b'dock talk See Also:Lake Anna p. 7Annual Hydrilla Report p. 7Dike 3 Catwalk Removal p. 7LAAC State ofReal Estate Outlook p. 8Cutalong Update p. 10Lake Anna Resort p. 11EMS Effort For Lake p. 13Lake Area Legislators Sponsor Bills To Fund Algae StudyBY C.C. MCCOTTER Assembly an executive summary and abut also those downstream and prop-report of its findings and recommenda- erty owners from all over the Common- Virginia House of Delegates Districttions for publication as a House or Sen- wealth who own property on the lake. 56RepresentativeJohnMcGuirehasate document. Scientists recommendedIn addition to toxicity, we also need to writtenandsponsoredaHouseJointtwo bloom cycles were needed to fullyidentifycausalfactorsandremedies. Resolution requesting the Virginia De- study the algae. Theproblemseriouslyimpactspublic partment of work to conduct sampling, Del. McGuire told Life & Times howhealth,propertyvalue,andlocaleco-observation, and research at Lake Annahebecameinvolved: Constituentsinnomic development.and surrounding lands and waterways;the 56th District and the Louisa CountyI am carrying a companion bill in the seek to identify the source or cause ofBoard of Supervisors brought this issueSenate that funds the Virginia Depart-the harmful algal blooms; determine ato my attention. Three counties, Louisa,ment of Health $250,000 for two years near-termtreatmentplanthatcanre- Spotsylvania, and Orange, are directlyto conduct the testing and study. Both duce such blooms and ameliorate theireffectedbythisissue. Theseharmfulbills are necessary to address the prob-effects; and devise a long-term strategyalgal blooms, also referred to as HABs,lem.foreliminating,ifpossible,therecur- areharmfultoresidentsandvisitorsBerkley District Spotsylvania Supervi-rence of harmful algal blooms in Lakeand severely impacting recreational useLeft to right - LABP President Marksor Kevin Marshall serves on the Lake Anna. of the lake.Smith with Delegate John McGuire,Anna Advisory Committee, an advisory Wording in the resolution was being fi- With this study, technical assistanceLABP Director Steven Harler at thebody for the three lake counties. LAAC nalized at the Life & Times deadline, andwould be provided to the Department ofLABP Member Appreciation Night inhas been hoping for legislative action to McGuire was joined by Delegate MarkHealth by the Department of Agriculturehelp fund an HAB study.Cole, Delegate Buddy Fowler and Sena- and Consumer Services, the DepartmentSeptember 2019.The Lake Anna community has been tor Bryce Reeves as a co-patrons of theof Conservation and Recreation, and thewealth I wholeheartedly agree that theexperiencingHABbloomscausingno proposed study. Senator Mark Peake isDepartment of Environmental Quality toState needs to become more engagedswim advisories for the last two years. also supportive with a Senate bill. Fund- figure out the causes of these HABs andin this issue. Ihavemeetwithandaskedforhelp ing levels will be announced pendingopen up avenues to solutions.We owe an full examination of HABfrom Delegates, the state health depart-approval. Lake Anna is a large tourist attractiontoourpropertyowners,businessesment, and our local soil and water dis-The resolution also notes technical as- for our region as well as home for manyandvisitors. TogetherwiththeCom- tricts with solving the problem. While all sistance shall be provided to the Depart- of my constituents, HABs are harmingmonwealth,SpotsylvaniaandOrangethree above-mentioned agencies want ment of Health by the Department ofboth tourism and quality of life withincounties along with Dominion Energyto help the funding source to do so has Agriculture and Consumer Services, themy district. My goal is to bring all thewe will continue to look for a solution tonot been in place. HJ 40 gives direction, Department of Conservation and Recre- stakeholders together to get positive re- this issue. I am grateful for the supportfunding and responsibilities to our state ation, and the Department of Environ- sults for the constituents in my district. from all three of our General Assemblyagencies to work on the issue. Through mental Quality. All agencies of the Com- MineralDistrictSupervisorDuanemembersDel.McGuireandSenatorsthe partnership with LAAC, which has monwealth shall provide assistance toAdamsalsoweighedinonthepro- Bryce Reeves and Mark Peake.been one of several local groups work-the Department of Health for this study,posed resolution: HJ40 is an important Senator Peake also spoke to Life &ing to find solutions to the HAB, I hope upon request. piece of legislation offered by Del. JohnTimes about HABs and HJ 40. we will be able to solve the problem. A proposed timeline for the comple- McGuire.This study is needed to address aLake Anna is enjoyed by thousands of tion of the VDH study would be Novem-UnderstandingthatLake Annaisserious issue on Lake Anna. The algaecitizens of Spotyslvania and I want to do ber 30, 2021, when the agency wouldan important economic asset not onlybloomissueaffectsnotonlytheciti- all that I can to protect the lake and the submit to the Governor and the Generalto Louisa County but to the Common- zensofLouisa,Orange,Spotsylvania,citizens that use it. LKANow selling garden and Serving the lake storage sheds! Quality area since 1968! Lake Anna Life & TimesWinter 2020Remodelingemergency service REMODELING SERVICEShot water heater / well pumpsDecks / Pergolashose bibs / faucets / drain cleaningKitchens / Bathrooms garage disposal / pipe replacement540894.8770 BasementsMinutes from the lake! Additions / Pre-sale Repairs 4541 chopping rd. , mineral, vA 23117 (434) 589-1904 www.qualityplumbingremodeling.com5'