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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 5 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Cutalong Golf Development Moving Toward First Tee Time Its been a few years since the prop- erty along Rt. 652Kentucky Springs Road and Rt. 208 was purchased by J.A. Snyder. Conjecture on its future was and continued to be the talk of the lake. Whats he going to do with 600 acres The plan turned out to be ambitious requiring a lot of permitting a lot of money and a lot of time. For the story we turned to William Joseph Blount BJ of Island Realty the realtor and marketing representative for whats known as Cutalong. Who owns the Cutalong property Snyder and Schneider Property Devel- opment LLC. Who is developing the project John Carroll is the site manager. Shape- masters are building the course. Please explain the timeline for Cutalong milestones in the next 12-24 months. There will be three holes finished by July.80 is completed currently. There will be nine holes finished by late fall. 40 is completed now. The driving range will be finished by the end of summer. 80 is completed now. The road for Phase 1a will be finished this month. The sewer and water permitted for operations will be completed by July. Our first model home will be finished by September. The final nine holes will be finished by fall of 2016. The road to phase 1b and 1c will be done by spring of 2016. The road connecting to the estate section will be finished in 2016. Gold panning stations will be ready by 2016. Well do the waterfront improve- ments in 2016 and build the clubhouse in 2017. Can you offer a thumbnail sketch of the current Cutalong footprint as in how many homes what kind of homes retail space golf course etc There will be 900 home sites including golf cottages multi-family units and town homes. Well have homes from 1350 sq.ft. to 5000. If you include the New Bridge Landing Food Lion area our retail space is almost 50 acres. There will be an 18-hole championship golf course pool boatel and boat club. Aerial view of proposed town home development across from Anna Point Marina. 522208 Intersection Redesign If you live at Lake Anna full time part-time vacation here or just come for the day chances are you travel through the Wares Crossroad intersection on a reg- ular basis. The intersection of Route 208 and Route 522 located at the popular Dickinsons Store is probably one of highest trav- eled areas around the lake. The question is with the increased popularity of Lake Anna is this uncontrolled intersection capable of maintaining a safe and efficient flow of traffic for travelers Life-long resident and local business owner of Tractor Hill Bill Towsey does not think so. I cant count how many times the traffic has doubled since I was a kid especially on a week- end. Ive witnessed numerous accidents and long lines of traf- fic trying to get through that in- tersection. Towsey is not alone with his concerns. In October 2014 then 16-year-old Taylor Schweikart was involved in a serious car accident at the intersection. Having seen the danger first hand with the lack of visibility Schweikart worked with her parents in researching recorded accidents and safety concerns for the area. She found her acci- dent was just one of many with incidents increasing each year. In an effort to gain support of a traffic light to help improve safety at the intersection as well as help control the flow of traf- fic Schweikart wrote a petition and began talking with the com- munity. In less than two weeks she obtained over 1600 signatures in support of her efforts. Sch- weikart cited many concerns in her petition that she presented to the Louisa Board of Super- visors as well as the Louisa Transportation and Safety Com- mission who both unanimously With 211 waterfront homes for sale and nearly 380 lots available around Lake Anna what will make Cutalong different Mainly golf but offering a lifestyle instead of just vacation property or lots and many many amenities. Two pools tennis courts and much more will set Cutalong apart. What impact will Cutalong have on the lake in the back of Contrary Creek Specifically what is planned for that part of the property The water for the golf course will be pumped into our holding ponds and used for spray irrigation. The run off will be cleaned before it is returned to the lake so our impact will be cleaner water for lake Anna. The only thing planned in Contrary Creek is a pump area for irrigation and gold panning sta- tions for the residents. Can you explain a recent 20000 fine imposed on Cutalong by the VDEQ One of our past site managers cleared some of the designated areas. We are crossing a wetland area with a road and as mitigation we had to set aside some areas not to be disturbed. They were cleared by accident but we were still fined. It happens. Who do you envision will live at Cuta- long Ages 40-75 and active retirees. With five miles of walking trails tennis courts golf gold panning and recre- ational areas it will be an active com- munity. How many local jobs or contractors have been used on the Cutalong project and how many do you expect to employ during the next 12-24 months We have over 10 employees now all local. All contractors minus golf course builders are local contractors. We ex- continued on next page continued on page 7