b'lake anna LKA lettersTMlife & timesPublisher correspondenceWoods & Waters Publishing, LCDear Lake Anna Life,Editor-In-ChiefC.C. McCotter We picked up a copy of your spring publication at Food Lion and thoroughly enjoyed the mix of news, features and Managing Editor photos in it. We have been coming to Christine McCotter the lake for 20 years and hope to be homeowners by the end of the year. its nice to see the community growing and Editorial having an identity with the paper.Sincerely,Staff Writers Ronald and Mary KoontzLibby SandridgeAmy HagerAdvertising Dear LKA Life, I am a follower on your Facebook site Senior Account Representative and wanted to thank you for the informa-Amy Hager tion you post. I like the photos and the thought-inspiring comments. While we might not all agree all the time of social Advertising Design media, it is a good way for our commu-nity to debate issues and discuss needed Our Services Include: services like EMS and water regulations.Woods & Waters Publishing, LCBest personal regards,Preventative Care: All Life Stages Donna Rice Lake Anna Life is hiring. Writers and Digital Radiographssales people should contact us at Digital Ultrasound Lake Anna Lifes Facebook site now has over lkalife@earthlink.net.If youd like to advertise in this paper, our10,000 Followers. Check it out at www.Class IV Therapeutic Laser facebook.com/lakeannalife. - EDannual magazine or on our illustrated Pet Care map call us at 540.894.3540. with In House PharmacyIn House/External Laboratory ServicesDr. Daniel B Slovis, DVM Dental Services/Digital Dental Xrays Chiropractic Adjustments Your Pets And Algae Blooms #lkalifeSummertimeis540-894-4572 Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgerypresentandtremors, liver failure, respiratoryTTA Cruciate Repair SurgeryD r Daniel B Slovis, DVMthat means lake time. Over thedistressand as severe as death pastyearsmoreattentionhaswithin hours.There is not an an- Regenerative Medicine:Our PoliciesbeenbroughtConveniently located in the tothedreadedtidote for treatment only support- Anicell, Stem Cell TreatmentsalgaeNewbridge Landing Shopping Centerfacebook.com/lakeannalifeAll communications for print whether bloom. Toxicblue-greenive care with grave outcomes at algae is actually not algae but atimes. Compassionate End of Life Care11012 Kentucky Springs Rd by mail, text or email must be signed toxic microorganism know as cy- The best way to prevent this in- by the person submitting the letter and Mineral, VA23117 Websitewww.lakeannalife.com include a phone number/address where anobacteria that contains chloro- gestion is to not let your pets inEmail lkalife@earthlink.netphyll, which makes it look similaraffected water.So if we have athe person can be reached. We reserve toplantmaterial. Thisbacteriabloom this year it does not meanthe right to edit for grammar. The opin-thrivesinVisit our website for more information. andCopyrightby Woods & Waters Publishing LC 2020. ions expressed here do not necessarily warmandstagnanttheentirelakeisaffected www.lakeannaveterinaryhospital.com All rights reserved.reflect those of the Publisher or Editor, freshwater lakes and ponds, thatyou can enjoy the regions of the Lake Anna Life & TimesSummer 2020are fed from runoff contaminatedlake that are considered safe andPrinted on recycled newsprint. merely those of our readers. Please with fertilizer and sewage. let your animals play in that wa- LKA is a licensed trademark used with permission. submit all electronic correspondence and Your dog or cat can ingest thister. Remember if you would notLake Anna Life Monthly is published six times a year. Itadvertising inquiry to lkalife@earthlink.toxin,and clinical signs can startswim in the water then do not letis distributed on newsstands around the Lake Anna re- net and all mail to Lake Anna Life, 114 asquicklyas15minutes. Theyour pets swim in the water asgion and inserted into other publications. The electronicOld Quarry Lane, Bumpass, VA 23024.clinical signs we see can rangewell.version can be viewed at www.lakeannlife.com. Subcrip-tions are available for $35 per year (first class mail). We from lethargy, GI issues, muscleEnjoyyoursummerandstayinvite the submission of exclusive articles and cannot be responsible to the return of unsolicited works. 114Find The Lake Anna safe on the lake! Our Services Include:Old Quarry Lane, Bumpass, VA 23024. News tip andMonster.advertising inquiry email: lkalife@earthlink.net. OfficePreventative Care: All Life Stagesphone: 540.894.3540. All Lake Anna Monster submis- Its hidden somewhere in this issue. sions or Letters From The Lake must be signed with Digital Radiographs is a federally registered trade- Guess right and be entered to return address. LKA mark used with permission by the trademark holder.win a $15 LKA Outfitters gift 540.894.4572 Any use must be approved and licensed by the trade-Digital Ultrasound certificate. Email your guess 11012 Kentucky Springs Rd., Mineral, VA 23117 mark holder - Woods & Waters Publishing. For inquiresto us at lkalife@earthlink.net.4 Class IV Therapeutic Lasercall 540.894.3540.In House PharmacyIn House/External Laboratory ServicesDental Services/Digital Dental Xrays Chiropractic Adjustments 540-894-4572 Soft Tissue & Orthopedic SurgeryD r Daniel B Slovis, DVM TTA Cruciate Repair SurgeryConveniently located in theRegenerative Medicine: Newbridge Landing Shopping CenterAnicell, Stem Cell Treatments11012 Kentucky Springs Rd Compassionate End of Life CareMineral, VA23117Visit our website for more information.www.lakeannaveterinaryhospital.com'