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LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 1 Lake Anna Monster ARound The Lake OVERHEARD EATDRINK LAKE LIFE Calendar DID YOU KNOW LAKE ANNAs SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENT lake annaLKA JuneJuly life times Are We Loving Lake Anna To Death No Yes Maybe Examining both sides of the question. TM LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 2 540 895.5085 Join us for one of our special events this season a personal wine tasting or just an evening out with someone special. - Jeff Heidig Lake Anna Winery Visit our website for more great winery weekend events. Weddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun. Lake Anna Business Partnership 5621 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania VA 22551 Great Events... VA Renaissance Faire May 9-June 7 Wknds Only Lake Anna WINERY JoinUsOnFacebook n Memorial Day Into Night May 23 Here Comes The Summer June 13 Cajun Zydeco July 18 Carribean Beach Party August 1 n n n Drop by for a tasting try our new Concerto Merlot LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 3 contentsJuneJuly 2015 Vol. 1 Issue 2 overheard 5 around the lake 8 7 fact or fiction real estate news Quote of the Month Photo eat drink18 did you know 16 lake anna monster23 lake life20 calendar of events history fun facts opinion LKA gliteratti reviews news lake anna life times We are building as fast as we can remember it took Tanyard 15 years to finish 18 holes and Potomac Shores was seven years late on their pro- jected opening. We didnt start until June 2013. BJ Blount p. 6 Are We Loving Lake Anna To Death 10 YesNoorMaybe special report the cutalong development update LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 4 lake annalife times lake letters Publisher Woods Waters Publishing LC Editor-In-Chief C.C. McCotter Managing Editor Christine McCotter Editorial Staff Writers Kate Elim Libby Hayes Bob King Ashley Newton Advertising Senior Account Representative Susan Vandervliet Account Representative Bob King Restaurant Account Representative Ashley Newton Advertising Design Woods Waters Publishing LC Lake Anna Life Monthly is published six times a year DecemberJanuary FebruaryMarch AprilMay June July AugustSeptember OctoberNovember Decem- berJanuary. It is distributed on newsstands around the Lake Anna region and inserted into other publica- tions. The electronic version can be viewed at www. Subcriptions are available for 30 per year media mail or 45 per year first class mail. We invite the submission of exclusive articles and cannot be responsible to the return of unsolicited works. 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral VA 23117. News tip and ad- vertising inquiry email Office phone 540.894.5960. All Lake Anna Monster submis- sions or Letters From The Lake must be signed with return address. Website Email Our Policies All communications for print whether by mail text or email must be signed by the person submitting the letter and include a phone numberaddress where the person can be reached. We reserve the right to edit for grammar. The opin- ions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher or Editor merely those of our readers. Please submit all electronic correspondence and advertising inquiry to lkalifeearthlink. net and all mail to Lake Anna Life 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral Va 23117. Copyright by Woods Waters Publishing LC 2015. All rights reserved. Printed on recycled newsprint. LKA is a licensed trademark used with permission. facebook.comlakeannalife lkalife correspondence Find The Lake Anna Monster... 540-967-1514 - Land Surveying - 540-967-1499 - Aerial Mapping - Surveying Lake Anna Area Since Before The Lake Boundary Surveys Topographic Surveys Family Divisions Subdivisions Construction Staking GPS Control Aerial Mapping Orthophotos Its hidden somewhere in this issue. Guess right and be entered to win a 15 LKA Outfitters gift certificate. Email your guess to us at Whos In Charge of Lake It is with great interest that I picked up this paper and read this article. I moved here last fall full time however work in Fairfax still. My husband is a full time paid professional firefighterparamedic and I work for the Department of Code Compliance I do find it interesting that there is a Lake Anna Civic Association and I have not heard of this via friends the HOA etc... might be something to discuss. My reason for contacting you both is that I think there are some solutions to the concerns about who is in charge at the Lake. As a new resident I have had alot of very costly issues arise and not alot of help so I do understand that there is a need for consistency. The good news is that I have some ideas. The agency I work for originally was a task force in 2008 and eventually became an agency while I dont think that Is necessary here I do think a col- laborative and intentional effort needs to happen with all of the government and political entities involved. Your article laid out the problem but didnt offer a solution. As a full time resident in Morgan II I am very interested in becoming involved so let me know if there is a time maybe we can meet and discuss some ideas that might be able to move this from an Op-Ed piece to a reality. Sandy Harrington Fairfax VA Look into the Lake Anna Civic Association the Lake Anna Business Parternship and the Lake Anna Advisory Committee for serval good ways to participate in the community Sandy. - ED LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 5 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Cutalong Golf Development Moving Toward First Tee Time Its been a few years since the prop- erty along Rt. 652Kentucky Springs Road and Rt. 208 was purchased by J.A. Snyder. Conjecture on its future was and continued to be the talk of the lake. Whats he going to do with 600 acres The plan turned out to be ambitious requiring a lot of permitting a lot of money and a lot of time. For the story we turned to William Joseph Blount BJ of Island Realty the realtor and marketing representative for whats known as Cutalong. Who owns the Cutalong property Snyder and Schneider Property Devel- opment LLC. Who is developing the project John Carroll is the site manager. Shape- masters are building the course. Please explain the timeline for Cutalong milestones in the next 12-24 months. There will be three holes finished by July.80 is completed currently. There will be nine holes finished by late fall. 40 is completed now. The driving range will be finished by the end of summer. 80 is completed now. The road for Phase 1a will be finished this month. The sewer and water permitted for operations will be completed by July. Our first model home will be finished by September. The final nine holes will be finished by fall of 2016. The road to phase 1b and 1c will be done by spring of 2016. The road connecting to the estate section will be finished in 2016. Gold panning stations will be ready by 2016. Well do the waterfront improve- ments in 2016 and build the clubhouse in 2017. Can you offer a thumbnail sketch of the current Cutalong footprint as in how many homes what kind of homes retail space golf course etc There will be 900 home sites including golf cottages multi-family units and town homes. Well have homes from 1350 sq.ft. to 5000. If you include the New Bridge Landing Food Lion area our retail space is almost 50 acres. There will be an 18-hole championship golf course pool boatel and boat club. Aerial view of proposed town home development across from Anna Point Marina. 