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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 14 Louisa County Middle School grade seven visited the Lake Anna State Park the day after Memorial Day for a field trip that focused on ecological impacts and the animals found on site. AreWeLovingLake Anna ToDeath Good Use... to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisher- ies Conservation Officers that administer to the lake. On any given weekend there could be up to four to five teams working the lake. Rental homes around the lake have skyrocketed in popularity in the past 10 years. Families are com- monly traveling from as far away as New York to enjoy a week at the lake celebrating reunions weddings and an- niversaries and just enjoying a family vacation. Terry Moberly of Dock- side Realty Rentals says she and her staff have watched as more and more vacation- ers have discovered Lake Anna. The vacation rental mar- ket at Lake Anna is alive and thriving.Overthelast10years there is still a higher percent- age of requests for stays of five days or less weekends being the most popular. How- ever the overall occupancy rates have increased dramati- cally between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There was a jump of 35 in the occupan- cy rate from 2012 to 2013. In 2014 it increased another 7. Overall for the year there was a 21 increase in 2014 for the number of reservations. Most of our bigger homes are rented every week during the summer and some of the smaller homes are also rented almost 100 of the summer. The majority of the people come from north including Northern Virginia Pennsyl- vania New York and New Jersey. We have even had some international travel- ers come to Lake Anna from Canada and overseas. Through marketing efforts of various organizations and companies around the lake Anna is becoming a popular destination because its less crowded a big lake it has no boating restrictions and its less expensive to rent a home here than it is Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland another popular lake vaca- tion rental market. Renting a vacation home has become extremely popu- lar over the last few years. Why Because it allows fam- ilies and groups of friends to rent a home large enough to accommodate everyone where they can cook eat and enjoy family time together. So with all the new folks and weekend visitors come- side effects. Accidents on roads around the lake like Rt. 652 and Rt. 601 occur just about every weekend. Especially troublesome are the intersections at Rt. 652 and Rt. 208 Lawyers Road and Rt. 208 and Rt. 208 and Rt. 522. See side bar. Visitors that walk run bike and walk their dogs on these major thoroughfares unaware of the weekend traffic compound the problem and should be aware of the dangerousness of these activities. So given all of these trends of increasing use an the re- sults that come with that why are people still coming to live and vacation here and why are developers still gam- bling on the lakes future Because of places like Ware Creek where one can paddle or boat into enjoying an un- developed no-wake creek that has abundant wildlife like deer turkey kingfishers possibly an otter sighting beavers herons eagles os- preys hawks and more. Be- cause of places with names like Skinny Dippers Cover Cocktail Cove Bohemian Bay Pirates Cove The Ba- hamas The Sand Bar that await discovery and gentle use. Because of programs like those offered by Schu- lar that introduce visitors to gold panning bats stream ecology snakes beavers and more at the State Park. Because of brilliant sunrises that greet anglers making their first cast of the day and winter sunsets that can take your breath away. Because of plenty of flat water and clear clean coves for water- sports paddling and boat- ing. Because of people like Doug Smith of the LACA Jeff Martin of the LABP and Ann Heidig of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee tirelessly looking out for the lake. Because of the call of a loon on a gray winter after- noon that makes you thank- ful for the solitude of the off season. Theres so much to love here that with managed and careful stewardship from those that step up to the task Lake Anna should be desirable for years to come. While it might not be much of a secret anymore it is held sacred to many.