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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 8 around the lakeREAL ESTATE NEWSCOUNTY NEW ROUND-UP Kate ElimLibby LAKE ANNA LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE Buying or Selling Your Lake Anna Area Specialist CERTIFIED INVESTMENT AREA SPECIALIST LIBBY SANDRIDGE 540-223-0350 Visit... ABR CIAS Lake Anna Business Partnership 540.872.6556 Begin your search for properties at Then call or email me at Associate Broker Linda Fosdick Dave Guna Realtor Lake Anna Island Realty 540-903-9428 c 540-894-4400 o 540-226-1964 cell Thinking of buying or selling Dockside Realty 540-895-9400 Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia To view current listings please visit... blog email Kate Elim Get moving with REALTOR T BY KATE ELIM Want to advertise here Contact Bob King at 540.854.4181 Lets Go Fishing For A Great Lake Place For You here is no problem going on and on tell- ing you all about the wonderful things that are so special about Lake Anna. Having lived here full time for almost 23 years I know about them and many of you do too. For those of you that are not as familiar with the area perhaps you might like to know some of the things we do not have here. Among the things we do not have I would include No Sharks... To the best of my knowledge there has never been a reported shark sighting. Isnt it pretty nice to know you can just jump in the lake swim to your hearts content and never ever have to worry about a shark becoming your swimming companion. No Jellyfish... As much as many of us love peanut butter and jelly for some reason we are not that fond of jellyfish. Well it may be comforting to know that they are not inclined to live here. They have left Lake Anna to us. None have ever been found anywhere in the over 13000 surface acres of water. I along with many others certainly ap- preciate that. No Flood Insurance... What a wonderful place to be. Here you can live right on the waterfront enjoying your own piece of the shoreline without the worry or expense of flood insurance. This is re- ally a luxury. Many property owners of waterfront property elsewhere have a very difficult time even finding an insurer and then when they do the price becomes the second hur- dle for many. Dominion Power has the ability to regulate the depth of the lake and although Mother Nature determines in large part how low it might go Dominion controls how high it gets. No Sky High Prices For Homes Yes I admit it is a bit of a sur- prise for some folks that come here expecting to find a lovely home with great waterfront for 300000 or 400000 and are initially disappointed when that is not feasible but as they be- come more and more familiar with the market they too ap- preciate the intrinsic value that water oriented property has. Compared to prices for similar homes along the Atlantic sea- coast our prices are a bargain. Yes there are homes worth a couple of million dollars but those would carry a much higher price tag in many many other locations. However there are plenty of homes for much much less than that. These are just some of the features Lake Anna fortunately lacks. Sometimes it is better not to have something than to have it. For Lake Anna in this case this is a positive. If you happen to be one of those that have often thought of how wonderful it would be to live by water perhaps Lake Very few houses are the same. Very few lots are the same. With approximately 150 subdi- visions scattered around 250 miles of shoreline in three dif- ferent counties there is much to know and understand. Local agents have familiarized them- selves with these subdivisions the common areas within the subdivisions and what ameni- ties are there. Not only are local real estate agents invaluable during the search process they can also help you find a lawn care ser- vice a plumber for an emer- gency a recommendation on someone to build a dock even an area auto mechanic. Your local Realtor can be a great source for this type of in- formation. We become not only the one that helps you find your ideal spot but we also become a helpful Lake Anna neighbor. Anna is the right place for you. If you would like to find out there are numerous local Real- tors that know so much about the different types of properties here that can help you. There is nothing that can substitute for local knowledge. No Sharks No Jellyfish No Flood Insurance