522208 Intersection Redesign If you live at Lake Anna full time part-time vacation here or just come for the day chances are you travel through the Wares Crossroad intersection on a reg- ular basis. The intersection of Route 208 and Route 522 located at the popular Dickinsons Store is probably one of highest trav- eled areas around the lake. The question is with the increased popularity of Lake Anna is this uncontrolled intersection capable of maintaining a safe and efficient flow of traffic for travelers Life-long resident and local business owner of Tractor Hill Bill Towsey does not think so. I cant count how many times the traffic has doubled since I was a kid especially on a week- end. Ive witnessed numerous accidents and long lines of traf- fic trying to get through that in- tersection. Towsey is not alone with his concerns. In October 2014 then 16-year-old Taylor Schweikart was involved in a serious car accident at the intersection. Having seen the danger first hand with the lack of visibility Schweikart worked with her parents in researching recorded accidents and safety concerns for the area. She found her acci- dent was just one of many with incidents increasing each year. In an effort to gain support of a traffic light to help improve safety at the intersection as well as help control the flow of traf- fic Schweikart wrote a petition and began talking with the com- munity. In less than two weeks she obtained over 1600 signatures in support of her efforts. Sch- weikart cited many concerns in her petition that she presented to the Louisa Board of Super- visors as well as the Louisa Transportation and Safety Com- mission who both unanimously With 211 waterfront homes for sale and nearly 380 lots available around Lake Anna what will make Cutalong different Mainly golf but offering a lifestyle instead of just vacation property or lots and many many amenities. Two pools tennis courts and much more will set Cutalong apart. What impact will Cutalong have on the lake in the back of Contrary Creek Specifically what is planned for that part of the property The water for the golf course will be pumped into our holding ponds and used for spray irrigation. The run off will be cleaned before it is returned to the lake so our impact will be cleaner water for lake Anna. The only thing planned in Contrary Creek is a pump area for irrigation and gold panning sta- tions for the residents. Can you explain a recent 20000 fine imposed on Cutalong by the VDEQ One of our past site managers cleared some of the designated areas. We are crossing a wetland area with a road and as mitigation we had to set aside some areas not to be disturbed. They were cleared by accident but we were still fined. It happens. Who do you envision will live at Cuta- long Ages 40-75 and active retirees. With five miles of walking trails tennis courts golf gold panning and recre- ational areas it will be an active com- munity. How many local jobs or contractors have been used on the Cutalong project and how many do you expect to employ during the next 12-24 months We have over 10 employees now all local. All contractors minus golf course builders are local contractors. We ex- continued on next page continued on page 7 LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 6 804.347.2042 I handle every job like it was my own personal project. - Jeff Owen Homes Remodeling Garages - Kitchens Bathrooms Basements Lake Anna Business Partnership HOMES ADDITIONS GARAGES BOATHOUSES DECKS Make Cutalong your home today.A world-class golf community overlooking LakeAnna. Ideally situated between Washington DC. Richmond and Charlottesville. 1-855-CUTALONG 1-855-428-8256 or 540-223-9180 LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 7 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Cutalong Developments Realignment continued from pg. 5 supported the effort to investigate the need for a traffic light and other safety improvements. Notably the petition brought up the in- creased development along Route 208 and 522. New businesses provide much needed services to the area. They also bring in- creased traffic from all over the county. Residential growth is booming as well with the development of Sunset Coves and Cuta- long which includes a full golf course that is currently under con- struction. What does all of this mean for LKAers In- creased traffic long lines to get through the intersection frustration and safety concerns. The Louisa Board of Supervisors requested VDOT to conduct a traffic study to address the speed safety and in- creased travel through the intersection. An ini- tial study was complet- ed in December 2014 with plans of a second study to be completed early this summer in or- der to take into account the increased summer activity. This area has been in the project plans with VDOT since 2010 when theyconductedtheirini- tial traffic study of the Wares Crossroads inter- section. Project funding was made available in 2013 and they are plan- ning to move forward with the engineers rec- ommendations for im- provements starting in the summer of 2017. This 448915 project includes construction of an offset right-turn lane on Route 522 and will realign the right- You can view plans for the new dealership at Lake Country Marine. pect to have over 100 employ- ees and with other retailers over 1000. What realtorsbuilders will be used to sell and build Cuta- long Island Realty will list Cuta- long but this is a Lake Anna project All realtors will be welcome and paid full com- missions. There will be a limited set of builders all local and all cus- tom. What would you like to say to the community about the Cuta- long project I know this project has been met with skepticism as most projects of this size are. There was a state rule change in the storm water management that made this project move slow- ly. Everything needed pertain- ing to permits is now in place and we are moving forward as fast as possible. By fall Cutal- ong will have three completed Lake Country Marine Expanding At Anna Point Marina Ground has been broken and an existing structure demol- ished to make way for the new Lake Country Marine dealer- ship building at Anna Point Marina. Owner Chuck Meeks told LTs that Loudon Construc- tion is overseeing the project that will create a 10000 sq. ft. building errected at the ma- rina to house a their expanding boat dealership and marine service center. We are expanding Lake Country Marine and improv- ing the facilities of Anna Point Marina in order to better serve our valued customers. New modern handicap friendly fa- cilities will be a welcome up- continued from page 5 Lake Anna Resort Rezoning Withdrawn The Louisa County Board of Supervisors LCBS met on Monday June 15 to consider the rezoning application of the proposed Lake Anna Resort LAR. A Public Hearing on this request had been sched- uled for 7 pm on this date for weeks although the County published on June 11 an an- nouncement that the applicant Ed Blount had requested that the hearing be deferred. At approximately 515 pm on June 15 45 minutes before the start of the normal 6 pm work session of the LCBS the applicant emailed the LCBS asking that his application be withdrawn from consideration by the board. Those in attendance noted the LCBS including Mineral District Supervisor Stepha- nie Koren seemed surprised by this maneuvering and the board seemed to be unsure how to handle these unusual circumstances. Board Chair- man Tommy Barlow proposed amending the boards agenda by canceling the Public Hear- ing and adding consideration continued on page 15 of the LAR rezoning appli- cation to the agenda of the boards work session which the board voted 6-0 to ac- cept. Chairman Barlow then invited anyone in attendance that had planned to speak at the Public Hearing to speak on this issue during the open comment period at the begin- ning of the work session. When the Supervisors reached the agenda item on the LAR rezoning application the only substantive discus- sion revolved around whether to receive the applicants up- dated application whenever he chooses to submit it at the LCBS level or to have the ap- plication returned for recon- sideration by the Planning Commission PC. After some limited discus- sion the board voted 6-0 to re- fer the matter back to the PC. Whether Blounts re-submis- sion to the PC will be deemed sufficiently changed to require that body to hold another Pub- lic Hearing or whether the PC will simply review the continued on page 13 holes and four homes and 46 lots sold This will be the largest most amenitized subdivision on lake Anna and most likely one of the biggest draws to Lake Anna second only to the water itself. The golf course will be nationally recognized as one of the best. Tom Clark and Ron Whitten an editor from Golf Digest are the designers and are world-renowned course designers. Shapemasters are world-renowned course build- ers and are working fervently to bring this course to life. Because of the size and stat- ure it will bring a crowd that will demand medical and more of a high end retail that most Lake Anna citizens are used to. We are building as fast as we can remember it took Tan- yard 15 years to finish 18 holes and Potomac Shores was seven years late on their projected opening. We didnt start until June 2013. grade from the 30 year-old buildings being replaced. This building will house the new greatly expanded watercraft sales showroom and offices for Lake Country Marine the Anna Point Ma- rina office the new restroom and bath facility and an in- doors new inventory storage warehouse. We asked Meeks about the process from concept to the first shovelfull of dirt... Todays red tape and per- mitting processes are not exactly business-friendly. It is extremely expensive and time consuming to obtain all the required permits etc. the county mandates. I would equate the process to watch- ing sausage being made. You might love the end result but you really dont want to watch the process LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 8 around the lakeREAL ESTATE NEWSCOUNTY NEW ROUND-UP Kate ElimLibby LAKE ANNA LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE Buying or Selling Your Lake Anna Area Specialist CERTIFIED INVESTMENT AREA SPECIALIST LIBBY SANDRIDGE 540-223-0350 Visit... ABR CIAS Lake Anna Business Partnership 540.872.6556 Begin your search for properties at Then call or email me at Associate Broker Linda Fosdick Dave Guna Realtor Lake Anna Island Realty 540-903-9428 c 540-894-4400 o 540-226-1964 cell Thinking of buying or selling Dockside Realty 540-895-9400 Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia To view current listings please visit... blog email Kate Elim Get moving with REALTOR T BY KATE ELIM Want to advertise here Contact Bob King at 540.854.4181 Lets Go Fishing For A Great Lake Place For You here is no problem going on and on tell- ing you all about the wonderful things that are so special about Lake Anna. Having lived here full time for almost 23 years I know about them and many of you do too. For those of you that are not as familiar with the area perhaps you might like to know some of the things we do not have here. Among the things we do not have I would include No Sharks... To the best of my knowledge there has never been a reported shark sighting. Isnt it pretty nice to know you can just jump in the lake swim to your hearts content and never ever have to worry about a shark becoming your swimming companion. No Jellyfish... As much as many of us love peanut butter and jelly for some reason we are not that fond of jellyfish. Well it may be comforting to know that they are not inclined to live here. They have left Lake Anna to us. None have ever been found anywhere in the over 13000 surface acres of water. I along with many others certainly ap- preciate that. No Flood Insurance... What a wonderful place to be. Here you can live right on the waterfront enjoying your own piece of the shoreline without the worry or expense of flood insurance. This is re- ally a luxury. Many property owners of waterfront property elsewhere have a very difficult time even finding an insurer and then when they do the price becomes the second hur- dle for many. Dominion Power has the ability to regulate the depth of the lake and although Mother Nature determines in large part how low it might go Dominion controls how high it gets. No Sky High Prices For Homes Yes I admit it is a bit of a sur- prise for some folks that come here expecting to find a lovely home with great waterfront for 300000 or 400000 and are initially disappointed when that is not feasible but as they be- come more and more familiar with the market they too ap- preciate the intrinsic value that water oriented property has. Compared to prices for similar homes along the Atlantic sea- coast our prices are a bargain. Yes there are homes worth a couple of million dollars but those would carry a much higher price tag in many many other locations. However there are plenty of homes for much much less than that. These are just some of the features Lake Anna fortunately lacks. Sometimes it is better not to have something than to have it. For Lake Anna in this case this is a positive. If you happen to be one of those that have often thought of how wonderful it would be to live by water perhaps Lake Very few houses are the same. Very few lots are the same. With approximately 150 subdi- visions scattered around 250 miles of shoreline in three dif- ferent counties there is much to know and understand. Local agents have familiarized them- selves with these subdivisions the common areas within the subdivisions and what ameni- ties are there. Not only are local real estate agents invaluable during the search process they can also help you find a lawn care ser- vice a plumber for an emer- gency a recommendation on someone to build a dock even an area auto mechanic. Your local Realtor can be a great source for this type of in- formation. We become not only the one that helps you find your ideal spot but we also become a helpful Lake Anna neighbor. Anna is the right place for you. If you would like to find out there are numerous local Real- tors that know so much about the different types of properties here that can help you. There is nothing that can substitute for local knowledge. No Sharks No Jellyfish No Flood Insurance LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 9 Long Foster Real Estate 13001 Lake Anna Village Drive Spotsylvania VA 22551 LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 10 AreWeLoving 43YearsAfterImpoundmentIsThisStill CentralVirginiasBestKeptSecret by C.C. McCotter IIn our last edition after examin- ing the current system of monitoring and management the lake and the sur- rounding communities we were left asking Whos in charge While there is no Lake Anna cruise director or Lake Czar there are a num- ber of concerned citizens working as devoted stewards for the lake. The word steward according to Mr. Webster refers to one who manages the domestic concerns of a family or estate or an attendant who is re- sponsible for the comfort of passen- gers. One such group is the Lake Anna Business Partnership LABP. Founded in 1998 the now 17-year- old group of business owners has the goal of working together to promote responsible growth and good stew- ardship of Lake Anna. They are a Virginia Chamber of Commerce certified organization and hold monthly board meetings and the popular Business After Hours meet- ings at various local eateries and event venues. They also hold the an- nual Lake Anna Spring Festival Ca- sino Night maintain the Lake Anna Information Center at Dickinsons Store arrange town hall-style meet- ings and sponsor the Lake Anna Cup Fishing Tournament in November. Other dedicated groupsindividuals looking out for Lake Anna include the Lake Anna Advisory Commit- tee the Lake Anna Civic Association the Friends of Lake Anna State Park Lake Anna State Park Chief Visitor Experience Ranger Lauri Schular and in a way the Louisa County Plan- ning Commissioners and the Louisa County Board of Supervisors. A final area steward is Andy Wade Louisa County Economic Director. Each works in their own way to ensure the health and well-being of Lake Anna so that residents and tour- ists alike are excited about living and visiting the lake community. One very noticeable effort of a LABP and WadeLouisa County col- laborative effort is the installation of new road signs directing tourists to the lake. Since April motorists on I-64 have seen a new feature at the Rt. 208 Ferncliff exit newly installed Lake Anna signs directing them to the lake via Louisa and Mineral. Additional signage there are nine in all follow the route through the cen- ter of Louisa Mineral and to the lake via Rt. 208 at Wares Crossing. The project spearheaded by the LABP with the support of Louisa Orange and Spotsylvania Counties and the Lake Anna State Park was funded by Louisa County with some additional funds from the partner- ship. In a recent interview with The Central Virginian Wade said the purpose of the signs is to drive ad- ditional traffic to the lake and further expose this tremendous asset we have in our county. The new I-64 signage augments ex- isting signs on I-95 at the Thornburg exit placed by the State Park system ensuring that motorists on both of these major thoroughfares will alert potential visitors to the existence and close proximity of the lake s recre- ational area and attractions. Barry Schaeffer 2015 Marketing Coordinator for LABP told LKA LT We believe that if people and families know about Lake Anna many will visit some of those re- turning regularly and some of those ultimately becoming owners and continued on page 12 Aerial view of Elk Creek Bridge by ToDeath Lake Anna Lake Annas amazing sunsets draw thousands of visitors per yea Low Impact Use... LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 11 PHOTO Linda Fosdick. The year was 1972. The 1 Billboard song was The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Roberta Black. The Hustle was taking the country by storm. The top-selling auto was the Chevy Monte Carlo. Richard Nixon was in the White House. Louisa County Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Koren and the Lake Anna Business Partnerships Gene Newman at the recent Lake Anna Spring Festival. County Administrator SaysLakeArea PoweringLouisa ar. We caught up with Louisa County Adminstrator Christian Goodwin and asked him some questions about the relationship between Lake Anna and Louisa County. We have heard from various sources that the Lake Anna region produces 50 of the Louisa County tax base. Can you comment and elaborate on the facts The percentage depends on whether or not Dominion is included but yes the region is certainly a viable and impor- tant part of our tax base. How does the density of Lake Anna development compare with the rest of Louisa County According to GIS data and calcula- tions there are 31.4 address points