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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 12 StateOfLake Anna The new carboat wash located at Wares Crossroads intersection of Rt. 522 and Rt. 208. Right - Lake Anna resident James Schweikart and his daughter Taylor review the Rt. 208 VDOT plan presented by Joel DeNunzio at the April 26 LABP Town Hall Meeting with Stephanie Koren. Smith president of the Lake Anna Civic Associa- tion LACA for his view on the Whos In Charge question. Smith has been LACA president for the past four years and was vice-presi- dent and treasurer before that. He was also the chair- man of the Louisa County Water Authority and trea- surer of the Louisa County Resource Council. Hes well-versed in many things Lake Anna and offerred some insight into existing lake hierchary. There is an old adage that when everyone is respon- sible no one is responsible. We have lots of folks who have a piece of the respon- sibility but I am sorry to say it appears no one is in charge Smith told LT. The lake area resident notes that theVirginia Department of Game Inland Fisheries VDGIF enforces State law on the lake but cannot en- force county codes. Louisa and Spotsylvania County Sheriffs offices patrol the lake on occasion. Water quality is the responsibility of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality but they can only enforce state regulations related to pollu- tion discharges and with- drawals. The Department of Health seems to only care about septic systems that discharge into the ground. The Lake Anna Civic Asso- ciation conducts an exten- sive water quality monitor- ing program to try to fill the gaps in tracking water qual- ity. To build a boat dock you have to get the approval of both Dominion and your county. Louisa regulates by ordinance the size type and location of structures on the water and other shoreline uses. Spotsylvania and Or- ange counties have no rules for structures on the water. Furthermore Smith point- ed out that building codes and zoning rules differ by county. How close can you drive your boat near the shore It depends on what county you are in. Concerned about boater safety The Lake Anna Advisory Com- mittee was created years ago in part to shoulder the legal responsibility for haz- ard and no-wake buoys on the lake oops just the no-wakes at the bridges oops not the no-wakes at the bridges that have been extended like at Hunters Landing and Tims Restau- rant. Those are the respon- sibility of the owners like other private no-wake buoys around the lake. LACA has taken the lead in boater safety and position awareness by installing bridge signs to help people navigate around the lake and printing a feature map to help renters and others find their way. LACA has even created a coalition of Emergency Services orga- nizations around the lake to develop the dock sign ini- tiative to help Emergency Services responders locate emergencies on the water. We could go on but you get the idea. LACA and other citizen groups are fill- ing in the gaps but nobody is in charge. continued see next page