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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 7 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Cutalong Developments Realignment continued from pg. 5 supported the effort to investigate the need for a traffic light and other safety improvements. Notably the petition brought up the in- creased development along Route 208 and 522. New businesses provide much needed services to the area. They also bring in- creased traffic from all over the county. Residential growth is booming as well with the development of Sunset Coves and Cuta- long which includes a full golf course that is currently under con- struction. What does all of this mean for LKAers In- creased traffic long lines to get through the intersection frustration and safety concerns. The Louisa Board of Supervisors requested VDOT to conduct a traffic study to address the speed safety and in- creased travel through the intersection. An ini- tial study was complet- ed in December 2014 with plans of a second study to be completed early this summer in or- der to take into account the increased summer activity. This area has been in the project plans with VDOT since 2010 when theyconductedtheirini- tial traffic study of the Wares Crossroads inter- section. Project funding was made available in 2013 and they are plan- ning to move forward with the engineers rec- ommendations for im- provements starting in the summer of 2017. This 448915 project includes construction of an offset right-turn lane on Route 522 and will realign the right- You can view plans for the new dealership at Lake Country Marine. pect to have over 100 employ- ees and with other retailers over 1000. What realtorsbuilders will be used to sell and build Cuta- long Island Realty will list Cuta- long but this is a Lake Anna project All realtors will be welcome and paid full com- missions. There will be a limited set of builders all local and all cus- tom. What would you like to say to the community about the Cuta- long project I know this project has been met with skepticism as most projects of this size are. There was a state rule change in the storm water management that made this project move slow- ly. Everything needed pertain- ing to permits is now in place and we are moving forward as fast as possible. By fall Cutal- ong will have three completed Lake Country Marine Expanding At Anna Point Marina Ground has been broken and an existing structure demol- ished to make way for the new Lake Country Marine dealer- ship building at Anna Point Marina. Owner Chuck Meeks told LTs that Loudon Construc- tion is overseeing the project that will create a 10000 sq. ft. building errected at the ma- rina to house a their expanding boat dealership and marine service center. We are expanding Lake Country Marine and improv- ing the facilities of Anna Point Marina in order to better serve our valued customers. New modern handicap friendly fa- cilities will be a welcome up- continued from page 5 Lake Anna Resort Rezoning Withdrawn The Louisa County Board of Supervisors LCBS met on Monday June 15 to consider the rezoning application of the proposed Lake Anna Resort LAR. A Public Hearing on this request had been sched- uled for 7 pm on this date for weeks although the County published on June 11 an an- nouncement that the applicant Ed Blount had requested that the hearing be deferred. At approximately 515 pm on June 15 45 minutes before the start of the normal 6 pm work session of the LCBS the applicant emailed the LCBS asking that his application be withdrawn from consideration by the board. Those in attendance noted the LCBS including Mineral District Supervisor Stepha- nie Koren seemed surprised by this maneuvering and the board seemed to be unsure how to handle these unusual circumstances. Board Chair- man Tommy Barlow proposed amending the boards agenda by canceling the Public Hear- ing and adding consideration continued on page 15 of the LAR rezoning appli- cation to the agenda of the boards work session which the board voted 6-0 to ac- cept. Chairman Barlow then invited anyone in attendance that had planned to speak at the Public Hearing to speak on this issue during the open comment period at the begin- ning of the work session. When the Supervisors reached the agenda item on the LAR rezoning application the only substantive discus- sion revolved around whether to receive the applicants up- dated application whenever he chooses to submit it at the LCBS level or to have the ap- plication returned for recon- sideration by the Planning Commission PC. After some limited discus- sion the board voted 6-0 to re- fer the matter back to the PC. Whether Blounts re-submis- sion to the PC will be deemed sufficiently changed to require that body to hold another Pub- lic Hearing or whether the PC will simply review the continued on page 13 holes and four homes and 46 lots sold This will be the largest most amenitized subdivision on lake Anna and most likely one of the biggest draws to Lake Anna second only to the water itself. The golf course will be nationally recognized as one of the best. Tom Clark and Ron Whitten an editor from Golf Digest are the designers and are world-renowned course designers. Shapemasters are world-renowned course build- ers and are working fervently to bring this course to life. Because of the size and stat- ure it will bring a crowd that will demand medical and more of a high end retail that most Lake Anna citizens are used to. We are building as fast as we can remember it took Tan- yard 15 years to finish 18 holes and Potomac Shores was seven years late on their projected opening. We didnt start until June 2013. grade from the 30 year-old buildings being replaced. This building will house the new greatly expanded watercraft sales showroom and offices for Lake Country Marine the Anna Point Ma- rina office the new restroom and bath facility and an in- doors new inventory storage warehouse. We asked Meeks about the process from concept to the first shovelfull of dirt... Todays red tape and per- mitting processes are not exactly business-friendly. It is extremely expensive and time consuming to obtain all the required permits etc. the county mandates. I would equate the process to watch- ing sausage being made. You might love the end result but you really dont want to watch the process