per square mile on average County-wide excluding the Towns of LouisaMiner- al. Inside the Lake Anna Growth area there are 82.5 address points per square mile. There are 83.14 address points per square mile in the Zion Growth area. How accurately does the current Lou- isa County Comprehensive Plan reflect what will be built at the lake in coming years The Comprehensive Plan document is a guide and can evolve through the Board of Supervisors review process required by the State Code of Virgin- ia or through review of an applicant request for an amendment to the Plan. The plan is updated every 5 years and the lake region is identified as a growth area. How does the Louisa County Econom- ic Director determine what businesses are suitable for the Lake Anna area In those situations where the County has the opportunity to be involved busi- ness use is evaluated against properly zoned land andor uses that conform to the comprehensive plan for specific continued on page 13 LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 12 AreWeLovingLake Anna ToDeath A Lake Anna State Park dumpster after Memorial Day Weekend shows just how busy it gets. residents. Now to some the idea of signs starting at the inter- state and directing people to the lake is a great idea think businesses while to oth- ers this is exactly what they dont want more people on the lake. In the beginning it was mostly anglers that used the lake. From 1972 to approxi- mately 1981 Lake Anna was fishermens dream come true hardly any recreational boat traffic and plenty of big bass and crappie. One couple that moved to the lake soon after it was opened Bill and Dottie Prit- chard remain in their home built in 1974 on Mitchell Point. Wed ski all day and not see a single boat. The ones we did see were fishermen. You could pull up on just about any shoreline and have lunch and swim. It was amazing the octogenarian Dottie told LT recently. By the early 80s the fishing was still drawing anglers but the lake also caught the atten- tion of others. Savvy realtors and developers figured out central Virginias best-kept secret was saleable and the first land boom began. Sub- divisions popped up on both sides of the lake Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties. As the economy expanded and leveled off and then ex- panded again over the next 25 years Lake Anna began to transform from a sleepy fish- ing destination to a vacation destination for folks all over the eastern seaboard. Clear clean water great fishing and water sport potentiality is what brought them. And that brings us to where we are at today 43 years since the lake was opened with over 120 subdivisions over 3700 platted lots three on-the-water dining options and a dozen more area eater- ies a boardwalk Virginia ABC store a resort-oriented Food Lion a dollar store four campgrounds six ma- rinas beer caves wine and beer festivals fishing tour- naments wake surfing and wakeboarding tournaments kayaks paddleboards triath- lons LKA Wear apparel and frequent summer week- ends where the State Park has to shut its gates when it reaches capacity. People love Lake Anna. The lake life style is appeal- ing to many and more afford- able than a beach place. With planned unit developments coming Sunset Cove and Point Sienna and developers trying to create a resort the popularity of the lake contin- ues to set new benchmarks. We sell over 16000 gal- lons of gasoline on a typical Memorial Day weekend. It really something says Mar- tha Lester manager of High Point Marina and The Light- house Inn. This fuel goes to anglers wakesport enthusiasts plea- sure boaters and all the other weekend lake visitors. The amount of fuel sold on a Memorial Day weekend 20 years ago was less than half of todays amount. Use of the 3000-acre Lake Anna State Park is another good benchmark of just how many people are using the lake. On many summer week- ends we see 4-5000 visitors to the park Park Manager Dan Quesenberry told LT. Of that 750 can use the beach at one time. Keep in mind when the state park was first opened in 1983 it was averaging about 200 visitors a week throughout the year. Quesenberry provided some historical numbers for park use. On the weeked of July 10-11 in 2010 the park saw 5032 people. On July 12-13 2014 there were a total of 10780 visitors - a doubling in less than five years. A post Memorial Day week- end visit revealed just how much love the State Park is receiving with two standard dumpsters full and a roll-back brought in for the holiday overflowing. Trash around the high use areas was also very evident. Quesenberrys staff of 41 has their work cut out for them every weekend. If law enforcement is any in- dication of how much people are loving Lake Anna it indi- cates a similar trend. Louisa and Spotsylvania each main- tain patrol boats in addition continued see page 14 Heavy Use... LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 13 BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY Plus Paints Tool Rental and Composite Deck Dock Products pieces of property. A by- right use is one where cer- tain businesses and uses of specific piece of property require no further zoning action by the County. The County zoning ordinance determines which types of uses are by-right. A Condi- tional Use may be consid- ered where the specific use is not a by-right use but conforms based on the land use designation within the Countys adopted Compre- hensive Plan. The Board of Supervisors approvesdis- approves all zoning actions if one is necessary. How do you see the realign- ment of Rt. 208 changing the commercial real estate footprint of Lake Anna Total land area remain- ing for future development should see minimal impact. One benefit of the proposed realignment will be the in- creased sight distance that it will create thereby al- lowing for safer and more responsible development of the corridor from Wares Crossroads to the New Bridge. How well do you think the current infrastructure roads waste removal fire rescue water is serving Lake Anna. Lake Anna residents are best suited to answer this question. The Board strives diligently to bal- ance resources and re- quirements and to priori- tize needs. As population in the County increases within our growth areas its reasonable to assume service needs will in- crease. There is interest in the region now for ad- ditional emergency ser- vices for example. 7- What is the biggest change coming to Lake Anna in 5-10 years Growth and the issues associated with managing it see 6. The potential need for future infrastruc- ture water sewer fire rescue etc. will need to be addressed. A contin- ued focus on economic growth is critical. 8- How do you see the Lake Anna Advisory Com- mittee helping the County to shape the future of Lake Anna Government often ben- efits from focus groups that are able to more deeply evaluate specific areas of interest and LAAC certainly falls into that characterization. I would hope that LAAC would continue to work with area stakeholders to adequately identify con- cerns which should be ad- dressed as the lake region continues to grow. This will generate feedback in the Comprehensive Plan process as well see 3. 9- Does your recent part- nering with the Lake Anna Business Partnership to install Lake Anna road signs from I-64 to Rt. 208 reflect a new willingness of the County to work together with local busi- nesses to promote tourism or more of a fortunate op- portunity to collaborate The County is firmly committed to economic growth from the stand- point of both new and ex- isting business. Tourism is a vital part of this effort. Im pleased with the new signs and look forward to future collaboration op- portunities which high- light the Countys vibrant economy and attractions. Lake Anna Powering Louisa More and more events like the Sunset Concert Series are being held around the lake drawing visitors and residents alike. continued from 11 Lake Anna Resort Rezoning Request Withdrawn continued from 7 re-submission and forward a recommendation to the LCBS is unknown. Many citizens in attendance felt inaction by the LCBS on the rezoning request at this time was extremely frustrat- ing. After five months of con- sideration by the PC and its Development Review Com- mittee including two Public Hearings reams of response from the community and a unanimous vote by the PC to deny this application for re- zoning why the LCBS failed to follow the PCs recommen- dation is puzzling. Nearby Lake Anna resident Claude Owen has been close- ly following the rezoning re- quest procedure for LAR. He told LT that given the long history of this application and the many objections to it the June 15 meeting was the time that the LCBS should have taken a stand and voted No on this request. To me this unquestioned acceding to an applicants re- quest for deferral seems mis- guided Owens wrote in a