b'Dr. Slovis set up his office using the latest technol-ogy for diagnois and treatment.How important is it to make an anima-WhatmakesLakeAnnaVeterinarycomfortable during a visit and how do Hospital different from other vets? Beyou and your staff accomplish this?specific on the equipment, plus some 85% of the staff are trained in fear philosophicaldifferencesyoumightfree techniques. This involves pre-visit have. medications at times, a lot of love andWe are an AAHA certified Hospital.treats as well.We do not want to make In veterinary Medicine it is an optionthe patient scared and that is the goal to become certified and only 15% ofof a veterinary visit; to make it enjoy-practices do so.I feel this helps usable and fear free. You can find out show we want to practice the highestmoreathttps://fearfreehappyhomes.standard of care for your pets.We arecomvery technology based and continue toupgradeequipmentasneeded.Howimportantisyourstafftothe We recently upgraded to a more ad- business and why?vanced Digital Radiology system.Our All the staff are part of the local com-prior version was only 9 years old butmunity.We employee 15 staffers who that is how fast technology changes.are more valuable for the success and We have state of the art in house labo- reputation of the hospital than words ratory equipment so we can diagnosecan say.Without the staff we would and treat the patient as soon as pos- not be as well respected as we are.sible.Iprovideregenerativemedi-cine as well for arthritis issues usingWhat made you choose Lake Anna?a system called pro-stridethis has I knew they were building a shop-been very beneficial for animals whoping center and when I researched the have arthritis. area I noted the closet practice was 15 miles away.It was a risk but the idea Please detail the services the hospitalwas if we provide excellent care and offers for normal care and emergencycustomer service we will be able to care. develop a client base.Everything from regular preventative care to Emergency Intestinal surgery .What are your plans for the future of We are very well equipped to handlethe hospital? Where do you see your-most issuesWe at this time do notself in five and 10 years from now?perform complicated fracture repairs We are in the process of developing (this will change in the future).continued on pag 20Lake Anna Life & TimesWinter 2020Trained veterinary staff helping Dr. Slovis. 19'