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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 10 StateOf Lake AnnaTakingalookatwherethelakehasbeen andwhereitisgoinginthefuture. by C.C. McCotter and Doug Smith TThe year was 1972. The 1 Bill- board song was The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Roberta Black. The Hustle was taking the country by storm. The top-selling auto was the Chevy Monte Carlo. Richard Nixon was in the White House. Much has changed in the years since including Lake Anna life. This June will mark the 43rd year since Hurricane Agnes inundated the central Virginia region with up to 14 inches of rain and creating Lake Anna. The 17-mile long lake that quickly filled up afterward fea- tured over 225 miles of shoreline and plenty of wooded coves with an average depth of 14 feet. There were 9600 acres of water on the main lake and another 3400 acres behind three dikes called cooling lagoons. Dominion started up North Anna Unit 1 in 1978. Unit 2 came online in 1980. Together they generate 1892 megawatts of electricity and can power 450000 homes. Fishermen found the lake first. They came from all over the region launching their boats from old roads and eventually from the first boat ramp at Sturgeon Creek Marina. Largemouth bass were plentiful and the lakes unofficial mascot Happy Bass was created to help early de- velopers promote lot sales. Waterskiiers came next. The clear clean and warm water meant water- sports could be enjoyed long into the fall. The lake was uncrowded and undeveloped perfect for all day waterskiing and shore lunches. Angler or water-skier those that could afford a second residence bought land and built the first wave of lake homes.Acollection of coun- try stores around the lake and the merchants restaurauntuers shop- keepers of nearby Mineral and Lou- isa did their best to supply the ever- growing population of weekenders discovering and enjoying the lake. By the late 1980s what was once dubbed Central Virginias Best Kept Secret was becoming better known. Only a recession in 1989-91 could slow down the migration to the lake but things picked back up nicely in the Clinton years on into the 2000s. New homes and subdivisions were built and created year after year and Lake Anna changed slowly but surely from one of the least devel- oped regions of Louisa County to where it is now the most densely developed area of the county ac- cording to recent Louisa County data. The Lake Anna community is now served by a Food Lion Vir- ginia ABC store a busy State Park a number of restaurants even a Dollar General store. Water skiing has been suplanted in popularity by wake boarding and wake surfing Weve come a long way from The Hustle. So whos in charge of this aquatic- powered economic train hurtling down the track at 120 mph Is it Louisa County Spotsylvania County Orange County. Perhaps all three counties have a legitimate seat at the planning table Where do business owners fit in to the planning of the future Are citizens voices being heard Lake Anna Life turned to Doug continued on page 12 Aerial view of Elk Creek Bridge by