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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 4 LAKE ANNAlife times lake letters Publisher Woods Waters Publishing LC Editor-In-Chief C.C. McCotter Managing Editor Christine McCotter Editorial Staff Writers Kate Elim Libby Hayes Bob King Ashley Newton Advertising Senior Account Representative Susan Vandervliet Account Representative Bob King Restaurant Account Representative Ashley Newton Advertising Design Woods Waters Publishing LC Lake Anna Life Monthly is published six times a year DecemberJanuary FebruaryMarch AprilMay June July AugustSeptember OctoberNovember Decem- berJanuary. It is distributed on newsstands around the Lake Anna region and inserted into other publica- tions. The electronic version can be viewed at www. Subcriptions are available for 30 per year media mail or 45 per year first class mail. We invite the submission of exclusive articles and cannot be responsible to the return of unsolicited works. 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral VA 23117. News tip and ad- vertising inquiry email Office phone 540.894.5960. All Lake Anna Monster submis- sions or Letters From The Lake must be signed with return address. Website Email Our Policies All communications for print whether by mail text or email must be signed by the person submit- ting the letter and include a phone numberaddress where the person can be reached. We reserve the right to edit for grammar. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily re- flect those of the Publisher or Editor merely those of our readers. Please submit all electronic correspondence and advertising inquiry to lkalife and all mail to Lake Anna Life 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral Va 23117. Letter From The Editor Welcome to the first edition of Lake Anna Life Times. This publica- tion is the product of local people working with local businesses to create a community media platform that permits the promotion of the Lake Anna area and its businesses. Our mission is to inform entertain and educate our readers. To function as a community forum requires great responsibility. We will do our best to bring you objective news as well as opinion the latter will be clearly delineated as such and strive to pro- mote our advertisers to our utmost ability using this print edition an electronic edition and all the social media tools available. We will publish six times in 2015 AprilMay JuneJuly August Sep- tember OctoberNovember Decem- berJanuary and FebruaryMarch. If you have a news tip please see our contact information to the left and feel free to keep in touch. As the Lake Anna community con- tinues to grow we hope to grow with it so please let others know what you read in Lake Anna Life Times. Enjoy the Lake Anna life Copyright by Woods Waters Publishing LC 2015. All rights reserved. Printed on recycled newsprint. LKA is a licensed trademark used with permission. facebook.comlakeannalife lkalife correspondence Find The Lake Anna Monster... Its hidden somewhere in this issue. Guess right and be entered to win a 15 LKA Outfitters gift certificate. Email your guess to us at 540-967-1514 - Land Surveying - 540-967-1499 - Aerial Mapping - Surveying Lake Anna Area Since Before The Lake Boundary Surveys Topographic Surveys Family Divisions Subdivisions Construction Staking GPS Control Aerial Mapping Orthophotos