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LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 1 LAKE ANNA MONSTER AROUND THE LAKE OVERHEARD EATDRINK LAKE LIFE CALENDAR DID YOU KNOW LAKE ANNAS BI-MONTHLY SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENTLAKE ANNAS BI-MONTHLY SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENTLAKE ANNAS BI-MONTHLY SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENT LAKE ANNALAKE ANNAS BI-MONTHLY SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENTLAKE ANNAS BI-MONTHLY SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENTLAKE ANNAS BI-MONTHLY SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENTLAKE ANNAS BI-MONTHLY SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENTLKA AprilMay life times The State Of Lake Anna Our look at how far its come in 43 years and where its going in the near future. TM LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 2 540 895.5085 Join us for one of our special events this season a personal wine tasting or just an evening out with someone special. - Jeff Heidig Lake Anna Winery Visit our website for more great winery weekend events. Weddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun. Lake Anna Business Partnership Weddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun. 5621 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania VA 22551 Great Events... VA Renaissance Faire May 9-June 7 Wknds Only 540 895.5085 Visit our website for more great winery weekend events. Weddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun.Weddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun.Visit our website for moreWeddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun.Visit our website for moreVisit our website for moreWeddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun.Visit our website for moreWeddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun.Visit our website for more 5621 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania VA 22551great winery weekend events.5621 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania VA 22551great winery weekend events. LAKE ANNA WINERY JoinUsOnFacebook n Memorial Day Into Night May 23 Here Comes The Summer June 13 Cajun Zydeco July 18 Carribean Beach Party August 1 n n n LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 3 contentsAprilMay 2015 Vol. 1 Issue 1 overheard 5 around the lake 8 7 fact or fiction real estate news Quote of the Month Photo eat drink18 did you know 16 lake anna monster23 lake life20 calendar of events history fun facts opinion LKA gliteratti reviews news State Of Lake Anna 10special report contents LAKE ANNAlife times around the lake 8 Quote of the Month lake anna monster opinion LKA gliteratti LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 lake anna monster23 lake life20 There is an old adage that when everyone is responsible no one is re- sponsible. We have lots of folks who have a piece of the responsibility but I am sorry to say it appears no one is in charge. Doug Smith p. 12 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 4 LAKE ANNAlife times lake letters Publisher Woods Waters Publishing LC Editor-In-Chief C.C. McCotter Managing Editor Christine McCotter Editorial Staff Writers Kate Elim Libby Hayes Bob King Ashley Newton Advertising Senior Account Representative Susan Vandervliet Account Representative Bob King Restaurant Account Representative Ashley Newton Advertising Design Woods Waters Publishing LC Lake Anna Life Monthly is published six times a year DecemberJanuary FebruaryMarch AprilMay June July AugustSeptember OctoberNovember Decem- berJanuary. It is distributed on newsstands around the Lake Anna region and inserted into other publica- tions. The electronic version can be viewed at www. Subcriptions are available for 30 per year media mail or 45 per year first class mail. We invite the submission of exclusive articles and cannot be responsible to the return of unsolicited works. 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral VA 23117. News tip and ad- vertising inquiry email Office phone 540.894.5960. All Lake Anna Monster submis- sions or Letters From The Lake must be signed with return address. Website Email Our Policies All communications for print whether by mail text or email must be signed by the person submit- ting the letter and include a phone numberaddress where the person can be reached. We reserve the right to edit for grammar. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily re- flect those of the Publisher or Editor merely those of our readers. Please submit all electronic correspondence and advertising inquiry to lkalife and all mail to Lake Anna Life 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral Va 23117. Letter From The Editor Welcome to the first edition of Lake Anna Life Times. This publica- tion is the product of local people working with local businesses to create a community media platform that permits the promotion of the Lake Anna area and its businesses. Our mission is to inform entertain and educate our readers. To function as a community forum requires great responsibility. We will do our best to bring you objective news as well as opinion the latter will be clearly delineated as such and strive to pro- mote our advertisers to our utmost ability using this print edition an electronic edition and all the social media tools available. We will publish six times in 2015 AprilMay JuneJuly August Sep- tember OctoberNovember Decem- berJanuary and FebruaryMarch. If you have a news tip please see our contact information to the left and feel free to keep in touch. As the Lake Anna community con- tinues to grow we hope to grow with it so please let others know what you read in Lake Anna Life Times. Enjoy the Lake Anna life Copyright by Woods Waters Publishing LC 2015. All rights reserved. Printed on recycled newsprint. LKA is a licensed trademark used with permission. facebook.comlakeannalife lkalife correspondence Find The Lake Anna Monster... Its hidden somewhere in this issue. Guess right and be entered to win a 15 LKA Outfitters gift certificate. Email your guess to us at 540-967-1514 - Land Surveying - 540-967-1499 - Aerial Mapping - Surveying Lake Anna Area Since Before The Lake Boundary Surveys Topographic Surveys Family Divisions Subdivisions Construction Staking GPS Control Aerial Mapping Orthophotos LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 5 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Major Developer Planning New Subdivisions For Lake Anna You might have heard about a number of new subdivisions planned for Lake Anna in the coming years. There are several and well be bring- ing you the stories in the coming editions. In this edition we focus on Dave Hunter of Hunter Properties and his vision for several develop- ments around the lake. The Towns of Point Seanna The Towns of Point Seanna is perhaps the most ambitious proj- ect Hunter has in his portfolio. The planned development will feature 81 upscale townhomes that will all have lake frontage along the north side of Schaffers Cove on Pigeon Run. Each home will be approximately 24 wide and 50 deep and feature a two-stall garage and driveway offer- ing extra parking per house. HuntertoldLakeAnnaLifeTimes he has great amenities planned for homeowners as well. There will be a covered boat shelter that will ac- commodate about half of the town- house owners as well as common area slips for the community to use. There will also be beach areas for swimming proposed tennis courts and potentially a small swimming pool. Hunters goal is to leverage his Aerial view of proposed town home development across from Anna Point Marina. Is Hydrilla Back Recently an old friend has shown up again around the lake. Hydrilla a non-native aquatic grass has been observed