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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 11 PHOTO Linda Fosdick. The year was 1972. The 1 Billboard song was The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Roberta Black. The Hustle was taking the country by storm. The top-selling auto was the Chevy Monte Carlo. Richard Nixon was in the White House. Louisa County Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Koren and the Lake Anna Business Partnerships Gene Newman at the recent Lake Anna Spring Festival. County Administrator SaysLakeArea PoweringLouisa ar. We caught up with Louisa County Adminstrator Christian Goodwin and asked him some questions about the relationship between Lake Anna and Louisa County. We have heard from various sources that the Lake Anna region produces 50 of the Louisa County tax base. Can you comment and elaborate on the facts The percentage depends on whether or not Dominion is included but yes the region is certainly a viable and impor- tant part of our tax base. How does the density of Lake Anna development compare with the rest of Louisa County According to GIS data and calcula- tions there are 31.4 address points per square mile on average County-wide excluding the Towns of LouisaMiner- al. Inside the Lake Anna Growth area there are 82.5 address points per square mile. There are 83.14 address points per square mile in the Zion Growth area. How accurately does the current Lou- isa County Comprehensive Plan reflect what will be built at the lake in coming years The Comprehensive Plan document is a guide and can evolve through the Board of Supervisors review process required by the State Code of Virgin- ia or through review of an applicant request for an amendment to the Plan. The plan is updated every 5 years and the lake region is identified as a growth area. How does the Louisa County Econom- ic Director determine what businesses are suitable for the Lake Anna area In those situations where the County has the opportunity to be involved busi- ness use is evaluated against properly zoned land andor uses that conform to the comprehensive plan for specific continued on page 13