recent email communication. Owen also told LT that Vice Chairman Troy Wade of the Louisa District commented that if a vote were taken that night the request would have been denied.Mrs. Koren her- self had circulated a two page list of objections to this project reflecting most of the commu- nitys concerns. Our zoning ordinances exist to protect the people and prop- erty of Louisa County. Giving a developer a second bite of the apple in order to obtain a differentrecommendationfrom the PC is bad public policy and a misuse of County resources the Community Development has already worked 300 man hours on this one rezoning ap- plication noted Owens. The LAR was proposed for 10 acres facing Mitchell Creek along Rt. 208 and would in- clude 99 residential condo- miniums an 80-room hotel 100-seat restaurant a pool private and public beaches 75 boat slips 15000 sq. ft. of commercialretailoffice space waterfront cabanas kiosks pool cafes and other recreational amenities served by its own water and sewage system. LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 14 Louisa County Middle School grade seven visited the Lake Anna State Park the day after Memorial Day for a field trip that focused on ecological impacts and the animals found on site. AreWeLovingLake Anna ToDeath Good Use... to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisher- ies Conservation Officers that administer to the lake. On any given weekend there could be up to four to five teams working the lake. Rental homes around the lake have skyrocketed in popularity in the past 10 years. Families are com- monly traveling from as far away as New York to enjoy a week at the lake celebrating reunions weddings and an- niversaries and just enjoying a family vacation. Terry Moberly of Dock- side Realty Rentals says she and her staff have watched as more and more vacation- ers have discovered Lake Anna. The vacation rental mar- ket at Lake Anna is alive and thriving.Overthelast10years there is still a higher percent- age of requests for stays of five days or less weekends being the most popular. How- ever the overall occupancy rates have increased dramati- cally between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There was a jump of 35 in the occupan- cy rate from 2012 to 2013. In 2014 it increased another 7. Overall for the year there was a 21 increase in 2014 for the number of reservations. Most of our bigger homes are rented every week during the summer and some of the smaller homes are also rented almost 100 of the summer. The majority of the people come from north including Northern Virginia Pennsyl- vania New York and New Jersey. We have even had some international travel- ers come to Lake Anna from Canada and overseas. Through marketing efforts of various organizations and companies around the lake Anna is becoming a popular destination because its less crowded a big lake it has no boating restrictions and its less expensive to rent a home here than it is Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland another popular lake vaca- tion rental market. Renting a vacation home has become extremely popu- lar over the last few years. Why Because it allows fam- ilies and groups of friends to rent a home large enough to accommodate everyone where they can cook eat and enjoy family time together. So with all the new folks and weekend visitors come- side effects. Accidents on roads around the lake like Rt. 652 and Rt. 601 occur just about every weekend. Especially troublesome are the intersections at Rt. 652 and Rt. 208 Lawyers Road and Rt. 208 and Rt. 208 and Rt. 522. See side bar. Visitors that walk run bike and walk their dogs on these major thoroughfares unaware of the weekend traffic compound the problem and should be aware of the dangerousness of these activities. So given all of these trends of increasing use an the re- sults that come with that why are people still coming to live and vacation here and why are developers still gam- bling on the lakes future Because of places like Ware Creek where one can paddle or boat into enjoying an un- developed no-wake creek that has abundant wildlife like deer turkey kingfishers possibly an otter sighting beavers herons eagles os- preys hawks and more. Be- cause of places with names like Skinny Dippers Cover Cocktail Cove Bohemian Bay Pirates Cove The Ba- hamas The Sand Bar that await discovery and gentle use. Because of programs like those offered by Schu- lar that introduce visitors to gold panning bats stream ecology snakes beavers and more at the State Park. Because of brilliant sunrises that greet anglers making their first cast of the day and winter sunsets that can take your breath away. Because of plenty of flat water and clear clean coves for water- sports paddling and boat- ing. Because of people like Doug Smith of the LACA Jeff Martin of the LABP and Ann Heidig of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee tirelessly looking out for the lake. Because of the call of a loon on a gray winter after- noon that makes you thank- ful for the solitude of the off season. Theres so much to love here that with managed and careful stewardship from those that step up to the task Lake Anna should be desirable for years to come. While it might not be much of a secret anymore it is held sacred to many. LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 15 On Lake Anna at High Point Marina Open Sat. Sun. 930-5 540.894.3540 Outfitters 12 Different T-Shirt Designs We Sell Rent Kayaks Canoes Paddleboards Paddleboats Decorative Signs Great selection of LKA gifts Intersection Realignment Paddleboard Yoga Classes Every Sat. Sun. am Hawkins Creek Construction Lake Farm Home Rudy Goodman 540.894.3668 Land Clearing Brush Hogging Eco-Friendly Tree Brush Removal Driveway Repair Installation RipRap Retaining Walls New Yard Installation or Regrade Drain Culvert Installation Maintenance We are licensed insured. No Job Is Too Small Now offering low cost options to conventional land clearing. Call today Watsons turn lane on Route 208 to improve safety at the inter- section. It will also widen the southeast quadrant of the intersection to accom- modate the offset turn lane in an effort to improve the sight distance for vehicles turning from Route 208 and assist southbound Route 522 motorists to discern whether oncoming traffic is turning or traveling straight through the intersection. Additionally VDOT plans to install advance warning signs on Route 522 to alert motorists of the upcom- ing intersection as well as install a stop ahead sign and two-direction arrow sign on Route 208 just east of the intersection alerting drivers to prepare to stop and look for oncoming traf- fic in both directions. Towsey does not feel this is enough. I feel like a stop light and reduced speed is the most common sense approach to the problems. Although all safety improvements are welcomed the current VDOT recommendations are based on the study com- pleted back in 2010. A stop light will make the traffic flow so much easier says Towsey. Ash Dickinson is a third generation owner of Dick- insons Store. He and his family have several con- cerns not only for his pa- trons and business but for continued from 7 all local businesses as well. I want visitors to the area to feel safe so they will come back. says Dicken- son. We need to control the flow of traffic and right now it is very disorganized. Many drivers cut through our parking lot to try to save time at the intersection and this honestly makes it very challenging at times. I want my customers and em- ployees to feel comfortable. We need a traffic light. Ive witnessed too many acci- dents. Growth in the Lake Anna area is on a constant in- crease. The problems at the Wares Crossroads intersec- tion as well as other heavily traveled areas around Lake Anna are not going away. In an effort to spread word of the communites concern with safety Schweikart created a Face Book page called BringaLighttoRt 208Rt522. With over 400 followers this page has been a sounding board for information and concern. Local resident Donny Em- bry is quoted as saying Its just putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound referring to VDOTs current plans. This seems to be a consensus of many folks around the lake. What do you think You can make your concerns known by contacting Rob- ert Strevell with VDOT at 540 829-7546. - Tina Schweikart VDOT Residency Administrator Joel DeNunzio with the realignment plan for Wares Cross- roads during a recent public meeting. BAKER Lawncare 540.894.9408 Give us your lawn and well make you look good Commercial Residential American- Owned Operated Free Estimates MULCH TOPSOIL STONE YARD LAKE ANNA 540.895.0006 MINE RUN STORE 540.854.7703 Let Us Help You With Your Home Project Quality MulchesTopsoil Gravel Natural Landscaping Stone Pavers Wall Block Artificial Veneer Stone LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 16 did you knowLAKE ANNA HISTORY TRIVIA Have you ever wondered about road names around the lake How they received their names is often fascinating and historically reveal- ing. The lake region has families that were here before impoundment. Some are still living on homeplaces some have passed away or moved on. Their legacies though are the road creek and cove names around the lake. We did a little digging to bring you some of the background of these. Many years ago families used ex- isting trails and paths as they migrat- ed further inland from the Virginia shoreline. Then as communities developed and commerce grew the road system evolved into its present state. Roads were often named ac- cording to certain landmarks or to the families residing nearby. For instance in the Lake Anna area of Spotsylvania County there are several roads carrying the name of Brooks - Alva Brooks Lane Elnora Brooks Lane and Randolph Brooks Lane. These roads are off Route 655 which is known as Ridge Rd. In ad- dition Grand Brooks Road Route 721 runs north off route 601 just a short distance from its intersection with Route 655. According to the census records many Brooks fami- lies have resided in this area since the early-mid 1800s. Several Brooks family cemeteries are located along Route 655. For many years the road leading to Lake Anna State Park Route 601 has been known as Lawyers Road. According to Virginia Johnson in an article at it is believed that Lawyers Road traces its name back to the 18th century and a pair of lawyers bearing the sur- name of Lewis. Many Lewis family members re sided in the western part of Spot- sylvania County. Zachary Lewis 1702-1765 owned a plantation known as Bel-Air. He served as the Kings attorney and represented the Kings interest in legal matters. Zach- arys son John Lewis 1729-1780 was an attorney as well and Zachary and John would travel Route 601 to the Orange County courthouse. Zachary Lewis was a firm believer in the strictures of colonial rule but another of his sons also named Zach- ary 1731-1803 would become part of the rebel cause as would his other son John. Zachary the younger be- came part of George Washingtons command at Old Fort Cumberland and later he would again be at Wash- ingtons side during the American Revolution. The Lewis descendants included among others General Lewis Lit- tlepage. Lewis Littlepage was born in 1762 to Elizabeth Betty Lewis daughter of Zachary Lewis II and James Littlepage at South Wales a 4000-acre plantation located in Ha- nover County which had been es- tablished by his ancestors in the mid 1600s. James Littlepage died in 1766 and the South Wales plantation was sold to pay the family debts. Elizabeth Lit- tlepage then moved to Spotsylvania County to live with her brother and in 1774 she married Lewis Holladay of the Bellefonte mansion which was located on Northeast Creek in south- western Spotsylvania County. The Bellefonte Plantation was built in 1702 by John Holladay and his wife Elizabeth. John Holladay was a Captain of the Virginia Rangers of Spotsylvania County. Informa- tion found on indi- cates that John Holladay received the property as a grant for his service as a Virginia Ranger that the property remained in the Holladay family until after the Civil War and that a family cemetery is located within a rock wall installed in 1922 behind the remains The home at the Holladay Mill Bridge on Rt. 719 in the North Anna River branch of the lake was part of a mill operated in the 1800s. The Names They Leave Behind... Alva Brooks Lane. BY LIBBY HAYES LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 17 of the main house. After his mothers marriage Lewis Littlepage lived with relatives attend- ed the College of William and Mary travelled to France and Spain and became an advisor to the last King of Poland Stanisaw August Poni- atowski. Lewis returned to Virginia in 1801 and died in 1802 leaving the bulk of his estate to his half-brother Waller Holladay. Waller soon after married his first cousin Huldah Fontaine Lewis and together they raised thirteen children. In 1806 and with his inheritance from Lewis Littlepage Waller built Pros- pect Hill for his growing family. The National Register of Historic Places notes that Prospect Hill survives as one of Spotsylvanias best-preserved 19th century plantation dwellings. Prospect Hill is now known as the Littlepage Inn. Zachary Lewis II had three sons. John Lewis 1784-1858 the middle son according to an article by Virgin- ia Johnson at ran a young mens preparatory school at the BelAir Plantation which later became known as the Llangollen school. Ms. Johnson also told LT that although no battles were fought in the immediate area surrounding Law- yers Road the road itself was a val- ued thoroughfare for both armies. Union General Philip Sheridan and his cavalry rode west on Lawyers Road toward the Battle of Trevilians in neighboring Louisa County. After that battle the Union army traveled eastward on Lawyers Road accom- panied by more than a thousand lib- erated slaves. Confederate cavalry followed and many of its horses per- ished in the extreme summer heat. In addition she notes that the part of Route 601 that continues after in- tersecting with Courthouse Road Rt. 208 is called Lewiston Road which is a further testament to the many Lewis family members living in the area. Another well-known Lake Anna landmark exists close to Hailey Mill Road off Ridge Road in the back of Pigeon Run. Named for Haileys gristmill that ground corn from 1857 to 1889 the road connects to Lawyers Road and comes within 100 yards of the old mill dam in the back of the creek. Visitors can access the site from the Mill Pond Trail at the State Park. This .8 mile trail terminates at a historical marker sign explaning that the rocks seen in the water were part of Hailey Mill where people came from all over to grind their corn. The mill was part of Pigeon Plantation named Glenora after the Civil War. 540.894.0215 Auto Glass Specialist What remains of the Hailey Mill Dam in the back of Pigeon Run at the end of the Mill Pond Trail. fun to At the end of a great lake day what else is see do in Louisa TM MOWINGTRIMMING SPRING FALL AERATION MULCHING FERTILIZING LANDSCAPING LEAF REMOVAL POWER WASHING DOCKS DECK STAINING FREE ESTIMATES INSURED AND BONDED 540.894.0706 804.402.0263 LKALAWNCAREGMAIL.COM POWER WASHING EXPERTS Your Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VA Auto Glass Repairs TableTops Mirrors Windows Virginia Glassman GV 540 894.8500 Mobile Service 1904 Davis Hwy. Mineral LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 18 eatdrinkRESTAURANT REVIEW TThere are few places to eat on the water at Lake Anna that offer the big three when it comes to dining experi- ences 1 atmosphere 2 food and 3 service. Anna Cabana is one option youll want to try this season that has a win- ning combination of these important restaurant factors. Located about 50 yards from the water just inside the east shore of Sturgeon Creek in the mid lake region Anna Cabana offers diners that ar- rive by water free dockage. There are also a limited num- ber of parking places on land accessed by Rt. 601 and then Lewiston Road and finally Boggs Drive. This is currently an outdoor dining venue that seats about 30 on a deck overlooking the lake that offers an outstand- ing sunset view. The land be- tween the deck and the lake is a manicured lawn with more picnic tables cornhole and plenty of room for the kids to frolic and let off some steam before dinner. Anna Cabana is perfect for couples looking to enjoy a romantic evening out on the boat with dinner and a sunset as well as for families looking for a welcoming place that of- fers an affordable meal. When its time to order youll find the menu offers a number of recognizable appetizers and entrees with funny names. The crab dip is outstanding and an LKA Must-Do if you want to have a pre-meal snack. Porkys Na- chos are new this year and are a hearty mish-mash of pulled pork BBQ and the standard nacho ingredients. The rest of the menu includes sandwiches and entrees. New this year is the California Cowboy a chicken salad sandwich with a drizzle of honey topped with tomato bacon and avocado. The Big Bubba Burger is also new and quickly attaining legendary LKA status. When it arrives after a long day of wakesurf- ing you find a beefy offering that features two beef patties 11 oz. total topped with lettuce tomato pickels and your choice of cheeses. The buttermilk bird sandwich is another new choice featuring a buttermilk deep fried chick- en breast with pepper jack cheese slaw cabbage and pickles. The crab cake sand- wich is one of the top sellers at the restaurant. Entrees include a flat iron steak marinated chicken thighs a country fried steak Maryland crab cakes a local favorite the shrimp