in sev- eral locations growing in the lake Freshwater Creek Gold- mine Creek and around Stubbs Cove. Though its not yet at an infestational level in fact two of the sites had reduced cover- age from 2013-2014 some are calling for action now before it might spread. Long time LKAers might recall the hydrilla of the late 1980s when it spread throughout the lake causing Dominion to enlist the help of the Virginia Depart- ment of Game Inland Fisher- ies to stock approximately 6185 sterile grass-eating carp the Asian white amur into the cool- ing lagoons in 1994. These fish grazed their way into the main lake eating all the hydrilla along the way and then decimated the lakes watershield lily pads and eel grass. Now over 20 years later these fish are beginning to die off after reaching weights in excess of 60 pounds. Some members of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee LAAC want action taken now to eradicate hydrilla. They in fact had over 100000 granted to them to do just this from the General Assembly back in the early 90s but have not had to use it for that purpose. A win- ter LAAC Hydrilla subcommit- tee meeting was held to discuss the current level of hydrilla with many opinions heard. Paul Bugas Region 4 Aquat- ics Manager of the VDGIF stat- ed in an email to the committee Most folks at the Feb 3 meet- ing agreed on a path forward that involves plant identifica- tion mapping and spot chemi- cal treatment by an approved vendor. For now lets keep stocking grass carp into the cold side out of the discussion and see what summer brings. Lets give our current plan a chance to succeed. DGIF looks forward to working with all of you. A vote taken at the March 25 LAAC meeting saw six out of seven members supportive of a many years of development expe- rience in northern Virginia to bring a quality upscale planned develop- ment with first class amenities to Lake Anna. The development will also feature its own private sewage system on the property. Hunter indicated that the design of sewage system would allow for maintaining a large portion of wooded area on the property. The developer is in the process of sub- mitting the rezoning application and plan permits to Spotsylvania Coun- ty. Provided the plan is approved Hunter looks to break ground in late continued on next page LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 6 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 7 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION New Subdivisions Planned For Lake Anna continued Hydrilla continued from pg. 5 motion to fund a pilot program to treat the three areas of hydrilla with an aquatic herbi- cide. What happens next will be up to Louisa Spotsylvania and Or- ange Counties - who LAAC advises. Rumors of a new res- taurant coming to the Lake Anna region are always welcome fod- der for dinner parties. So when the Lake Anna grapevine starting jin- gling about such a new business we tracked down the story. Michael G. Kavros a resident of Oak Grove subdivision has ap- plied for rezoning for 25 acres front Rt. 522 just south of Lake Re- gion Repair that his MGK Enterprises LLC owns. The purpose of the rezoning is for a restaurant and possible winerybreweryevent venue with 24 rooms for guests. I have purchased a wooded 25-acre parcel in a designated Louisa County growthdevel- opment area on Route 522. The dream is to build a high quality family restaurant and possibly a small brew- erywineryevent facil- ity. Our first order of business was to get the land rezoned from ag- riculture to commercial usage and the Louisa County Board of Su- pervisors has approved that. We are working on a Concept Plan which is the roadmap for the project. At this time it is very difficult to predict when we will open. If we had our druthers it would be yesterday New Restaurant Coming To Rt. 522 This long-time dairy farm on the Pamunkey Branch looks to become one of Lake Annas newest subdivisions. 2016early 2017. Hunter Properties is also working on two other de- velopments up-lake. Goodwins Cove Goodwins Cove on the west side of the upper Pa- munkey Branch will feature 35 lots. There are 15 one- acre waterfront lots and 20 lots of two plus acres off the water. The remaining 61 acres will be preserved as open space. There have been public meetings scheduled to discuss this development and Hunter is in early stages of development. Estates at Terrys Run The Estates at Terrys Run subdivisions is located on the west side ofTerrys Run just south of Days Bridge. This project will feature 10 large private lots on a 55-acre parcel. This devel- opment is unique and will be like none other on the lake in that it will be sur- rounded by approximately 80 acres that is dedicated as a Virginia Conserva- tion Easement on Conway Point. For more informa- tion visit www.terrysrun. comabout-us. Sunset Properties is the exclusive real estate agent for this de- velopement and is happy to schedule a visit. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 8 around the lakeREAL ESTATE NEWSCOUNTY NEW ROUND-UP Kate ElimLibby LAKE ANNA LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE Buying or Selling Your Lake Anna Area SpecialistYour Lake Anna Area Specialist CERTIFIED INVESTMENT AREA SPECIALIST LIBBY SANDRIDGE 540-223-0350540-223-0350 SANDRIDGE LIBBY SANDRIDGE 540-223-0350540-223-0350540-223-0350 LIBBY SANDRIDGE Visit... SANDRIDGESANDRIDGE ABR CIAS Lake Anna Business Partnership 540.872.6556 Begin your search for properties at Then call or email me at Your Lake Anna Area SpecialistYour Lake Anna Area Specialist CERTIFIED INVESTMENT AREA SPECIALIST 540.872.6556 Then call or email me atThen call or email me at Associate BrokerAssociate BrokerAssociate BrokerAssociate Broker Linda Fosdick 540.872.6556 Dave Guna Realtor Lake Anna Island Realty 540-903-9428 c 540-894-4400 o Lake Anna Island RealtyLake Anna Island RealtyLake Anna Island Realty 540-226-1964 cell Thinking of buying or selling Dockside Realty 540-895-9400 Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia To view current listings please visit... blog email or selling Licensed in the Commonwealth of VirginiaLicensed in the Commonwealth of VirginiaLicensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia Kate Elim or sellingor selling Kate Elim Get moving with REALTOR T BY KATE ELIM Want to advertise here Contact Bob King at 540.854.4181 Visit... 540-894-4400 o Lets Go Fishing For A Great Lake Place For You Dave Guna Kate Elim Linda Fosdick Libby Sandridge he first word that comes to mind when I think of the current real estate market at Lake Anna is BUSY. It is definitely a great time to be buying or selling and many people realize that. Right from the get go it has been busy this year. It seems to be a continuation of last years market which was also very good. Houses sold both waterfront and off water access homes totaled 148. Homes currently avail- able are priced between 132000 to 1650000. Fortunately for those that want to enjoy the lake there is a home that fits just about any budget. We are seeing an increase in the number of houses coming on the market. With the increase in inventory comes an increase in inter- ested buyers. Those thinking of buy- ing a place at Lake Anna are bound to see something they like online as there are more and more to chose from. There are 212 homes for sale. Certainly someone thinking of buying will be able to find one that suits them. If not there is always the opportunity to buy land and build a home to their own specifications. Speaking of choices there are 378 lots actively for sale right now which means there are plenty to select from with prices ranging from a low of 18000 to a high of 1600000. If you are thinking of buying or selling be sure to use an agent that knows Lake Annas market. If you were buying in the DC area it is very