b'dock talk See Also:the Year p. 14Real Estate Outlook p. 8Cutalong Update p. 10Lake Anna Resort p. 11EMS Effort For Lake p. 13LABP Persons ofLighted Boat Parade p. 16Lake Anna Business p. 17Dike 3 CatwalkLAAC Water Quality And Evinronment Subcommittee Holds To Be Removed Annual Meeting To Discuss Hydrilla And More AttheirJanuarymeeting,LAAC is tasked with manag- ThedyeisA D V IS O R Y C ington, Virginiaentitled the Lake Anna Advisory Com- ing the lakes hydrilla and hasusedna- A O Aquatic Plant and Al-mittee(LAAC)listenedasbeen treating it using aquatiction-wideN M gae Management.Environmental/WaterQual- herbicides since 2015.foraquat- N M LAAC has a man-Aity Subcommittee Chairman,After no herbicide treatmenticweeddatefromLouisa, IE TJohnCasaleadvisedthemin 2019 in Freshwater Creekt r e a t - OrangeandSpot-Kof the annual meeting on hy- wheresome10-20acresofment.ItsT sylvania Counties to A EEdrillamanagementandhisshallow water have harboredsafe,non- controlLakeAnnas Lrecommendationsforthehydrilla off and on for years,toxicandhydrilla.Todatethe The sign that appearedcoming year. return growth combined withcreatesanap- grouphasspentnearly December 13 at Dike 3. Casale, a resident of the lakelow water created conditionspealingcolortothe$23,000 on this task.A sign appearing on Rt. 622/ on Duck In Hole Creek, toldwhere some residents com- water according to Casale. The LAAC Hydrilla Manage-Moodytown Road in Decem- LAAC members the Januaryplained. LAACvotedunanimouslymentProtocol,writtenand ber brought bad news to Lake6meetingwasattentedby Casale told LAAC that fortouseupto$1,600oftheapproved last year, notes the Anna anglers - the longtimefour members of the Virginia2020hewouldrecommend$4,000budgedin2020forentire process the group fol-anglers catwalk on the lowerDepartmentofGame&In- the use of a Mako dye to: 1)hydrilla management for thelows. end of the lake in Louisa Coun- land Fisheries and four mem- determinetheflowrateofdyetreatmentpendingDo- LAACmeetseveryother ty was going to be removed. bers of Dominion Energy.FreshwaterCreekand2)tominion Energys review andmonthatanalternating Life & Times reached out toHe noted their discussion fo- shade out hydrilla and thusapproval of the plan. county location on the fourth theVirginiaDepartmentofcused on the only significantprevent it from growing. Casalealsoreceivedap- Wednesdayofthemonth. Game & Inland Fisheries forgrowthofthesubmerged If this worked, there wouldprovalfromthecommitteeThe next meeting will be held the official word. aquaticweedinFreshwaterbe no need to employ aquaticforhimtoattenda VirginiaMarch 25 in Orange. LKAPublicRelationsManagerCreek. herbicide.TechworkshopheldinLex-PaigePearsonnoted:The Dike 3 catwalk is being closedAnnual State Of Lake Report Readied For County Supervisorsduetosafetyconcerns. The facilitys design does not meetIn the coming weeks mem- fecting the lake; Finance,Virginia Department of Gameelected LAAC Chairman for currentsafetystandards.bers of the Lake Anna Adviso- Environmental/Water Qual- & Inland Fisheries and the2020 at LAACs January meet-VDGIFanalyzedpotentialre- ry Committee will review andity, HAB, Navigation/Safety,Lake Anna Civic Association. ing compiles the draft report placementsforthecurrentapprove a draft of the annualFishing, Government Affairs, LAACs purpose, accordingbefore presenting it to the catwalkbutwasunabletoState of Lake Anna Report.Recreation, Development,to the cooperative agreementLAAC for review. identifyafinanciallyfeasibleEach year the group is taskedLake Anna State Park andand Bylaws is to address Per the articles of forma-alternativethatwouldsuf- with compiling the report forTransportation/Roads. matters of joint interests per- tion, the purpose of this report ficientlyaddresssafetycon- the three Boards of Supervi- Once approved the finaltaining to Lake Anna and theis to return to the stated duty cerns and meet current designsors around the lake. rendition will be presented toadjacent shorelands governedof annually advising Louisa, standards. The report consists of 10Orange, Louisa and Spotsyl- by the surrounding counties.Orange and SpotsylvaniaThe area is not closing. Bankseparate subcommittee re- vania County Supervisors asC.C. McCotter (publisher ofCounties on Lake Anna.fishing will continue to be per- ports addressing issues af- well as Dominion Energy, thethis newspaper), who wasLKAmited. LKAAre you protected? 540-895-5011 Lake Anna Life & TimesWinter 2020Dillard Alarm is the company to call. Whether youre looking for home orWe perform a vast array of survey types: boundaries, business security, Dillard Alarm hashouse location, retracements, subdivision layout, flood a plan of protection for you.elevation certificates, family divisions and more.Contact us with any questions on survey matters you do To learn more, visit them onlineRexford L. Ostrander not understand. 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