b'dock talk See Also:EMS Fundraiser Beer p. 8New Work Boat for Spotsy p. 9Another Dollar General? p. 9Lakehouse & Land Report p. 10EMS Fundraising Brisk p. 13Teen Drowns In Lake p. 16New Sunset Concert Dates p. 17Lake Anna Advisory Committee Recommends Sediment Study For Algae Issue, Looking To Jointly Fund $42K Proposal Members of the Lake Anna Advi- ment analysis will help us under- tancetoresidentsandvisitors sory Committee (LAAC) met Junestand if what is feeding the algaealike. There is no question that 29 and listened as Environmentalis already in the lake or comingLake Anna remains the jewel of & WaterQualitySubcommitteefromoutsidesources,CasaleLouisa County and we must work ChairmanJohnCasaleadvisedtold Life & Times. with our regional and state part-them to accept a $42K proposalPhase2wouldexpandtheners to protect the water quality from Solitude Lake Managementstudys focus. Phase 3 would in- of the lake.for a Phase 1 study of one sectionclude mitigation efforts.Spotsylvania Supervisor Kevin of the lake recently plagued with Members of LAAC voted unani- Marshallsaidhewashopeful harmful algae blooms (HAB). mously to support recommend- LAACandotherentitiescouldCasale, a career scientist, tolding the study to Louisa, Spotsyl- fund the Phase 1 study in order LAACmembersthatthestudyvaniaandOrangeCountiessoto get to Phase 2 and 3.would focus on examining sedi- procurementprocedurescouldWe have got to start some-ments on the lake bottom in abegin. where and this study does more section of the upper PamunkeyLouisa Supervisor Duane Ad- than just sample water, it intends Branch of the lake to determineams, who sits on the commitee,to find out what is causing the al-if interior loading of phosphorusvolunteered to check with Louisagae blooms.was a major cause of the harm- County and see if staff could as- LakeAnnaCivicAssociation fulalgaebloomsthatthelakesist LAAC meet procurement re- President Greg Baker also attend-has experienced for the past twoquirements. ed the meeting and indicated theLAAC Environmental & Water Quality Subcommittee Chair-years.Adams noted he supported thegroup he represented would beman John Casale addresses members of LAAC at the June You have to determine what isstudybecause,Thehealthofwilling to contribute funding for29 meeting held in the Spotsylvania County Administrative causing the algae blooms. Sedi- Lake Anna is of utmost impor- the study. LKA Building.Lake Anna Algae Testing Began In June By Virginia Department of Environmental Quality The Virginia Department ofDominion University staff. Pamunkey Branch, and thewill do our best to share thatpress releases will be issued Health (VDH) and the VirginiaThere were very low levelsState Park Beach site. weeks monitoring results onand shared via link on the Department of Environmentalof cyanobacteria and thereThe next sample collection ator about 7/22/20. website as well.Quality (DEQ) has restartedwere only three sites with cy- these 10 sites, weather permit- VDH data will be shared onTo submit a HAB report or sampling the lake for algae. anobacteria toxins above theting, was scheduled for 7/15/20.the HAB map in addition toscum sighting, utilize the On June 23, DEQ collectedlower limits of detection - allTurn-around of samples maythe pdf report distributed viaonline report form (do not samples by boat on Lakestill well below safe swimmingtake longer than usual due toemail to localities and mediareport health-related human Anna (nine sites above Routelevels.the social distancing measuresoutlets.information on the form).208) and VDH staff collected aSites where very low levelsbeing employed. Visit www.SwimHealthyVa. https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/shoreline sample at the Lakeof cyanobacteria toxin were VDH Waterbourne Hazardsacom to easily access the HABwaterborne-hazards-control/Anna State Park Beach. Alldetected include the UpperProgram Director Margaretmap and report information.harmful-algal-bloom-online-samples were analyzed by OldNorth Anna Branch, UpperSmigo noted, We and the labIf advisories are necessary,report-form/. LKAAre you protected? 540-895-5011 Lake Anna Life & TimesSummer 2020Dillard Alarm is the company to call. Whether youre looking for home orWe perform a vast array of survey types: boundaries, business security, Dillard Alarm hashouse location, retracements, subdivision layout, flood a plan of protection for you.elevation certificates, family divisions and more.Contact us with any questions on survey matters you do To learn more, visit them onlineRexford L. Ostrander not understand. No Charge for inquiries, estimates, or to at www.dillardalarm.com or byLicensed Land Surveyor get your question answered.Lake Annas Securityscheduling a free consultation bySince 1976 I thank you for considering Axis Land Surveying for Is Our Business calling (540) 898-0771.your next project.Rex Ostranderaxislandsurvey@aol.com 5753 Courthouse Rd., Spotsylvania, VA 225517'