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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 13 BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS DELIVER QUALITY WE DELIVER QUALITY DELIVER QUALITY Plus Paints Tool Rental and Composite Deck Dock Products Louisa And Spotsylvania Leaders Envision Bright Future For The Lake We caught up with Spot- sylvania County Livings- ton District Supervisor Anne Heidig and asked her some questions about the State of Lake Anna... How well do you think the current infrastructure roads waste removal rerescue water is serv- ing Lake Anna. Thats difficult to an- swer. The roads going to the State Park and Rt. 208 are designed to handle the traffic. But theres no money to improve side roads. The Brokenburg and Belmont Fire Res- cue stations have 247 capabilities and they are serving the Lake Anna area as well as possible. One thing that is a concern to me is that although we have rental homes if we want to make Lake Anna a tourist destination if we want it to be the really very few lodging options. We dont want to over- crowd the lake or damage it though. Whatisthebiggestchange coming to the Lake Anna in 5-10 years I have no idea. Most of the growth going on is on the Louisa side. Plans for additional developments on the Spotsy side thats something well have to keep an eye on. I dont see any major changes in the next 5-10 year range at this point. How do you see the Lake Anna Advisory Commit- tee helping the County to shape the future of Lake Anna Im not really sure. You have to be care- ful between rights of the County on land use rights. LAAC has never been asked to comment on development plans. Im not sure it ever will but it is an advisory com- mittee. It is working cur- rently on coordination between the three lake counties on ordinances and hydrilla. What is Spotsylvanias long-term plangoal for the Lake Anna region I have requested our utilities and planning people to come up with a plan. I dont know when it will be done though. How do see the Point Seanna community PUD application fairing I have some questions about it particularly the waste treatment. As- suming the developer can answer these ques- tions and people accept what they are planning I think it will go through eventually. People need to be comfortable with them before it moves forward. Im keeping an eye on the concerns of the citizens. Do you have any nal comments My overall feeling is that Lake Anna is a trea- sure in Spotsylvania that can become a well-man- aged tourist destination but we need to protect it or we can loose it all. Why should we care Well for one development is not happening in a consistent and planned fashion. After years of development on acre lots we now have cluster development town- houses condominiums and two hotels in the works. Current zoning structures cannot effectively manage density on the waterfront. Development is occurring with no opportunity for in- put from folks just across the narrow lake passage because it is in a different county. Second in the absence of overall planning and failure of counties to invest in pub- lic water and sewer at the lake new developments are installing individual private sewage treatment plants and water treatment fa- cilities. Treatment in these plants often does not reach the levels of treatment in a large public plant and with diversified management can have a higher risk of failure. Individual septic systems on acre lots are aging and will begin to fail in larger numbers. Even while op- erating properly they are not removing nitrates and other contaminants that are reaching the lake and con- tributing to plant growth. Eventually there will be a day of reckoning. Third with no central point of communication rumors and misinforma- tion have reached stagger- ing levels. There are folks who still believe the lake is a stagnant pond with con- taminants building up de- spite 50 billion gallons of water passing through the lake each year. There are folks who be- lieve that Dominion owns the lake and should have final say on all things Lake Anna despite the fact that it is a part of the Virginia sys- tem of public waters OK not the warm side. There are folks who think they can stop development if enough continued on page 14 Louisa County Administrator Christian Goodwin center spoke to the Lake Anna Business Partner- ship LABP about the future of Lake Anna at a recent LABP meeting. Also pictured from left to right Louisa Arts Center LAC coordinator Sheryl Eubank Vice President of the Lake Anna Business Partnership Jeff MartinLABPboardmemberDanMoskowitzand LABP president C.C. McCotter. Lake Anna StateOf Ann Heidig