b'lake anna reflectionsAnything you need done, we can do it! Challenging All Lake Anna Residents To Patios - Decks - Roofing Embrace The Future With Spirit Of VolunteerismLandscapingGeneral HouseWhat a summer the lake region ischallenge you to step up. We need your Repairs having! Even with Covid-19 Phasinghelp to make LKA even better and regulations in place our community hasensure our communitys voice is heard.TJ Mardeusz become a good hot spot for manyLake Anna is Louisas and Spotsyl-Licensed & Insured families and folks seeking refuge fromvanias most vibrant community with what we hear about on the news. incredible potential. Even more projectsWhile the beginning of Covid-19 was aare planned including a 99-150-room bit rough, especially for our restaurants,resort, a boutique hotel and an upscale many lake businesses just tried to keeptown home community. You can get up. Realtors say they need more water- involved and ensure our community front homes to sell. Rental homes aregrows within community character ex-540/222-9735 booked quickly. Pleasure boats, kayakspectations or you can sit on the sidelines and paddleboards are rented and soldand complain (though you wouldnt tjmardeusz08@yahoo.com briskly. Apparel at local gift shops turnsreally have the right to!). weekly. And once we entered Phase 3,The Lake Anna Business Partnership the economic engines of the lake reallywelcomes your participation. They meet started humming with restaurants as fullthe third Tuesday of the month at a as regulations allow and some restaura- different lake location and prospective Title Specialists Of Virginia teurs expanding outside dining options. members are welcome with a sponsor-Lake Anna is an incredibly desirableing member. You can help with the Sun-We are fully committed tp providing the highest quality of service for all yourcommunity for many, many folks thatset Concert Series, Laketoberfest or the title and settlement needs throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.Wesee their home city or suburb evolv- Lighted Boat Parade in December. They pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and ethical expertise. We areing into something they didnt want ormeet this month July 21 at Callie Opies proud to be a military-family owned and operated company.- Kelly A. Daniel, Ownerdont want to experience. We must beOrchard at 6:30 pm and the meeting 475 Davis Highway,Mineral,VA 23117 prepared for a serious increase in every- will feature food, drink and the LKA thing here as the new normal. Wear Fashion show sponsored by thistel-540-259-3158fax-540-216-0208Kelly@titlespecialistsofva.com Our roads were never intended topublication.handle the traffic they now endure eachTheres also the Lake Anna Advisory weekend and week. Our water andCommittee with a number of subcom-Visit Lakes Annas Paddlingsewer systems are in need of updating ifmittees that need volunteers, and the Headquarters & Gift Shop! we are to grow. Theres a serious move- Lake Anna Civic Association.ment and County backing for a new LakeIf you are new here, consider being a Single & Tandem Kayaks, plusAnna Emergency Management Servicesreal member of the community. If you Paddleboards in Stock station. We have a 700+ home golfare a longtime LKA resident, please join LKA Wear Apparel LKA course community about to get reallythe doers.TMserious about building out. Add in someIf you are volunteering on a board or HUGE Selection of tees,Lake Anna, vA fiber optic for more of the lake and thiscommittee or foundation, I applaud hoodies & caps Outfitters place is going to explode. Infrastructureand thank you. Our community is small Lakehouse Giftand services are the only things holdingenough that one or two people can re-Collection at High Point Marina Lake Annas development potential backally make a difference. I know. Ive seen www.lakeannaoutfitters.com 540.894.3540and they are being addressed slowly butit.surely.Lastly, it needs to be said, we are Who are the advocates for the lakeblessed to be LKAers and we need to pushing for these essential upgrades?welcome our visitors any time of the Look no further than the pages of thisyear, especially in the summer.publication to see whos movin and While we are nowhere near at the end shakin, doing business here AND beingof the pandemic that seems to have community advocates. If you are readingfound a home here in the US, we know this and doing business here,what to do to stop it, seen the positive but not doing much toresults, and I hope we all do our part so assist the commu- we can head into the fall nity, Id like towith momentum.Enjoy the lake re-sponsibly, plan events for the fall now and enjoy the summer.Lake Anna Life & TimesSummer 2020 Ask about ourBoat HousesSun DecksBoat LiftsRoll Up WindowsSea WallsWed Like To Bid On Your Ideas!C.C. McCotterpackage boatPublisher, Lake Anna Lifehouse plans! (540) 894-1037lkannadocks.com Editors Note: Have a Lake Anna issue youd like to express your views on? Submit your 71 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral, Virginia 23117 piece to us and make your voice be heard! The opinions expressed in this column are meant to elicit a response from our readers. If youd like to submit an essay for publication please email it to 30 us at lkalife@earthlink.net'