unlikely that you would use an agent from here. Why use an out of area agent when buying or selling at Lake Anna Make sure you get the benefit of local expertise. There is much to know about the lake and those of us that live and work here have that expertise. Although I do not have a crystal ball I have a very good feeling about the cur- rent market and for some time to come. As long as the economy remains on an uptick we will continue to have a busy market. Interestingly we have not had much ap- preciation in value. That is great news for buyers and not quite so great for sellers. However if sellers are realistic and are really interested in selling there is a very good likelihood that their home will sell. The fact that more lot all enjoy having more ame- nities such as the businesses and restaurants that have been added we continue to enjoy country life. That is exactly what makes Lake Anna so special. owners are having homes built is also a good sign and shows the strength of our market. What is encourag- ing is that our community continues to retain its more rural feel. As much as we LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 9 Long Foster Real Estate 13001 Lake Anna Village Drive Spotsylvania VA 22551 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 10 StateOf Lake AnnaTakingalookatwherethelakehasbeen andwhereitisgoinginthefuture. by C.C. McCotter and Doug Smith TThe year was 1972. The 1 Bill- board song was The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Roberta Black. The Hustle was taking the country by storm. The top-selling auto was the Chevy Monte Carlo. Richard Nixon was in the White House. Much has changed in the years since including Lake Anna life. This June will mark the 43rd year since Hurricane Agnes inundated the central Virginia region with up to 14 inches of rain and creating Lake Anna. The 17-mile long lake that quickly filled up afterward fea- tured over 225 miles of shoreline and plenty of wooded coves with an average depth of 14 feet. There were 9600 acres of water on the main lake and another 3400 acres behind three dikes called cooling lagoons. Dominion started up North Anna Unit 1 in 1978. Unit 2 came online in 1980. Together they generate 1892 megawatts of electricity and can power 450000 homes. Fishermen found the lake first. They came from all over the region launching their boats from old roads and eventually from the first boat ramp at Sturgeon Creek Marina. Largemouth bass were plentiful and the lakes unofficial mascot Happy Bass was created to help early de- velopers promote lot sales. Waterskiiers came next. The clear clean and warm water meant water- sports could be enjoyed long into the fall. The lake was uncrowded and undeveloped perfect for all day waterskiing and shore lunches. Angler or water-skier those that could afford a second residence bought land and built the first wave of lake homes.Acollection of coun- try stores around the lake and the merchants restaurauntuers shop- keepers of nearby Mineral and Lou- isa did their best to supply the ever- growing population of weekenders discovering and enjoying the lake. By the late 1980s what was once dubbed Central Virginias Best Kept Secret was becoming better known. Only a recession in 1989-91 could slow down the migration to the lake but things picked back up nicely in the Clinton years on into the 2000s. New homes and subdivisions were built and created year after year and Lake Anna changed slowly but surely from one of the least devel- oped regions of Louisa County to where it is now the most densely developed area of the county ac- cording to recent Louisa County data. The Lake Anna community is now served by a Food Lion Vir- ginia ABC store a busy State Park a number of restaurants even a Dollar General store. Water skiing has been suplanted in popularity by wake boarding and wake surfing Weve come a long way from The Hustle. So whos in charge of this aquatic- powered economic train hurtling down the track at 120 mph Is it Louisa County Spotsylvania County Orange County. Perhaps all three counties have a legitimate seat at the planning table Where do business owners fit in to the planning of the future Are citizens voices being heard Lake Anna Life turned to Doug continued on page 12 Aerial view of Elk Creek Bridge by LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 11 PHOTO 11 Linda Fosdick. The year was 1972. The 1 Billboard song was The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Roberta Black. The Hustle was taking the country by storm. The top-selling auto was the Chevy Monte Carlo. Richard Nixon was in the White House. Louisa County Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Koren and the Lake Anna Business Partnerships Gene Newman at the recent Lake Anna Spring Festival. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 12 StateOfLake Anna The new carboat wash located at Wares Crossroads intersection of Rt. 522 and Rt. 208. Right - Lake Anna resident James Schweikart and his daughter Taylor review the Rt. 208 VDOT plan presented by Joel DeNunzio at the April 26 LABP Town Hall Meeting with Stephanie Koren. Smith president of the Lake Anna Civic Associa- tion LACA for his view on the Whos In Charge question. Smith has been LACA president for the past four years and was vice-presi- dent and treasurer before that. He was also the chair- man of the Louisa County Water Authority and trea- surer of the Louisa County Resource Council. Hes well-versed in many things Lake Anna and offerred some insight into existing lake hierchary. There is an old adage that when everyone is respon- sible no one is responsible. We have lots of folks who have a piece of the respon- sibility but I am sorry to say it appears no one is in charge Smith told LT. The lake area resident notes that theVirginia Department of Game Inland Fisheries VDGIF enforces State law on the lake but cannot en- force county codes. Louisa and Spotsylvania County Sheriffs offices patrol the lake on occasion. Water quality is the responsibility of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality but they can only enforce state regulations related to pollu- tion discharges and with- drawals. The Department of Health seems to only care about septic systems that discharge into the ground. The Lake Anna Civic Asso- ciation conducts an exten- sive water quality monitor- ing program to try to fill the gaps in tracking water qual- ity. To build a boat dock you have to get the approval of both Dominion and your county. Louisa regulates by ordinance the size type and location of structures on the water and other shoreline uses. Spotsylvania and Or- ange counties have no rules for structures on the water. Furthermore Smith point- ed out that building codes and zoning rules differ by county. How close can you drive your boat near the shore It depends on what county you are in. Concerned about boater safety The Lake Anna Advisory Com- mittee was created years ago in part to shoulder the legal responsibility for haz- ard and no-wake buoys on the lake oops just the no-wakes at the bridges oops not the no-wakes at the bridges that have been extended like at Hunters Landing and Tims Restau- rant. Those are the respon- sibility of the owners like other private no-wake buoys around the lake. LACA has taken the lead in boater safety and position awareness by installing bridge signs to help people navigate around the lake and printing a feature map to help renters and others find their way. LACA has even created a coalition of Emergency Services orga- nizations around the lake to develop the dock sign ini- tiative to help Emergency Services responders locate emergencies on the water. We could go on but you get the idea. LACA and other citizen groups are fill- ing in the gaps but nobody is in charge. continued see next page LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 13 BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS DELIVER QUALITY WE DELIVER QUALITY DELIVER QUALITY Plus Paints Tool Rental and Composite Deck Dock Products Louisa And Spotsylvania Leaders Envision Bright Future For The Lake We caught up with Spot- sylvania County Livings- ton District Supervisor Anne Heidig and asked her some questions about the State of Lake Anna... How well do you think the current infrastructure roads waste removal rerescue water is serv- ing Lake Anna. Thats difficult to an- swer. The roads going to the State Park and Rt. 208 are designed to handle the traffic. But theres no money to improve side roads. The Brokenburg and Belmont Fire Res- cue stations have 247 capabilities and they are serving the Lake Anna area as well as possible. One thing that is a concern to me is that although we have rental homes if we want to make Lake Anna a tourist destination if we want it to be the really very few lodging options. We dont want to over- crowd the lake or damage it though. Whatisthebiggestchange coming to the Lake Anna in 5-10 years I have no idea. Most of the growth going on is on the Louisa side. Plans for additional developments on the Spotsy side thats something well have to keep an eye on. I dont see any major changes in the next 5-10 year range at this point. How do you see the Lake Anna Advisory Commit- tee helping the County to shape the future of Lake Anna Im not really sure. You have to be care- ful between rights of the County on land use rights. LAAC has never been asked to comment on development plans. Im not sure it ever will but it is an advisory com- mittee. It is working cur- rently on coordination between the three lake counties on ordinances and hydrilla. What is Spotsylvanias long-term plangoal for the Lake Anna region I have requested our utilities and planning people to come up with a plan. I dont know when it will be done though. How do see the Point Seanna community PUD application fairing I have some questions about it particularly the waste treatment. As- suming the developer can answer these ques- tions and people accept what they are planning I think it will go through eventually. People need to be comfortable with them before it moves forward. Im keeping an eye on the concerns of the citizens. Do you have any nal comments My overall feeling is that Lake Anna is a trea- sure in Spotsylvania that can become a well-man- aged tourist destination but we need to protect it or we can loose it all. Why should we care Well for one development is not happening in a consistent and planned fashion. After years of development on acre lots we now have cluster development town- houses condominiums and two hotels in the works. Current zoning structures cannot effectively manage density on the waterfront. Development is occurring with no opportunity for in- put from folks just across the narrow lake passage because it is in a different county. Second in the absence of overall planning and failure of counties to invest in pub- lic water and sewer at the lake new developments are installing individual private sewage treatment plants and water treatment fa- cilities. Treatment in these plants often does not reach the levels of treatment in a large public plant and with diversified management can have a higher risk of failure. Individual septic systems on acre lots are aging and will begin to fail in larger numbers. Even while op- erating properly they are not removing nitrates and other contaminants that are reaching the lake and con- tributing to plant growth. Eventually there will be a day of reckoning. Third with no central point of communication rumors and misinforma- tion have reached stagger- ing levels. There are folks who still believe the lake is a stagnant pond with con- taminants building up de- spite 50 billion gallons of water passing through the lake each year. There are folks who be- lieve that Dominion owns the lake and should have final say on all things Lake Anna despite the fact that it is a part of the Virginia sys- tem of public waters OK not the warm side. There are folks who think they can stop development if enough continued on page 14 Louisa County Administrator Christian Goodwin center spoke to the Lake Anna Business Partner- ship LABP about the future of Lake Anna at a recent LABP meeting. Also pictured from left to right Louisa Arts Center LAC coordinator Sheryl Eubank Vice President of the Lake Anna Business Partnership Jeff MartinLABPboardmemberDanMoskowitzand LABP president C.C. McCotter. Lake Anna StateOf Ann Heidig LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 14 StateOfLake Anna continued Lake Anna commercial development took a big step forward with the opening of Food Lion at New Bridge Landing. Lake Anna Life was there at the grand opening where customers lined up for a free bag of groceries. folks dont like it. Finally when ordinances differ enforcement breaks down. Sherriffs offices operate under an agreement that allows them to patrol and write tickets anywhere on the lake. But Louisa cannot write a ticket for a Spotsylvania-only rule so differing rules end up not enforced. Policies become confusing. I am concerned about our seemingly random lurch into the future. We have lots of people all with good intentions seeing a piece of the elephant. We need to restructure the Lake Anna Advisory Committee. It needs staff and resources. It needs to be tasked with re- viewing new developments and proposals from a Lake Anna perspective. It needs to be able to develop pro- posals and get things done not just react. It needs to pursue and assist in get- ting the kind of commercial development we need not just what pops up. It needs to advocate for public ser- vices that we need Smith told LT recently. He believes county review for navigation buoys should be skipped and that author- ity given to LAAC to man- age all buoys on the water. Years ago key leaders in the three counties got to- gether and developed the Lake Anna Special Area Plan. It is out of date and it was never adopted by the counties. Smith says resi- dents should task LAAC to develop a new strategic guide that becomes a part of the Comprehensive Plan of all three counties. Task LAAC to develop written policies and pro- cedures and create its own web site and make it a hub for Lake Anna informa- tion even change its name to make it more than advi- sory. I am proud of what the Lake Anna Civic Associa- tion has accomplished over the years. I am proud of how we have battled misin- formation and worked with Dominion and develop- ers to make improvements in development plans and permit proposals. We have resisted the pressure to fight everything new and taken heat for it. We will continue to make our concerns known and fill in the gaps in boater safety water quality and commu- nication but we are a non- profit organization with no real authority. Its time in the life of the lake to take a bold step into the future. The counties made a good start when they created the Advisory Committee but they gave it no real author- ity gave it no funding no staff and no direction. Its time to fix that. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 15 On Lake Anna at High Point Marina 540.894.3540On Lake Anna at High Point MarinaOn Lake Anna at High Point Marina 540.894.3540540.894.3540 Outtters 12 Different T-Shirt Designs We SELL RENT Kayaks Paddleboards Paddleboats Decorative Signs T-Shirt DesignsT-Shirt DesignsT-Shirt DesignsT-Shirt DesignsT-Shirt DesignsT-Shirt Designs Great selection of LKA gifts Surveyors have been sizing up the Route 208 realignment job for months. Big Changes Coming To Route 208 Recently there has been a lot of buzz around the lake about a possible re- alignment of Rt. 208 a 3.6 mile stretch of road between the Rt. 522 inter- section and before the 208 bridge over Lake Anna. The state is reviewing multiple data to decide what needs to be done. Because this project is only in the in the planning and engineering phase the Virginia Department of Transportations VDOT Stacy Londrey Acting CommunicationsManager from the VDOT Culpeper District said that the route is technically not being realigned but instead reconstructed with im- provements. According to Londrey the improve- ments being considered are additional turn lanes widening the shoulders and re-grading the clear zone to reduce injury risks if a vehicle runs off the roadaslightadjustment of the road and better storm-water management. This project will cost an estimated 18.9 million but VDOT only has fund- ing of 1.1 for preliminary engineering. Roadway projects are funded by the Commonwealth Trans- portation Board through what we call the Six-Year Improvement program Londrey said. This pro- gram is updated annu- ally every June through a complex process with drafts available for view- ing around the first of April. Because this proj- ect is in the early phases and VDOT is waiting for the funding to become available the construc- tion most likely would begin in late 2018 if the project is decided. Un- til it is decided Londrey said VDOT will continue to work on design plans and if funding becomes available for the right of way acquisition and con- struction phases we an- ticipate holding a public hearing early next year. For more information about this project visit VDOTs Route 208 proj- ect page www.virginia- dot.orgprojectsculpeper rt208.asp. On Sunday April 26 Mineral District Supervi- sor Stephanie Koren held a town hall style meeting under the big top at New Bridge Crossing Food Lion Lake Anna as part of the Lake Anna Busi- ness Partnerships Spring Festival. A representative of VDOT Joel DeNun- zio attended to answer residents questions and presented the 208 plan. Ashley Day Newton Kayaks Paddleboards PaddleboatsKayaks Paddleboards PaddleboatsKayaks Paddleboards PaddleboatsKayaks Paddleboards Paddleboats Come watch the best Wake Surfers in the World Paddleboard Yoga Classes start May 23 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 16 did you knowLAKE ANNA HISTORY TRIVIA Lake Anna one of Virginias larg- est freshwater inland lakes cov- ers a 13000 acre area which spans Louisa Spotsylvania and Orange counties. The lake is easily acces- sible and is a very popular recre- ational destination. Its visitors and residents enjoy among other things fishing boating swimming water skiing wake surfing and related competitive events. Origins Of Lake Anna According to Dominion Rich- mond Virginia Lake Anna was created in the 1970s by Dominions predecessor the Virginia Electric and Power Company VEPCO for the purpose of providing cooling for its North Anna Power Station. In 1968 it purchased 18000 acres of land which was cleared to create the 9600-acre lake reservoir and the 3400-acre waste heat treatment fa- cility. The lake was then formed by damming the North Anna River. The gates of the dam were closed in January 1972 and although it had been projected that natural rainfall would fill the lake within three years in June 1972 Hurri- cane Agnes a tropical storm by the time it reached Central Virginia stalled and virtually filled the lake full. Water level in the lake reached 250 feet above mean sea level or full pond in December 1972. The plants two Westinghouse pressurized water reactors became operational in 1978 and 1980. The 1.79 gigiwatts they generate go mostly to Richmond and northern Virginia. The Lake Anna Special Area Plan Committee noted in a March 2000 report that the lake itself is seven- teen miles long and 1.5 miles wide with about 200 miles of shoreline that the lake is publicly owned with Dominion owning the bot- tom and the shorelines that access to the cooling lagoons is limited to lot owners and no adjacent com- mercial development is permitted and that the main portion of the lake cold side of the plant is public and is used for fishing boating swim- ming and water-skiing. That report also noted that the Virginia Depart- ment of Game and Inland Fisheries stocks the lake annually to continue the 5.5 million initially stocked fish population consisting of thirty- three species of fish. Lake Anna State Park Lake Anna State Park is located along the northern shore of Lake Anna and currently covers a total of 2810 acres with 10 miles of shore- line. The park offers a wide variety of activities for its many visitors. Its facilities include a boat ramp parking areas a beach and swim- ming area environmental center picnic areas modern restrooms and hiking and horseback riding trails. Cabins are also available for rental. Horses are not available at the park but visitors may bring their horses to ride the trails. At one time the land in the park was known as Gold Hill and con- tained the Goodwin Gold Mine. According to a representative of the park gold mine tours will be conducted from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Further information regarding the park facilities and activities can be obtained by call- ing 540-854-5503. Information can also be obtained from the website for the Virginia Department of Con- servation and Recreation. Lake Anna Gold The Division of Mineral Resources of the Department of Mines Miner- als and Energy for the state of Vir- ginia reports that Virginia was one of the first gold-producing states in the nation with the earliest printed reference to gold in the State attrib- uted to Thomas Jeffersons 1782 report that a gold-bearing rock weighing four pounds was found on the north side of the Rappahan- nock River about four miles below the falls. The California Gold Rush of 1849 had a negative effect on gold min- ing in Virginia as miners moved west and therefore gold produc- tion in Virginia declined. The down- ward trend in production continued through the years and active gold mining almost ceased because of higher production costs and gradual depletion of known reserves. Contrary Creek Contrary Creek is a tributary of the North Anna River located in Louisa County Virginia and entering Lake Anna. The creek is of rising scien- tific interest due to the significant amount of drainage of toxic mine waste into the creek which has caused the water to steadily redden in color and overly decreased its pH levels this in turn has resulted in a lack of aquatic life. Further study and treatment of Contrary Creek may well reveal new answers on the effects of cer- tain pollutants in contaminated wa- ters as well as insight into the ways to improve the prevention of similar occurrences in the future. While the water of Contrary Creek is not good for aquatic life it is a favorite spot for gold diggers. Pros- pectors can utilize a gold pan and shovel and have great results or they can use a stream sluice pow- er sluice or small suction dredge Members of Virginia Power now Dominion and Louisa Coun- ty government at the Lake Anna dam closing ceremony. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 17 to process stream gravels. Gold is heavy so it typically sinks when ag- itated. The art of gold prospecting is to figure out where gold may have settled during a storm or ood and then work the gravels to see if its near the surface or lying directly on bedrock. In accordance with Virginia law anyone may prospect in the creek below the ordinary high water mark by accessing the water from a pub- lic access point the lake or the Rt. 522 bridge. The land surrounding the creek above the ordinary high water mark is private property. Any person upon the land outside the or- dinary high water mark of the creek is trespassing. Contrary Creek does not have a great deal of water in it and the or- dinary or normal high water mark is not that high for this creek so knowing the legal boundaries is im- portant. For more information about the official Contrary Creek Pros- pecting Lease visit www.ccprospec- Historic Homes One of the oldest and most historic homes in Louisa County known as Bear Castle is located on the shores of Lake Anna. At one time it was a thousand-acre farm and was the 1743 birthplace of Dabney Carr one of Thomas Jeffersons closest friends and his brother-in-law. The majority of the Bear Castle farmland was sold over the years and portions likely lie within the lake. According to www.piedmontva- Dabney Carr became a lawyer and represented Louisa in the House of Burgesses. Mr. Carr was a major force behind the Com- mittee of Correspondence which was the key to uniting the colonies against British rule. Mr. Carr died suddenly of a fever at age thirty on May 16 1773 and was the first per- son buried at Monticello. The Lake Anna Castle Another of the oldest homes in Louisa County located at Lake Anna is Jerdone Castle. Jerdone Castle is a Virginia Historic Land- mark and registered on the U.S. Na- tional Register of Historical Places which reports that the oldest section of Jerdone Castle was built ca. 1745 by Francis Jerdone who immigrated to Louisa County from Scotland in 1740. A good portion of Jerdone Castles original 1100 acres is sub- merged under Lake Anna. Bumpass According to Wikipedia most of Lake Anna lies within the unincor- porated community of Bumpass which is located primarily in Louisa County but also covers a small por- tion of Spotsylvania and Hanover Counties. At one time the Bump- ass area supported a chicken coop factory a barrel stave mill and an ice cream spoon factory and was served by the Chesapeake Ohio Railroad. Ms. Eugenia Bumpass is currently 100 years old and resides in Mineral. 540.894.0215 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 Auto Glass Specialist The Jerdone Castle home as it appeared in 1950. Photo courtesy of the Louisa County Historical Society. fun to At the end of a great lake day what else is see do in Louisa TM MOWINGTRIMMING SPRING FALL AERATION MULCHING FERTILIZING LANDSCAPING LEAF REMOVAL POWER WASHING DOCKS DECK STAINING FREE ESTIMATES INSURED AND BONDED 540.894.0706 804.402.0263 LKALAWNCAREGMAIL.COM POWER WASHING EXPERTS Your Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VA Auto Glass Repairs TableTops Mirrors Windows Virginia Your Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VAYour Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VAYour Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VAYour Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VA VirginiaVirginiaVirginiaVirginia Glassman GGGGGGGGGV Auto Glass Specialist 540 894.8500 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 17 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 Auto Glass Specialist Mobile Service 1904 Davis Hwy. Mineral LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 18 eatdrinkDINING GUIDE AAside from Lake Anna and all of its attrac- tions the area has a wide va- riety of local avors. One of the most noted restaurants in the area is Tims at the Lake. If youve never been to Tims by car or by boat you are missing out. Tims has options for nearly everyones tastes. If youre in to seafood look no further. Sandwiches are your thing Go for their pulled-pork. Looking for something bigger but not- so-fishy Their steaks are supreme. Two of their best meals on the Tims menu are the Surf and Turf and the Broiled Riverside Platter. The Surf and Turf includes a hefty piece of NewYork strip with a choice of seafood. Try it with the large buttery shrimp and your mouth will thank you. The fried buttery shrimp is avorful with the perfect amount of batter to accent the avors crispy enough to crunch on the outside but perfectly soft on the inside. The Broiled Riverside Plat- ter comes with a piece of cod fish oysters scallops a crab cake hush puppies tar- tar sauce and cocktail sauce. The platter is an intensely satisfying variety of broiled seafood joy. Your taste buds will delight with the variety of bold avors accented by the lemon slices provided for avoring. The seasonings are avorful but dont overpow- er the natural seafood avors. As for sides it is best to stick with their made-in-house options because they taste like a true southern mama made them just for you. Tims makes hushpup- pies potato salad coleslaw and baked beans with ba- con in house. Theyre the perfect sides to comple- ment any meal you choose. You cant go wrong with any choice you make how- ever. You cant go wrong with their desserts either. Tims cheesecake is a thick creamy slice of Heaven. However if youre more of an ice cream and soda kind of person ask for the Orange Dreamsicle. Its not on the menu but they will make it if you ask. The Orange Dream- sicle is like a childhood fa- vorite root beer oat but it is made with orange soda. It comes in a large glass and tastes like back in the day when the only thing you wor- ried about was getting home before the street lights came on. Its an LKA Must-Do during the hot summers on the lake. If youre looking for a more adult treat try their signature drinks or one of the local brews. In the winter months try the apple pie mixed drink. Its a bold cinnamon avor with apple under- tones to keep you warm. The Killer Driller is the perfect beachy drink. Its sweet and fruity with a serious kick. The turquoise color and intense avors are perfect for a summer on the lake. In a nutshell Tims is one of the best restaurants to visit at Lake Anna. If youre look- ing for quality food variety and friendly service and an energetic environment this is the place to be. Ashley Newton Tims fish tacos are a local favorite. Tims broiled Riverside Platter ordered by author. Outdoor Waterside Dining Dock Access For Boaters Open 7 Days AWeekYear Round 200 BoardwalkWay MineralVA 23117 540.894.5011 HOT CRABS Tavern On The Rail 540.872.RAIL TavernTavern Join Us For Fine Food Atmosphere More. On The Rail Brunch 11-230 Dinner 5-9 Th-Fr-Sat Join UsJoin UsJoin Us Menu at Th-Fr-SatTh-Fr-Sat Reservations Recommended 540.872.RAIL RecommendedRecommended 81 Tavern Rd Mineral VA Want to advertise in Lake Anna Life Times Email for information. LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 19 eatdrinkDINING GUIDE Look out LKAers theres a new king in town a bar- beque king that is. Billikens BBQ Company opened on Mar. 19 in the Lake Anna Plaza by the 208 bridge. At the soft opening on Mar. 17 patrons had a sample of the avors and energetic atmosphere Bil- likens BBQ is offering. Local John Carroll was the lucky patron to sample the first meal served at Bil- likens BBQ pulled pork BBQ. With BBQ sauce smeared on his cheeks Car- roll gleefully stated that Billikens BBQ is among the best hes had. In fact the BBQ sauces are all homemade and made right in house. There are a variety of avors of sauces available to choose from ranging from sweet to very hot. Billikens BBQ sauces include their Sweet Sauce Sweet SpicySauceJalap- enos Sauce and Vinegar Hot Sauce. Eventually the own- ers are hoping to bottle and Lake Annas Newest Restaurant Opens Elk Creek Stores New Plan Breakfast Lunch Dinner 540.872.3275540.872.3275 ATM - Exxon Fuel - Beer - Wine sell their home- made goodness sauces for families to enjoy outside of their restaurant. Billikens BBQ calls themselves the best dang BBQ around. Billikens BBQ offers pick up by boat or by car so that lake goers can still enjoy the lake while also enjoying Billikens BBQ. Anybody Seen A Purple Cow Hot smoked brisket. Brings The Cow To You Leave the goodies to our expert staff.... cupcakes cakes ice cream cakes Our rich creamy soft serve is 100 local We cater birthdays family reunions open houses car shows weddings and more at your location Call 540.854.4387 to book your event now or email us at 200 