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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 13 BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY Plus Paints Tool Rental and Composite Deck Dock Products pieces of property. A by- right use is one where cer- tain businesses and uses of specific piece of property require no further zoning action by the County. The County zoning ordinance determines which types of uses are by-right. A Condi- tional Use may be consid- ered where the specific use is not a by-right use but conforms based on the land use designation within the Countys adopted Compre- hensive Plan. The Board of Supervisors approvesdis- approves all zoning actions if one is necessary. How do you see the realign- ment of Rt. 208 changing the commercial real estate footprint of Lake Anna Total land area remain- ing for future development should see minimal impact. One benefit of the proposed realignment will be the in- creased sight distance that it will create thereby al- lowing for safer and more responsible development of the corridor from Wares Crossroads to the New Bridge. How well do you think the current infrastructure roads waste removal fire rescue water is serving Lake Anna. Lake Anna residents are best suited to answer this question. The Board strives diligently to bal- ance resources and re- quirements and to priori- tize needs. As population in the County increases within our growth areas its reasonable to assume service needs will in- crease. There is interest in the region now for ad- ditional emergency ser- vices for example. 7- What is the biggest change coming to Lake Anna in 5-10 years Growth and the issues associated with managing it see 6. The potential need for future infrastruc- ture water sewer fire rescue etc. will need to be addressed. A contin- ued focus on economic growth is critical. 8- How do you see the Lake Anna Advisory Com- mittee helping the County to shape the future of Lake Anna Government often ben- efits from focus groups that are able to more deeply evaluate specific areas of interest and LAAC certainly falls into that characterization. I would hope that LAAC would continue to work with area stakeholders to adequately identify con- cerns which should be ad- dressed as the lake region continues to grow. This will generate feedback in the Comprehensive Plan process as well see 3. 9- Does your recent part- nering with the Lake Anna Business Partnership to install Lake Anna road signs from I-64 to Rt. 208 reflect a new willingness of the County to work together with local busi- nesses to promote tourism or more of a fortunate op- portunity to collaborate The County is firmly committed to economic growth from the stand- point of both new and ex- isting business. Tourism is a vital part of this effort. Im pleased with the new signs and look forward to future collaboration op- portunities which high- light the Countys vibrant economy and attractions. Lake Anna Powering Louisa More and more events like the Sunset Concert Series are being held around the lake drawing visitors and residents alike. continued from 11 Lake Anna Resort Rezoning Request Withdrawn continued from 7 re-submission and forward a recommendation to the LCBS is unknown. Many citizens in attendance felt inaction by the LCBS on the rezoning request at this time was extremely frustrat- ing. After five months of con- sideration by the PC and its Development Review Com- mittee including two Public Hearings reams of response from the community and a unanimous vote by the PC to deny this application for re- zoning why the LCBS failed to follow the PCs recommen- dation is puzzling. Nearby Lake Anna resident Claude Owen has been close- ly following the rezoning re- quest procedure for LAR. He told LT that given the long history of this application and the many objections to it the June 15 meeting was the time that the LCBS should have taken a stand and voted No on this request. To me this unquestioned acceding to an applicants re- quest for deferral seems mis- guided Owens wrote in a recent email communication. Owen also told LT that Vice Chairman Troy Wade of the Louisa District commented that if a vote were taken that night the request would have been denied.Mrs. Koren her- self had circulated a two page list of objections to this project reflecting most of the commu- nitys concerns. Our zoning ordinances exist to protect the people and prop- erty of Louisa County. Giving a developer a second bite of the apple in order to obtain a differentrecommendationfrom the PC is bad public policy and a misuse of County resources the Community Development has already worked 300 man hours on this one rezoning ap- plication noted Owens. The LAR was proposed for 10 acres facing Mitchell Creek along Rt. 208 and would in- clude 99 residential condo- miniums an 80-room hotel 100-seat restaurant a pool private and public beaches 75 boat slips 15000 sq. ft. of commercialretailoffice space waterfront cabanas kiosks pool cafes and other recreational amenities served by its own water and sewage system.