b'dock talk See Also:LAAC Algae Study p. 7Algae Testing Begun p. 7New Work Boat for Spotsy p. 9Another Dollar General? p. 9Lakehouse & Land Report p. 10EMS Fundraising Brisk p. 13Teen Drowns In Lake p. 16Louisa County Negotiating To Acquire 99,000 GPD Discharge Wastewater Treatment Plant at Lake Anna IslandBY C.C. MCCOTTER ment plant received a key approval from the Virginia State Water Control BoardAt the May 18 Louisa County Boardtoincreasetheirdailydischargefrom of Supervisors meeting Louisa planners20,000 gallons to 99,000 gallons. Prior to announced they are involved in ongo- that they were reporting approximately ing negotiations with several entities on5,000 gallons discharged per day. At the the acquisition of the wastewater treat- timepublichearingsdrewstrongob-ment plant located at Lake Anna Islandjections from residents that asked why (Rt. 208). such an increase was necessary.Mineral District Supervisor Duane Ad- CurrentCuckooDistrictSupervisor ams told Lake Anna Life there would beWillie Gentry was on the LCBS at the a number of positive outcomes shouldtimeofthepermitapprovalbutwas the negotiations prove successful. not supportive. He told Lake Anna Life,If Louisa County acquires that plant itI recall Windwood Coves subdivision would be designated commercial-onlyresidentswereveryconcernedabout andallowmarketingtoqualitybusi- whatwasgoingintothelake,about nesses that would require wastewaterwho was running the plant. At the time treatmentandallowdevelopmentofI was very concerned about the treated that corridor in a more consistent way. water going into the lake. The record ofIt would also permit Louisa CountyAerial photo that shows location of Lake Anna Island wastewater treatmentthe owner at that time was concerning. I to ensure the discharge would meet theplant and discharge line into Lake Anna. am interested now in what constituents highest state standards. I would muchthink of more discharge into the lake. ratherremoveamassivecommercialveloper and there is an immediate ten- mercial drainfield off the shores of mid Asfarasthecurrentnegotiations, drainfield off the shores of mid lake andant (Lake Anna Resort and Lake Annalake. With a sewage treatment plant thethere are a lot of unknowns right now. move it to a state of the art waste waterIsland). project could also move forward withThe bottom line is that we need a treat-treatment plan.With this news also comes the impres- the upper end of permitted units - 99ment plan for out there on that corridor.Adams also noted the acquisition ofsion that the long awaited trigger for theversus 150. The planned resort is locat- Im not convinced thats the best site, the wastewater treatment plant wouldLake Anna Resort has been pulled as theed just across Rt. 208 from the waste- but if we did it somewhere else it would possibly make the County money be- number one concern for the project iswater treatment plant. be a major, major expense.cause of any contribution from the de- being addressed - the massive com-Back in 2012 said wastewater treat- continued on page 21Serving the lake Quality area since 1968!RemodelingREMODELING SERVICESDecks / Pergolas Lake Anna Life & TimesSummer 2020Kitchens / Bathrooms BasementsAdditions / Pre-sale Repairs(434) 589-1904 www.qualityplumbingremodeling.com 5'