and crab cake combo a fish of the day and steamed hard shell crabs new this season. Anna Cabanas drink menu is equally quirky offering se- lections like the Cabana Rita a variation of the margarita the Orange Crush a Cabana Cooler The Speedboat Bac- ardi 151 Malibu Rum and fresh pineapple the Little Dingy Makers Mark and ginger ale a Banana Ca- bana a Barracuda Bull and sangria. Craft beers are offered on tap and vary from month to month. Shock Top and Dev- ils Backbone seem to be in stock regularly as well as the usual domestic fare. Lake Anna Life has visited Anna Cabana several times this year. Weve found the wait staff extremely attentive and enjoyed visiting with the restaurant manager Joe Mes- sett each time. The atmo- sphere is laid back huge fans keep you cool and its great to dine al fresco style. Dont go to the Cabana expecting finery. Do go to enjoy a cornerstone of Lake Anna Life and an amazing sunset meal. When the new addition is built we think it will become a favorite local hangout all year. Hearty eaters will want to try the new Big Bubba Burger. Hot crabs are now available by the dozen. Outdoor Waterside Dining Dock Access For Boaters Open 7 Days AWeekYear Round 200 BoardwalkWay MineralVA 23117 540.894.5011 HOT CRABS Tavern On The Rail 540.872.RAIL Join Us For Fine Food Atmosphere More. Brunch 11-230 Dinner 5-9 Th-Fr-Sat Menu at Reservations Recommended 81 Tavern Rd Mineral VA Want to advertise in Lake Anna Life Times Email for information. LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 19 eatdrinkDINING GUIDE The Anna Cabana cel- ebrates eight years in busi- ness this Fourth of July. The owners are Chris Pugh and Greg Hartle and the General Manager is Joe Messett. Joe is the face of the restaurant and the die- hard Redskin fan you often see talking to customers. Pugh recently told LF Greg are I are more behind the scenes. Joe makes ev- erything happen. Pugh and Hartle are ex- panding the restaurant this fall with a 700 square foot dining roombar addition that will enable them to op- erate year round. Brunch will be offered on weekends in the new ad- dition and it will provide shelter for boaters during summer thunderstorms. We want a place for lo- cals to hang out during the off-season after the crowds Anna Cabana Planning Expansion Brings The Cow To You Leave the goodies to our expert staff.... cupcakes cakes ice cream cakes WHO WANTS SOFT SERVE AT THEIR PARTY We cater birthdays family reunions open houses car shows weddings and more at your location Call 540.854.4387 to book your event now or email us at 200 Lake Front Drive Suite 101 Mineral VA 23117 Lake Anna 208 Bridge 540-895-5285 billikensbbqcompany.netmenu BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Pulled Chicken BBQ Beef Brisket BBQ Spare Ribs BBQ Ham Steaks BBQ Smoked Sausage Tims Jet Ski Poker Run Approaching Whats New At Tavern On The Rail of summer have gone. Thus we are working on a customer appreciation pro- gram Pugh noted. Anna Cabana will be open all year after the addition is finished. During the off-sea- son they will be open Fri- day through Sunday with a Waterfront Brunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Dur- ing the season we are open Tuesday through Sunday. Longtime Tims Manager Amy Riggleman told LT that Tims On Lake Annas annual Jet Ski Poker run will be held Saturday July 25. Participants are invited to enjoy a breakfast buffet at 830 am at Tims. There will be mandatory Cap- tains Meeting at 1015 am and departure is scheduled for 1030 am. Riders will pick up cards along the way to see who has the high hand at the end of the day. Past stops have included Anna Cabana The No Wake Zone Dukes Creek Marina Lake Anna Outfit- ters at High Point Marina. Go to TimsLakeAnna for details. Brunch is a popular word around the lake with LKAers late night week- ends and active days. Even if you wanted to enjoy this cross between breakfast and lunch it was difficult to lo- cate a restaurant serving it. Now that Tavern On The Rail is serving brunch from 11-230 Thursday Fri- day and Saturdays there his hope for the late risers among you. Melody and Kenny Bow- ers have created a selection of tasty brunch favorites including sandwiches a crispy chicken and bacon sandwich with provolone cheese on a toasted bun the classic BLT a classic club with turkey bacon ham cheese lettuce tomato and mayonnaise the Tavern Smokehouse burger - a 14 pound burger topped with grilled mushrooms and on- ions pepper bacon and pro- volone cheese and smoky barbeque sauce. Theres also a homemade crab cake sandwich - backfin crab meat with no fillers and a classic Rueben with pas- trami Swiss cheese and sauerkraut with thousand island dressing grilled on rye bread. On the breakfast side you may chooose from but- termilk pancakes and your choice of meat a large ham and cheese omelet with home fries and toast eggs Chesapeake - poached eggs grilled asparagus lump grab meat topped with hollandaise sauce on English muffins eggs Benedict with ham or ba- con and wilted spinach on English muffins and topped with hollandaise sauce fish-n-chips - golden fried flounder and fries country style fried steak topped with pepper gravy served with veggies and mashed potatoes and fresh salads topped with cran- berries fresh apple slices feta cheese crumbs toasted pecans and your choice of chicken or chilled shrimp. B r e a k f a s t L u n c h D i n n e r ATM - Exxon Fuel Beer - Wine Minnows - Coffee Fishing Supplies Newpapers 540.872.3275Call Ahead Orders Welcome LKA Wear 5224 Kentucky Springs Rd Bumpass VA 23024 NEW FOR 2015 WATERFRONT DINING AMAZING SUNSET VIEW TUESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY FOR LUNCH DINNER 540 895.4022 CRABS BURGERS CHICKEN BBQ frequent live music daily specials craft beer LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 20 lake lifeCALENDAR OF EVENTS Every Monday Evening Open Mic Night from 7 to 930 pm at Tims On Lake Anna. Please call 540.894.5001. Every Saturday Sunday Morning Paddleboard Yoga from 8a to 9a at Rocky Branch Campground with Lake Anna Outfitters and Twig Yoga. Bring your own SUP or rent one. Please register at www.twigyoga. com June 13 Here Comes Summer In The Vineyard from 6 to 10 pm at Lake Anna Winery. Welcome the summer out on our lawn and dance into the night. 15 Fee includes music with Spectrum. This will be the PARTY to Top all PARTIES souvenir wine glass and tasting. All of your music favorites. No online reser- vations after 5pm on the previous day. Please call 540.895.5085. June 13 Saturday in the Square at Louisa Court- house Square 6 to 8 pm. Outdoor summer concert series in Louisas downtown Courthouse Square. A vari- ety of music food and fun is offered at this family-friendly event. June 13 National Get Out- doors Day - Paddle Ware Creek and March on the Meadow from 9 am to noon at Lake Anna State Park. View the Park from the best vantage point- a canoe Enjoy a peaceful paddle to Ware Creek where well land our boats take short stroll up to explore the unique meadow habitat. Bring your camera to capture the breathtaking vistas of Lake Anna. Weregularly see king fishers lesser green and great blue herons. We might be fortunate enough to spy ospreys or even an Ameri- can bald eagle Bring plenty of water insect repellant comfortable walking shoes sunscreen and a hat. NO flip-flops. Meet at the Visitor Center to ride in our van to the launch site. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required at our Visitor Cen- ter. 5 each. E-mail Ranger Lauri at Lauri.Schulardcr. June 16 Summer Cin- ema The LEGO Movie at Louisa Arts Center. Doors open 630 pm. 3 adults2 children. June 23 Summer Cinema Cars 2 at Louisa Arts Cen- ter. Doors open 630 pm. 3 adults2 children. June 26 Finally Friday Concert at Walton Parkfrom 6 to 8 pm. Join us for this summers concert series at Walton Park in Mineral. Adult beverages may be purchased at all events and feature family-friendly fun June 27 Lake Anna Sunset Concert 530 until sundown at The Pavilion at Anna Point Marina. Enjoy craft beer and Lake Anna Win- ery wine lakeside with your friends as Burnt Orange plays until sunset. Food water soda badminton and cornhole available. Admis- sion is free. No coolers. Come by boat or car. Face- book.comlakeannasunset- concertseries June 29 Finally Friday Concert at Walton Parkfrom 6 to 8 pm. Join us for this summers concert series at Walton Park in Mineral. Adult beverages may be purchased at all events and feature family-friendly fun June 30 Summer Cinema The Incredibles at Louisa Arts Center. Doors open 630 pm. 3 adults2 chil- dren. July 10 Toast To Art at Lou- isa Arts Center. Doors open 630-830 pm. Create your own work of art. All supplies included. 