b'Title Specialists Of VirginiaWe are fully committed tp providing the highest quality of service for all yourSPECIAL PEOPLE OF LKAtitle and settlement needs throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.We pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and ethical expertise. We are proud to be a military-family owned and operated company.- Kelly A. Daniel, Owner 475 Davis Highway,Mineral,VA 23117 tel-540-259-3158fax-540-216-0208Kelly@titlespecialistsofva.comPhoto by Lauren WoodberryGetting A Birds Eye View Of Lake AnnaBY AMY HAGER Here at the lake, there are only a handful of seaplane pilots and one E arlier this summer many LKAersof them is Bob Woodberry. got a glimpse of a formation of The Contrary Creek resident earned seaplanes flying over Lake Anna onhis pilots license in 1972 while sta-a gorgeous sunny day in May.tioned in northern Virginia as a navalThe planes flying that day were pi- officer. He did not fly in the militaryloted by a group of friends that forbut was an engineer assigned to the the last 10 years have met at LakeNavel Propulsion Program. Annatorenewacquaintancesand Woodberryusedhis VAbenefits share flying experiences for some- toobtainadditionalpilotratings, thing they call a Splash In.includinghisinstructorcertificate, The number of planes that attendairlinepilotcertificate,andsingle/the gathering varies year to year andmulti-engine land and sea ratings. depends on factors such as weather, In 1985 he and his wife, Penny, mechanicalconditions,andsched- boughttheirfirstseaplane,a1947 ules. They hail from many places inSeabee.Healsoboughttheland the eastern United States, includingadjoining his original property and NewEngland,Pennsylvania,Flori- built the hangar were his Seabee is da, Maryland, and the Carolinas, tokept today. name a few.The Woodberrys are a flying fam- Some years as few as three air- ily, which includes five children and planes show up, other years as many10 grandchildren. There has always JET SKI & BOAT RENTALS as 15 make it to the gathering.beenatleastoneairplaneintheThe highly experienced small air- family since 1972 and two of their plane and, in particular, seaplane pi- sons, as well as one granddaughter, lots include flight instructors, corpo- earned their pilot license. rate pilots, active or former military,Their son, Craig, makes a living as and current airline pilots.a professional pilot and also pilots aThis year, in part, the eight vesselsseaplane on Lake Anna. Their aircraft in attendance dedicated their flightfleet includes land planes as well as Lake Anna Life & TimesSummer 2020to the first responders helping treatsingle and multi-engine seaplanes. the COVID epidemic.Seaplanes share the lake withboats,jetskies,and other watercraft. Youll of-ten see the Woodberrys orother pilots taking off and landing. Airplanes perform better when taking off and land-ing into the wind, and the addition of waves and boat 540.894.1518 wakes can present a chal-lkawatersports.com lenge for seaplanes. Take-200 Boardwalk WayMineral, VA 23117 off and landings must be Located Behind Tims on Lake Anna24 Author with pilot Bob Woodberry.'