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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 14 StateOfLake Anna continued Lake Anna commercial development took a big step forward with the opening of Food Lion at New Bridge Landing. Lake Anna Life was there at the grand opening where customers lined up for a free bag of groceries. folks dont like it. Finally when ordinances differ enforcement breaks down. Sherriffs offices operate under an agreement that allows them to patrol and write tickets anywhere on the lake. But Louisa cannot write a ticket for a Spotsylvania-only rule so differing rules end up not enforced. Policies become confusing. I am concerned about our seemingly random lurch into the future. We have lots of people all with good intentions seeing a piece of the elephant. We need to restructure the Lake Anna Advisory Committee. It needs staff and resources. It needs to be tasked with re- viewing new developments and proposals from a Lake Anna perspective. It needs to be able to develop pro- posals and get things done not just react. It needs to pursue and assist in get- ting the kind of commercial development we need not just what pops up. It needs to advocate for public ser- vices that we need Smith told LT recently. He believes county review for navigation buoys should be skipped and that author- ity given to LAAC to man- age all buoys on the water. Years ago key leaders in the three counties got to- gether and developed the Lake Anna Special Area Plan. It is out of date and it was never adopted by the counties. Smith says resi- dents should task LAAC to develop a new strategic guide that becomes a part of the Comprehensive Plan of all three counties. Task LAAC to develop written policies and pro- cedures and create its own web site and make it a hub for Lake Anna informa- tion even change its name to make it more than advi- sory. I am proud of what the Lake Anna Civic Associa- tion has accomplished over the years. I am proud of how we have battled misin- formation and worked with Dominion and develop- ers to make improvements in development plans and permit proposals. We have resisted the pressure to fight everything new and taken heat for it. We will continue to make our concerns known and fill in the gaps in boater safety water quality and commu- nication but we are a non- profit organization with no real authority. Its time in the life of the lake to take a bold step into the future. The counties made a good start when they created the Advisory Committee but they gave it no real author- ity gave it no funding no staff and no direction. Its time to fix that.