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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 12 AreWeLovingLake Anna ToDeath A Lake Anna State Park dumpster after Memorial Day Weekend shows just how busy it gets. residents. Now to some the idea of signs starting at the inter- state and directing people to the lake is a great idea think businesses while to oth- ers this is exactly what they dont want more people on the lake. In the beginning it was mostly anglers that used the lake. From 1972 to approxi- mately 1981 Lake Anna was fishermens dream come true hardly any recreational boat traffic and plenty of big bass and crappie. One couple that moved to the lake soon after it was opened Bill and Dottie Prit- chard remain in their home built in 1974 on Mitchell Point. Wed ski all day and not see a single boat. The ones we did see were fishermen. You could pull up on just about any shoreline and have lunch and swim. It was amazing the octogenarian Dottie told LT recently. By the early 80s the fishing was still drawing anglers but the lake also caught the atten- tion of others. Savvy realtors and developers figured out central Virginias best-kept secret was saleable and the first land boom began. Sub- divisions popped up on both sides of the lake Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties. As the economy expanded and leveled off and then ex- panded again over the next 25 years Lake Anna began to transform from a sleepy fish- ing destination to a vacation destination for folks all over the eastern seaboard. Clear clean water great fishing and water sport potentiality is what brought them. And that brings us to where we are at today 43 years since the lake was opened with over 120 subdivisions over 3700 platted lots three on-the-water dining options and a dozen more area eater- ies a boardwalk Virginia ABC store a resort-oriented Food Lion a dollar store four campgrounds six ma- rinas beer caves wine and beer festivals fishing tour- naments wake surfing and wakeboarding tournaments kayaks paddleboards triath- lons LKA Wear apparel and frequent summer week- ends where the State Park has to shut its gates when it reaches capacity. People love Lake Anna. The lake life style is appeal- ing to many and more afford- able than a beach place. With planned unit developments coming Sunset Cove and Point Sienna and developers trying to create a resort the popularity of the lake contin- ues to set new benchmarks. We sell over 16000 gal- lons of gasoline on a typical Memorial Day weekend. It really something says Mar- tha Lester manager of High Point Marina and The Light- house Inn. This fuel goes to anglers wakesport enthusiasts plea- sure boaters and all the other weekend lake visitors. The amount of fuel sold on a Memorial Day weekend 20 years ago was less than half of todays amount. Use of the 3000-acre Lake Anna State Park is another good benchmark of just how many people are using the lake. On many summer week- ends we see 4-5000 visitors to the park Park Manager Dan Quesenberry told LT. Of that 750 can use the beach at one time. Keep in mind when the state park was first opened in 1983 it was averaging about 200 visitors a week throughout the year. Quesenberry provided some historical numbers for park use. On the weeked of July 10-11 in 2010 the park saw 5032 people. On July 12-13 2014 there were a total of 10780 visitors - a doubling in less than five years. A post Memorial Day week- end visit revealed just how much love the State Park is receiving with two standard dumpsters full and a roll-back brought in for the holiday overflowing. Trash around the high use areas was also very evident. Quesenberrys staff of 41 has their work cut out for them every weekend. If law enforcement is any in- dication of how much people are loving Lake Anna it indi- cates a similar trend. Louisa and Spotsylvania each main- tain patrol boats in addition continued see page 14 Heavy Use...