b'lake anna LKA lettersTMlife & timesPublisher correspondenceWoods & Waters Publishing, LCDear Lake Anna Life,Editor-In-ChiefC.C. McCotterWe just bought a home at the lake but live full time in northern Virginia. How do we get Lake Anna Life & Times?Managing EditorChristine McCotter Jane DelacroixSterling, Virginia Editorial Welcome to the lake! Annual subcriptions are available for $35 and sent via first class mail. The entire publication is also available Staff Writers to read at www.lakeannalife.com. - EDLibby SandridgeJane Gallagher Dear Editor,Advertising What is being done to ensure we dont have the algae in the lake any more?Senior Account RepresentativeAmy Hager Robert A. HansenRockville, Maryland Advertising Design Check out the story on the facing page and note that state legislators are now fully Our Services Include: aware of the issue and working to get a com-Woods & Waters Publishing, LCprehensive study done on Lake Annas algae issues. The Lake Anna Advisory Committee Preventative Care: All Life Stages and Lake Anna Civic Association are alsoLake Anna Life is hiring. Writers andworking tobetter understand what is caus-Digital Radiographssales people should contact us ating algae blooms so mitigation efforts can Digital Ultrasound begin. - EDlkalife@earthlink.net.If youd like to advertise in this paper, our Class IV Therapeutic Laserannual magazine or on our illustrated Pet Care map call us at 540.894.3540. Dear LKA Life, with In House Pharmacy Definitely would like to see the Lighted Boat In House/External Laboratory ServicesParade as a yearly tradition. We watched from Dr. Daniel B Slovis, DVM Dental Services/Digital Dental Xraysthe Maple Springs dock.Chiropractic AdjustmentsJonathan ChristianHELP! My Pet Is Itchy!! #lkalife Mineral, VA540-894-4572 try food changesSoft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgery See page 15 for 2020 date announcement. - EDMany pet owners have animals that haveVeterinarians usuallyTTA Cruciate Repair SurgeryD r Daniel B Slovis, DVM 2-4 months per an allergic skin issues.The first step in de- with either OTC or prescription diets.Food veloping a treatment plan for your pet,is totrials needs to be doneRegenerative Medicine: diagnose the cause. food to see if an allergy is the cause. Our PoliciesConveniently located in the When fleas or ticks are the cause, that canGrain free food is not an ideal option dueAnicell, Stem Cell Treatmentsbe theNewbridge Landing Shopping Centercausefacebook.com/lakeannalifeAll communications for print whether easiest treatment for the primaryto studies indicating that they can animal. However all the pets in the househeartdamage.OnemustbecarefulinCompassionate End of Life Care11012 Kentucky Springs Rd by mail, text or email must be signed along with the house and outside the housechoosing a food, and we recommend stay- by the person submitting the letter and to rid a property of fleas. Mineral, VA23117 boutique companiesWebsitewww.lakeannalife.com include a phone number/address where need to be treated. It can take 3-5 monthsing away from small who do not have a veterinary nutritionist onEmail lkalife@earthlink.net the person can be reached. We reserve Environmental causes can be molds, grass,the staff.the right to edit for grammar. The opin-Visit our website for more information. Copyrightby Woods & Waters Publishing LC 2020. ions expressed here do not necessarily pollen and dust mites These are more dif- You can also develop a home-cooked diet ficult to treat and require allergy testing tousing TVCM and a veterinary nutritionist to www.lakeannaveterinaryhospital.com All rights reserved.reflect those of the Publisher or Editor, confirm they are the cause.Treatment in- make sure the diet is balanced.Lake Anna Life & TimesWinter 2020volves allergy shots or monoclonal antibodySkin can be frustrating issue and at timesPrinted on recycled newsprint. merely those of our readers. Please injections.Environmengtalisoneofthea diagnosis is not knownwe treat symp- LKA is a licensed trademark used with permission. submit all electronic correspondence and most common causes for allergies. toms and use medications that are safe foradvertising inquiry to lkalife@earthlink.Diet is also another cause and one needsyour pet. Lake Anna Life Monthly is published six times a year. It to discuss this with a trained professionalIf your pet is experiencing any discomfortis distributed on newsstands around the Lake Anna re- net and all mail to Lake Anna Life, 114 to know what foods give you the best op- with an allergy or other issue, dont wait,gion and inserted into other publications. The electronicOld Quarry Lane, Bumpass, VA 23024.version can be viewed at www.lakeannlife.com. Subcrip-tions for treatment. This can be diagnosedbring it to our hospital so we can examinetions are available for $35 per year (first class mail). We with allergy testing, however this test is notit. Welove them just like you do! invite the submission of exclusive articles and cannot be responsible to the return of Find The Lake Anna reliable. Our Services Include:unsolicited works. 114 Old Quarry Lane, Bumpass, VA 23024. News tip andMonster.advertising inquiry email: lkalife@earthlink.net. OfficePreventative Care: All Life Stagesphone: 540.894.9144. All Lake Anna Monster submis- Its hidden somewhere in this issue. sions or Letters From The Lake must be signed with Digital Radiographs is a federally registered trade- Guess right and be entered to return address. LKA mark used with permission by the trademark holder.win a $15 LKA Outfitters gift 540.894.4572 Any use must be approved and licensed by the trade-Digital Ultrasound certificate. Email your guess 11012 Kentucky Springs Rd., Mineral, VA 23117 mark holder - Woods & Waters Publishing. For inquiresto us at lkalife@earthlink.net.4 Class IV Therapeutic Lasercall 540.894.3540.In House PharmacyIn House/External Laboratory ServicesDental Services/Digital Dental Xrays Chiropractic Adjustments 540-894-4572 Soft Tissue & Orthopedic SurgeryD r Daniel B Slovis, DVM TTA Cruciate Repair SurgeryConveniently located in theRegenerative Medicine: Newbridge Landing Shopping CenterAnicell, Stem Cell Treatments11012 Kentucky Springs Rd Compassionate End of Life CareMineral, VA23117Visit our website for more information.www.lakeannaveterinaryhospital.com'