30. to register. July 18 Cajun Zydeco from 6 to 10 pm at Lake Anna Winery. Fireworks are over but the sparks still fly at the winery for live Zydeco music with Zack Smith The Dixie Power Trio and Cajun Fare from Gregorys Grill shrimp and chicken gumbo red beans rice Cajun chicken fried oysters in a special Hot Sauce and blackened fish tacos. 15 fee includes souvenir wine glass and tasting. Reserva- Our Lake Life calendar is open to advertisers and non-profit organizations. Submit your event at LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 21 lake lifeCALENDAR OF EVENTS tions Required. No online reservations after 5pm on the previous day. Please call 540.895.5085. July 25 Lake Anna Sunset Concert 530 until sundown at The Pavilion at Anna Point Marina. Enjoy craft beer and Lake Anna Winery wine lakeside with your friends as Karen Jonas plays until sunset. Food water soda badminton and cornhole available. Admission is free. No coolers. lakeannasunsetconcert- series July 25 Jet Ski Poker Run from Tims On Lake Anna. Please call 540.894.5001. August 1 Caribbean Beach Party from 5 to 10 pm at Lake Anna Winery. Join us along with James River Cooper Grayhaven Mat- taponi and Weston Farms wineries for an evening of great wine exceptional food and Caribbean music.Wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt and dance out on the patio under the stars.Taste wines from all six wineries and kick back with a glass of your favorite. Check www. for details and ticket info.No online reservations after 5pm on the previous day. Please call 540.895.5085. August 22 Lake Anna Sunset Concert 530 until sundown at The Pavilion at Anna Point Marina. Enjoy craft beer and Lake Anna Winery wine lakeside with your friends as Cyberbill- ies play until sunset. Food water soda badminton and cornhole available. Admis- sion is free. No coolers. Come by boat or car. Face- book.comlakeannasunset- concertseries September 5 Last Days Of Summer Jazz from 6 to 10 pm at Lake Anna Winery. Join us at summers end as we wind down the summer season with a tribute to the classics. 15 Fee includes live music with Richmond sensations SPECTRUM wine glass and tasting. No online reservations after 5pm on the previous day. Please call 540.895.5085. October 11 Lake Anna Grapes Grains Fes- tival from Noon to 6 pm at the Christopher Run Campground Event Park. Craft beer and local wine food and gift vendors. Live music. www.lakeannagrape- SD Communications Authorized DealerRetailer 540.223.7533 Call Us Today For LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 22 LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 23 lake anna monsterPAGE Pictured left to right - Anne and Bill Heidig of Lake Anna Winery celebratetheintroductionof theirConcertoMerlotwithsonJeff Kate Bell wine maker Graham Bell and Disjointed Violin artist Jillian Holland June 9. Mike Vogan and Kyle Austin Let Us Count The Ways We Love Lake Anna The opinions expressed in this column do not reflect those of this publication. They are those of the writer and meant to elicit a response from our readers. If youd like to submit an essay for publication please email it to us at Are we loving Lake Anna to death That question brings to mind the issue of crowd- ing. It is easy to think about the number of boats on the water and how hard it is to do relaxed boat- ing on a holiday weekend at Lake Anna. But I would like to consider the proliferation of interest groups not the number of boats. Recently the entire cove next to the State Park was approved to be a No-Wake zone. Clearly the State Park and its supporters are happy to reserve the Bay for protection of shoreline and for certain types of activities such as canoeing. However the bay is public water what right does one interest group the park have to chain off a bay to free access by boaters looking for a placid cove to teach children to ski or wakeboard Developers have long held strong positions around the lake to have few restrictions on every- thing from lot size to what can be built over the water. Competing with them has often been cur- rent residents and county planners whose interest is somewhat different. Recently the sport of wake surfing has drawn the ire of waterfront owners and practitioners of more placid sports like canoeing kayaking and paddle boarding. Anglers vs those towing tubes and skis or boards. Farmers vs those who dont like swim- ming with cows in the water. Dominion vs those wanting free access to the warm side or a bigger dock. Seaplanes and boats on the water. Residents vs day users. Folks who like a day on the water without intrusion of water police vs those who are concerned about the lack of speed limits and noise limits on the water. Some lakes restrict different kinds of users to different times of the day. Some lakes allow only counterclockwise rotation for towing sports. At Smith Mountain Lake they do boat density counts to inform management of crowding. I hope we are not there yet but it seems to be coming. The lake should provide opportunity for the wid- est range of users for as long as possible. Already some users are being crowded off the lake or re- stricted to non-weekend days. But we are still in an in-between time in which the problem is not that we have too many boats it is that we have too little respect for folks who have different interests than our own. Dominion owns the lake bottom. The public owns the lake. The problem is that some of the public seems to treat it as their own private lake to do as they please versus a shared resource. We may not be loving the lake to death but we are squeezing it hard. We can all help. It will help if we all stay clear of docks and people fishing. It will help if we are willing to take our sport to areas of the lake where it can be done with minimum in- trusion. It will help if we dont try to canoe across a busy channel. It will help if we all recognize that the lake is being pulled many ways by a grow- ing list of interest groups the lake isnt getting any bigger and they have as much a right to a public resource as we do. Doug Smith President Lake Anna Civic Association Lake Anna is revered for so many qualities its pristine beauty idyllic farmland visible from its shores abundant fish and wildlife relaxes life- style bright starlit nights and the list goes on an on. These qualities attracted us to Lake Anna and play a huge role in everything we love about liv- ing here. Clearly none of us want to lose that. So by promoting Lake Anna and attracting visitors and new residents are we loving it to death and destroying its best features Should we shut the gates and keep Lake Anna as Virginias Best Kept Secret so it doesnt get spoiled for its current residents As attractive as that may seem it would not be right to attempt to freeze ourselves in time in order to preserve a great place. Would you want to see Food Lion close its doors and revert back to the days when we didnt have a conveniently located grocery store How about waving a wand and making Asian Cafe Billikens BBQ our new dentist office and great veterinarian all disappear Will that keep Lake Anna a great place to live No. I totally understand the desire to preserve all that is wonderful about our lake and our lifestyle. The answer should be to proceed very very care- fully. For eons there have been people around the globe who view change as a bad thing. Progress does not have to be viewed as an enemy invasion and should not be treated as such. Nor should it be a free for all anything goes attitude. It is incumbent upon us to clearly identify and define what our vision is for the future of Lake Anna. What characteristics and qualities should we be preserving and protecting and what style and pace of growth will enhance our community over the long term We need a plan We can institute and implement smart growth according to a well thought out master plan. That should be our call to action We will fail if our plan is try to stop change. We can make the Lake Anna life we love even greater if we love it enough to carefully guide it into the future. Lets love it for life. Linda Fosdick Realtor Dockside Realty OPINION LAKE ANNA GLITTERATI LensHensphoto Two Lake Anna Sunset Concert attendeesthatfoundtheLKA Outfitters apparel display Ingrid and Tom Dupree oversee the Lake Anna Buiness Partner- ships Stuff The SUV Louisa Food Bank program held at this years Spring Festival. winners of the 2015 Lake Anna Cornhole Open with Lake Anna Business Partnership Vice President Jeff Martin. LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 24 Please Join Us For Our Monthly Lake Anna 101 Sessions Real Estate Info On-The-WaterTours For more info visit Dockside Realty Lake AnnaVirginia HIGH POINT 4635 Courthouse Rd. MineralVA 23117 540.895.9400 BOARDWALK AT LAKE ANNA 200 Boardwalk Way Suite D MineralVA 23117 540.894.9300 NEW BRIDGE LANDING 11006 Kentucky Springs Rd. MineralVA 23117 540.894.9400 HOMES - LAND - INVESTMENT PROPERTIES VACATION RENTALS Three Area Locations LakeAnnaLifeTimesJuneJuly2015 25