Lake Front Drive Suite 101 Mineral VA 23117 Lake Anna 208 Bridge 540-895-5285 200 Lake Front Drive Suite 101200 Lake Front Drive Suite 101 billikensbbqcompany.netmenu BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Pulled Chicken BBQ Beef Brisket BBQ Spare Ribs BBQ Ham Steaks BBQ Smoked Sausage The Purple Cow Soft Serve is owned and operated by SB Concessions LLC from Northern Virginia. This is a family business that has been in the food service for 30 years. The SB family offers a high level of lo- cal dairy products to families along with a high level of customer service to all guests. The Purple Cow started out in Lo- cust Grove Vir- ginia in 2014 and grew to Gordonsville Madison and Lake Anna in 2015. The business con- cept is simple offer a high level prod- uct and customer service to everyone at an affordable price. Yes they sell ice cream but are mak- ing memories for families too. Giving back to the commu- nity is another large part of this company as they work with local non-profit and public service agen- cies to augement yearly funding. Next time you pass a Purple Cow take a close look. You might just see the Purple Cow playing with the kids and taking selfies with the parents. Elk Creek Store has been around over 100 years serv- ing this community. The new owner Mike Rassi- walla has some big plans to evolve the store. Hes already changed to Exxon fuel and redone his ap- parel display. In addition to the popular LKA Wear he will also bring back the classic Elk Creek Store t- shirts this season. The fishing tackle selec- tion has been thoroughly augmented to include rod and reel combos and a rec- ommended hot side lure selection. A walk-in beer cave is planned as is an expansion of the food bar to include fried chicken. Microbrew- ery products will receive more cooler space too this season at Elk Creek. If all goes well Mike will also offer hot steamed crabs in the summer on his gazebo outparcel. Stayed tuned LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 20 lake lifeCALENDAR OF EVENTS Every Monday Evening Open Mic Night from 7 to 930 pm at Tims On Lake Anna. Please call 540.894.5001. May 2 Jazz In The Vine- yard For Mom from 6 to 10 pm. Kick things off for Mom a week early at Lake Anna Winery. 15 fee includes live jazz with Aaron Noe and his Big Band Sound 14 piece orchestra souvenir glass tasting. Reservations Required 540-895-5085. 592015 to 672015 The Virginia Renaissance Faire 10 am until 5 pm at Lake Anna Winery. The Virginia Renaissance Faire weekends only brings a unique brand of educational interactive family entertain- ment. Join in the revelry as the little 16th century town of Staffordshire celebrates the arrival of Elizabeth Queen of England and her court. 540-895-5085 May 10 Mothers Day Wildflower Walk from 2 to 3 pm at Lake Anna State Park. Is Mom getting tired of chocolates and sappy greet- ing cards Bring her to the Visitor Center at Lake Anna State Park for a little me time.A volunteer will lead park visitors on a Wildflower Walkaround the Old Pond loop trail. May 16 Lake Anna Brew- fest from Noon until 6 pm at The Cutalong. Sample 50 craft beers and enjoy a wide selection of food and gift vendors. For tickets and more information visit www. May 16 National Kids To Parks Day from 10 am to 3 pm at Lake Anna State Park. 10 a.m. to Noon - GPS Adventure Navigate to the Visitor Center and discover the family friendly activity of Geocaching. Find hid- den treasures using a GPS unitand become ready to embark on your own GPS adventure Be sure to tour the newly remodeled Visitor Center another place where Nature meets Technology GPS units are supplied. Space is limited call 540 854-6245 to pre-register. 2 to 3 p.m. - Snakes Alive Slither on down to the Visitor Center for an in depth look into the fascinating lives of some local reptiles. Gain un- derstanding as we decipher fact from fiction you can even touch a live snake and stay for the feeding Both programs are free. Regular parking fees apply. May 23 Lake Anna Sunset Concert from 530 until sundown at The Pavilion at Anna Point Marina. Enjoy craft beer and Lake Anna Winery wine lakeside with your friends as Brenton The Bluebusters play until sunset. Food water soda badminton and cornhole available. Admission is free. No coolers. Come by boat or car. lakeannasunsetconcert- series May 23 Memorial Day Into The Night from 6 to 10 pm at Lake Anna Winery. Come by and enjoy music outside under the lights from REUNION local artists specializing in rock and roll and groove soul. 15 fee includes music and dancing under the stars souvenir glass. No online reservations after 5pm on the previous day. Please call 540.895.5085. May 22-25 Memorial Day Pig Roast at Tims On Lake Anna. Please call 540.894.5001. May 29 Finally Friday Concert at Walton Parkfrom 6 to 8 pm. Join us for this summers concert series at Walton Park in Mineral. Adult beverages may be purchased at all events and feature family-friendly fun June 6 Dive-In Movie Night at Louisa County Aquatic Facility. 7 pm. June 9 Summer Cinema Brave at Louisa Arts Center. Doors open 630 pm. 3 adults2 children. June 10-13 Lake Anna Wake Surf Open at Lake Anna State Park. Pro clinics with Drew Danielo Caroline Villeneuve and Sean Cum- mings. Clinics June 10-11. Our Lake Life calendar is open to advertisers and non-profit organizations. Submit your event at LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 21 lake lifeCALENDAR OF EVENTS Competition June 11-12. wakesurfpromotionsgmail. com June 13 Here Comes Summer In The Vineyard from 6 to 10 pm at Lake Anna Winery. Welcome the summer out on our lawn and dance into the night. 15 Fee includes music with Spectrum. This will be the PARTY to Top all PARTIES souvenir wine glass and tasting. All of your music favorites. No online reser- vations after 5pm on the previous day. Please call 540.895.5085. June 13 Saturday in the Square at Louisa Court- house Square 6 to 8 pm. Outdoor summer concert series in Louisas downtown Courthouse Square. A vari- ety of music food and fun is offered at this family-friendly event. June 13 National Get Out- doors Day - Paddle Ware Creek and March on the Meadow from 9 am to noon at Lake Anna State Park. View the Park from the best vantage point- a canoe Enjoy a peaceful paddle to Ware Creek where well land our boats take short stroll up to explore the unique meadow habitat. Bring your camera to capture the breathtaking vistas of Lake Anna. Weregularly see king fishers lesser green and great blue herons. We might be fortunate enough to spy ospreys or even an Ameri- can bald eagle Bring plenty of water insect repellant comfortable walking shoes sunscreen and a hat. NO flip-flops. Meet at the Visitor Center to ride in our van to the launch site. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required at our Visitor Cen- ter. 5 each. E-mail Ranger Lauri at Lauri.Schulardcr. June 16 Summer Cinema The LEGO Movie at Louisa Arts Center. Doors open 630 pm. 3 adults2 chil- dren. June 23 Summer Cinema Cars 2 at Louisa Arts Center. Doors open 630 pm. 3 adults2 children. June 26 Finally Friday Concert at Walton Parkfrom 6 to 8 pm. Join us for this summers concert series at Walton Park in Mineral. Adult beverages may be purchased at all events and feature family-friendly fun June 27 Lake Anna Sunset Concert 530 until sundown at The Pavilion at Anna Point Marina. Enjoy craft beer and Lake Anna Winery wine lakeside with your friends as Burnt Orange plays until sunset. Food water soda badminton and cornhole available. Admission is free. No coolers. Come by boat or car. Facebook.comlakean- nasunsetconcertseries June 29 Finally Friday Concert at Walton Parkfrom 6 to 8 pm. Join us for this summers concert series at Walton Park in Mineral. Adult beverages may be purchased at all events and feature family-friendly fun June 9 Summer Cinema The Incredibles at Louisa Arts Center. Doors open 630 pm. 3 adults2 chil- dren. July 18 Cajun Zydeco from 6 to 10 pm at Lake Anna Winery. Fireworks are over but the sparks still fly at the winery for live Zydeco music with Zack Smith The Dixie Power Trio and Cajun Fare from Gregorys Grill shrimp and chicken gumbo red beans rice Cajun chicken fried oysters in a special Hot Sauce and blackened fish tacos. 