b'dock talk See Also:Lakehouse & Land Report p. 10EMS Fundraising Brisk p. 13Teen Drowns In Lake p. 16New Sunset Concert Dates p. 17Lake Anna Business p. 17Long & Fosters New Office p. 18Lake Anna To Get Spotsylvania Purchases New Work Boat For Lake Another Dollar StoreLouisa Countys sixth Dollar Gen-Spotsylvania County purchased alifting davit, FLIR (forward lookingGrubb said, The fire pump is a neweral Store will be constructed at the new multi-functional work boat forinfrared) for searches, an enclosedcapability for our department. It willintersection of Rt. 700 and Rt. 652 use at Lake Anna. The unique craft,cabinwithheat,twinLowrancehelp us respond more effectively to(Kentucky Springs Rd.) and should manufacturedbySilverShipsofHDS-12unitswithStructureScanboat fires, boathouse fires and willbe open by Thanksgiving. Mobile, Alabama is made from alu- for high resolution bottom plottingassistwithwatersupplyathouseThe store will feature a9,100-square minumandresemblesalandingandanOlympusjoystickcontrolfires at waterfront houses or housesfoot, 18.5 high building with a brick craft with a drop down bow door. system. near the waterfront.LKA front and 46 parking spots.Mike Grubb, Spotsylvania County What Grubb is most ex- This new store will compliment the DepartmentofFire,Rescue,andcited about is the 500-gallon10,640-squarefoot,brick-fronted EmergencyManagementBattalionper minute fire pump withstore built over this past winter lo-Chief1Aand WaterRescue Teaman Akron motor and 200 ofcated less than a mile from the lake Leader told Lake Anna Life & Times1-3/4 hose. (WHTForhotside)onRt.601 the boat is powered by twin Suzuki The intended us of the(Bumpass Rd.) and a store located 175 hp outboards and does sport aboat includes patrol, waternear the intersection of Rt. 208 and dropdown,waterlevelbowdoorrescue,diveplatformandRt. 652. There is also a Dollar General that functions as a dive platform forfirefighting, as well as help- store on Rt. 208 on the Spotsylvania the teams divers as well as in recov- ing the Lake Anna Advisoryside of the lake.ery efforts. Committee, when requestedSpotsylvania Dive Team installing a hazardThe stores are open 8 am to 10 pmThe boat also features a 500-lb.for buoy maintenance, Chiefbuoy from the new work boat. every day and employ two to three persons per day. LKALake Anna Life & TimesSummer 20209'