT at the August Lake Anna Business Partnership After Hours meeting held at Mill Run subdivision. We caught Dr. Michael Clark of Piedmont Dental at Lake Anna catching up with Diana Lester at the August Sunset Concert. Bet he can make you smile LakeAnnaLifeTimesAugustSeptember 2015 24 Lake Anna Virginia Were Ready When You Are... 800-242-LAKE 5253 HIGH POINT 4634 Courthouse Road Mineral VA 23117 540-895-9400 BOARDWALK AT LAKE ANNA 200 Boardwalk Way Suite B Mineral VA 23117 540-894-9300 NEW BRIDGE LANDING 11006 Kentucky Springs Rd. Mineral VA 23117 540-894-9400 Book Your Fall Visit Now... October 9-11 is Columbus Day Weekend