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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 10 AreWeLoving 43YearsAfterImpoundmentIsThisStill CentralVirginiasBestKeptSecret by C.C. McCotter IIn our last edition after examin- ing the current system of monitoring and management the lake and the sur- rounding communities we were left asking Whos in charge While there is no Lake Anna cruise director or Lake Czar there are a num- ber of concerned citizens working as devoted stewards for the lake. The word steward according to Mr. Webster refers to one who manages the domestic concerns of a family or estate or an attendant who is re- sponsible for the comfort of passen- gers. One such group is the Lake Anna Business Partnership LABP. Founded in 1998 the now 17-year- old group of business owners has the goal of working together to promote responsible growth and good stew- ardship of Lake Anna. They are a Virginia Chamber of Commerce certified organization and hold monthly board meetings and the popular Business After Hours meet- ings at various local eateries and event venues. They also hold the an- nual Lake Anna Spring Festival Ca- sino Night maintain the Lake Anna Information Center at Dickinsons Store arrange town hall-style meet- ings and sponsor the Lake Anna Cup Fishing Tournament in November. Other dedicated groupsindividuals looking out for Lake Anna include the Lake Anna Advisory Commit- tee the Lake Anna Civic Association the Friends of Lake Anna State Park Lake Anna State Park Chief Visitor Experience Ranger Lauri Schular and in a way the Louisa County Plan- ning Commissioners and the Louisa County Board of Supervisors. A final area steward is Andy Wade Louisa County Economic Director. Each works in their own way to ensure the health and well-being of Lake Anna so that residents and tour- ists alike are excited about living and visiting the lake community. One very noticeable effort of a LABP and WadeLouisa County col- laborative effort is the installation of new road signs directing tourists to the lake. Since April motorists on I-64 have seen a new feature at the Rt. 208 Ferncliff exit newly installed Lake Anna signs directing them to the lake via Louisa and Mineral. Additional signage there are nine in all follow the route through the cen- ter of Louisa Mineral and to the lake via Rt. 208 at Wares Crossing. The project spearheaded by the LABP with the support of Louisa Orange and Spotsylvania Counties and the Lake Anna State Park was funded by Louisa County with some additional funds from the partner- ship. In a recent interview with The Central Virginian Wade said the purpose of the signs is to drive ad- ditional traffic to the lake and further expose this tremendous asset we have in our county. The new I-64 signage augments ex- isting signs on I-95 at the Thornburg exit placed by the State Park system ensuring that motorists on both of these major thoroughfares will alert potential visitors to the existence and close proximity of the lake s recre- ational area and attractions. Barry Schaeffer 2015 Marketing Coordinator for LABP told LKA LT We believe that if people and families know about Lake Anna many will visit some of those re- turning regularly and some of those ultimately becoming owners and continued on page 12 Aerial view of Elk Creek Bridge by ToDeath Lake Anna Lake Annas amazing sunsets draw thousands of visitors per yea Low Impact Use...