b'lake business focus onfocus onLong & Foster At The Lake Team Gets New Office On Rt. 208 Long & Foster has had a Lake Annafounders, Henry Long, Wes Foster, and Doug and Angel Hough are both As-office since 2003, but recently the loca- one employee in a 600-square-foot of- sociateBrokerswithcareersinreal tion of the office has been upgraded. fice. Now there are over 220 offices inestate since 1993. Angel was born and The office we were in was stale andeightstatesacrossthemid-Atlanticraised at Lake Anna, with Doug being not in a good location, said Associateregion, making it the largest private- a resident since 1978. Doug has a his-Broker, Angel Hough. The new loca- ly-owned real estate company in thetory of mortgage banking, appraising, tion is about a mile north of SturgeonUnitedStates.Beingaffiliatedwithconstruction, and real estate develop-Creek Marina, on the west side of 208them gives the agents at Lake Annament. They have raised their 2 children Courthouse Road -a local iconic placeaccess to many programs, advertisingin the area and enjoy gardening and as it is the office with the waterfall.opportunitiesanddiscounts,referralentertaining their two Jack Russells. Although the office space is new,connections nationwide, and training Beth Ann Levers has been a licensed the great service and family office at- or opportunities to attend classes. agent since 2004 and is a fierce nego-mosphere is still the same with eightThe local Lake Anna office team istiator.agents.madeupofLake Annanativesand Jonda Light has been enjoying realWe are looking to take on sometransplants,andaccordingtotheirestate since getting licensed in 2003.new agents, but we will be very se- website,theyareatruepartofJackieSmootisthenewestteam lective in who we hire.We enjoy ourthecommunityyourfriends,yourmember, but a veteran to real estate. work atmosphere of small, tight-knit,neighbors, your colleagues. We shop,Licensed since 1998, she started her willing to help each other, no dramadine, and play at the neighborhood at- career in Gainesville before moving to workplace and we plan to keep it thattractions. We volunteer with area non- Lake Anna full time. way, adds Hough, Quality, not quan- Long & Foster is now located on Rt. 208,profits. We send our kids to the localJuli Sweet is a veteran agent as she tity is important to all of us.just north of Sturgeon Creek. schools and enjoy all that our commu- has been licensed since 1989 and hasAlthough there is a common mis- nity has to offer. lived at the lake for over 30 years. conceptionthat Angelandherhus- ny is headquartered in Chantilly, mak- Anne Corbin has been licensed since Liz Wilson is an Associate Broker band, Doug, own the office, Long &ingtherealestatebusinessmodel2014 and has a history of working for aand has been in real estate since 2002. Foster offices are not franchises likeunique.law office, which has helped her whenShe has a passion for riding horses in other real estate groups. The compa- Long & Foster began in 1968 with thenavigating the world of real estate.her free time. LKALiz Wilson Juli Sweet Anne Corbin Doug & Angel Hough(540) 226-6475 (540) 672-8474 (540) 219-3646 (540) 846-5844 Let Our Lake Anna Team Liz@LNF.com Land4you2@LNF.com Anne.Corbin@Longandfoster.com (540) 207-9963 Show You How To Wake Up APH@LNF.com To This Every Morning!www.facebook.com/LongandFosterLakeandCountryLake Anna Life & TimesSummer 2020www.longandfoster.com/LakeAnna13001 Lake Anna Village Dr Spotsylvania, VA 2255118'