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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 18 eatdrinkDINING GUIDE AAside from Lake Anna and all of its attrac- tions the area has a wide va- riety of local avors. One of the most noted restaurants in the area is Tims at the Lake. If youve never been to Tims by car or by boat you are missing out. Tims has options for nearly everyones tastes. If youre in to seafood look no further. Sandwiches are your thing Go for their pulled-pork. Looking for something bigger but not- so-fishy Their steaks are supreme. Two of their best meals on the Tims menu are the Surf and Turf and the Broiled Riverside Platter. The Surf and Turf includes a hefty piece of NewYork strip with a choice of seafood. Try it with the large buttery shrimp and your mouth will thank you. The fried buttery shrimp is avorful with the perfect amount of batter to accent the avors crispy enough to crunch on the outside but perfectly soft on the inside. The Broiled Riverside Plat- ter comes with a piece of cod fish oysters scallops a crab cake hush puppies tar- tar sauce and cocktail sauce. The platter is an intensely satisfying variety of broiled seafood joy. Your taste buds will delight with the variety of bold avors accented by the lemon slices provided for avoring. The seasonings are avorful but dont overpow- er the natural seafood avors. As for sides it is best to stick with their made-in-house options because they taste like a true southern mama made them just for you. Tims makes hushpup- pies potato salad coleslaw and baked beans with ba- con in house. Theyre the perfect sides to comple- ment any meal you choose. You cant go wrong with any choice you make how- ever. You cant go wrong with their desserts either. Tims cheesecake is a thick creamy slice of Heaven. However if youre more of an ice cream and soda kind of person ask for the Orange Dreamsicle. Its not on the menu but they will make it if you ask. The Orange Dream- sicle is like a childhood fa- vorite root beer oat but it is made with orange soda. It comes in a large glass and tastes like back in the day when the only thing you wor- ried about was getting home before the street lights came on. Its an LKA Must-Do during the hot summers on the lake. If youre looking for a more adult treat try their signature drinks or one of the local brews. In the winter months try the apple pie mixed drink. Its a bold cinnamon avor with apple under- tones to keep you warm. The Killer Driller is the perfect beachy drink. Its sweet and fruity with a serious kick. The turquoise color and intense avors are perfect for a summer on the lake. In a nutshell Tims is one of the best restaurants to visit at Lake Anna. If youre look- ing for quality food variety and friendly service and an energetic environment this is the place to be. Ashley Newton Tims fish tacos are a local favorite. Tims broiled Riverside Platter ordered by author. Outdoor Waterside Dining Dock Access For Boaters Open 7 Days AWeekYear Round 200 BoardwalkWay MineralVA 23117 540.894.5011 HOT CRABS Tavern On The Rail 540.872.RAIL TavernTavern Join Us For Fine Food Atmosphere More. On The Rail Brunch 11-230 Dinner 5-9 Th-Fr-Sat Join UsJoin UsJoin Us Menu at Th-Fr-SatTh-Fr-Sat Reservations Recommended 540.872.RAIL RecommendedRecommended 81 Tavern Rd Mineral VA Want to advertise in Lake Anna Life Times Email for information.