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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 17 to process stream gravels. Gold is heavy so it typically sinks when ag- itated. The art of gold prospecting is to figure out where gold may have settled during a storm or ood and then work the gravels to see if its near the surface or lying directly on bedrock. In accordance with Virginia law anyone may prospect in the creek below the ordinary high water mark by accessing the water from a pub- lic access point the lake or the Rt. 522 bridge. The land surrounding the creek above the ordinary high water mark is private property. Any person upon the land outside the or- dinary high water mark of the creek is trespassing. Contrary Creek does not have a great deal of water in it and the or- dinary or normal high water mark is not that high for this creek so knowing the legal boundaries is im- portant. For more information about the official Contrary Creek Pros- pecting Lease visit www.ccprospec- Historic Homes One of the oldest and most historic homes in Louisa County known as Bear Castle is located on the shores of Lake Anna. At one time it was a thousand-acre farm and was the 1743 birthplace of Dabney Carr one of Thomas Jeffersons closest friends and his brother-in-law. The majority of the Bear Castle farmland was sold over the years and portions likely lie within the lake. According to www.piedmontva- Dabney Carr became a lawyer and represented Louisa in the House of Burgesses. Mr. Carr was a major force behind the Com- mittee of Correspondence which was the key to uniting the colonies against British rule. Mr. Carr died suddenly of a fever at age thirty on May 16 1773 and was the first per- son buried at Monticello. The Lake Anna Castle Another of the oldest homes in Louisa County located at Lake Anna is Jerdone Castle. Jerdone Castle is a Virginia Historic Land- mark and registered on the U.S. Na- tional Register of Historical Places which reports that the oldest section of Jerdone Castle was built ca. 1745 by Francis Jerdone who immigrated to Louisa County from Scotland in 1740. A good portion of Jerdone Castles original 1100 acres is sub- merged under Lake Anna. Bumpass According to Wikipedia most of Lake Anna lies within the unincor- porated community of Bumpass which is located primarily in Louisa County but also covers a small por- tion of Spotsylvania and Hanover Counties. At one time the Bump- ass area supported a chicken coop factory a barrel stave mill and an ice cream spoon factory and was served by the Chesapeake Ohio Railroad. Ms. Eugenia Bumpass is currently 100 years old and resides in Mineral. 540.894.0215 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 Auto Glass Specialist The Jerdone Castle home as it appeared in 1950. Photo courtesy of the Louisa County Historical Society. fun to At the end of a great lake day what else is see do in Louisa TM MOWINGTRIMMING SPRING FALL AERATION MULCHING FERTILIZING LANDSCAPING LEAF REMOVAL POWER WASHING DOCKS DECK STAINING FREE ESTIMATES INSURED AND BONDED 540.894.0706 804.402.0263 LKALAWNCAREGMAIL.COM POWER WASHING EXPERTS Your Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VA Auto Glass Repairs TableTops Mirrors Windows Virginia Your Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VAYour Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VAYour Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VAYour Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VA VirginiaVirginiaVirginiaVirginia Glassman GGGGGGGGGV Auto Glass Specialist 540 894.8500 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 17 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 Auto Glass Specialist Mobile Service 1904 Davis Hwy. Mineral