15 fee includes souvenir wine glass and tasting. Reserva- tions Required. No online reservations after 5pm on the previous day. Please call 540.895.5085. July 25 Lake Anna Sunset Concert 530 until sun- down at The Pavilion at Anna Point Marina. Enjoy craft beer and Lake Anna Winery wine lakeside with your friends as Karen Jonas plays until sunset. Food water soda badminton and cornhole available. Admis- sion is free. No coolers. Facebook.comlakeanna- sunsetconcertseries LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 22 LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 23 lake anna monsterOPINION GLITTERATI Terri Moberly left of Dockside Realty and Melodie Bowers right of Tavern On The Rail enjoying the March 17 Lake Anna Business Partnership Business After Hours held at the Louisa Arts Center. Susan and Mark Smith at one of 2014s Sunset Concerts held at Anna Point Marina. Lake Anna Beer Captains Chuck MeeksleftandDaveMoberlyat the April 25 Sunset Concert. Members of the Lake Anna Business Partnership with Sharonand Greg Shalawylo owners of Billikens BBQ Company at theribbon-cutting ceremony. The Return Of An Old Enemy And The Controversy Over Treatment The opinions expressed in this column do not reflect those of this publication. They are those of the writer and meant to elicit a response from our readers. If youd like to submit an essay for publication please email it to us at the April 25 Sunset Concert. Members of the Lake Anna Business Partnership with Sharonand Greg Shalawylo owners of Billikens BBQ Company at the Once the scourge of the warm side hydrilla has re- turned to the cold side this time. There were three reported locations confirmed by Dominion Resources personnel in 2014. These infestations are small. How- ever hydrilla can replicate itself from just about any portion of its length so boats swimmers or rakes used to clear it out create lots of potential new growth. This current infestation is significantly smaller than it grew into before treatment 20 years ago. Left to itself though it could become a major problem for lake side recreation. Delay in taking action is not our friend. By the time hydrilla was finally treated back in 1994 it had spread over almost 900 acres on the warm side. It created problems for swimmers and boaters. VDGIF Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries approved a permit and Dominion eventu- ally placed over 6000 sterile carp life span - 15 years or longer in the warm side to attack the infestation. Within a year according to several residents who were here at the time the carp ate all of the hydrilla. But then the carp began eating less-favored but avail- able aquatic weeds around the warm side. Gradually the carp spread out over the entire lake indiscrimi- nately harvesting desirable aquatic weeds as well as non-native weeds. This reduced habitat for many other lake creatures. According to VDGIF and Dominion Resources biologists Lake Anna is recovering from this eating binge. Fishing has improved on the lake as native weeds have returned providing cover and food for the lakes fish population. Carp are not the answer to the hydrilla question in all cases and while VDGIF supports carp in ponds on its website it does not support the return of carp into Lake Anna at this time. Evidence from other states has indicated that the use of carp is a hit or miss affair. A study published by the state of Washington stated Sometimes the stocking rate of sterile carp results in no control control or even complete elimination of all underwater plants. 39 of the 98 lakes stocked with carp all submersed plant species were eradicated. It has become the consensus among researchers and aquatic plant managers around the country that grass carp are an all or nothing control option. They should be stocked only in water bod- ies where complete elimination of all submersed plant species can be tolerated. source - programswqplantsmanagementaqua024.html The Lake Anna Advisory Committee LAAC a governmental body created by joint agreement be- tween Louisa Spotsylvania and Orange counties has assumed the leadership role in the emerging fight against hydrilla as required by its charter. At a recent meeting the committee reviewed the several options for removing the weed from the lake. Do nothing while always an option this was dis- carded since such a position would allow the infesta- tion to grow. It would only create a larger problem later on as hydrilla continued to spread out from the small sites it is currently found. After all the 900 infested acres in 1997 didnt get infested overnight. Mechanical harvesting this involves the use of machines to cut the weed off at its root and remove it from the infested areas. This method was discarded because there is every likelihood that the weed pieces not collected would only repopulate the infestation and spread it out. Herbicides Unlike during the last infestation to- days herbicides are less of a threat to animals and humans much like the Round-Up product used for spot treatment of weeds on lawns.They are weed- specific and become inert within a short time period a day or so. In addition these chemicals require a state licensed contractor to apply them. This method was chosen for a pilot project on the three sites on the lake. A spot treatment for a spot problem. LAAC approved a pilot with an approximate cost of 2000 not to exceed 5000. Sterile Carp This was determined to be over-kill at this point since the current infestation is small and carp cannot be trained to remain in a single location to eat just the hydrilla. As was quoted above carp could once again remove many desirable aquatic weeds once hydrilla is eliminated. Should the chemi- cal pilot fail this would be the possible fall back. In Florida where the water stays warm most of the year supporting hydrilla propagation a combination of both chemicals and carp is used. As of this writing the pilot is also viewed to in- clude a public awareness program so boaters and swimmers can readily identify the weed and have a means of reporting it. Also since so many boats are launched into the lake over the boating season an education program at lake side marinas is also be- ing considered. The Lake Anna Civic Association will have additional in- formation on this effort. What can you do Learn to identify hydrilla. When you find it write down the GPS location Latitude Longitude and report it to LAAC. The best way to reach LAAC at this point is through this publica- tions email address. They will forward your report to the appropriate party. Remember the issue is time Hydrilla grows fast and spreads easily. Fast spot treatment will allow LAAC and other organizations to quickly assess the best approach for the future. Author Larry Zemke is a past chairman of the LAAC and a resident of the Bluewater subdivision at Lake Anna. Lake Anna Beer Captains ChuckLake Anna Beer Captains Chuck LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 24 Join Us May 16 2015 10 am to 4 pm for our Annual Spring Flotilla High Point Marina Dockside Realty Lake AnnaVirginia Dockside Realty Lake AnnaVirginia HIGH POINT 4635 Courthouse Rd. MineralVA 23117 540.895.9400 BOARDWALK AT LAKE ANNA 200 Boardwalk Way Suite D MineralVA 23117 540.894.9300 NEW BRIDGE LANDING 11006 Kentucky Springs Rd. MineralVA 23117 540.894.9400 HOMES - LAND - INVESTMENT PROPERTIES VACATION RENTALS LakeAnnaLifeTimesAprilMay2015 25