b'Discovering The special People OfLake Anna Dr. Dan SlovisA series documenting those that are making a difference in the Communityby C.C. McCotterW Is it the abundant fishof families/folks that have made sure that those that live and visit here will be able to enjoy this intrinsic beauty of What makes Lake Anna so specialthe lake. These are the special people to so many people, both resident andand places of Lake Anna and we should visitor alike? Is it the clear, clean andall be grateful for them.warm water?Our subject this issue is Dr. Daniel and birds that also make the lake theirSlovis, the 44-year-old owner of Lake home? Is it the lake lifestyle that fea- Anna VeterinaryHospitalopenedin tures both laid back and wild boat par- 2011. Slovis resides in nearby Mont-ties and places with names like Cocktailpelier with his wife, Kristine and son, Cove, The Sand Bar, Kayakers Beach,Gilbert.Skinny Dippers Cove and Bohemian We caught up with him recently and Bay? Or is it places like Tims, Annaasked him about his Lake Anna busi-Cabana, Anna Point Marina and Highness.Point Marina that offer great access and good times? How did you decide to become a vet-Its probably all of the above as wellerinarian?as 100 other reasons depending on My entire life we have had animals who you ask. But if you asked folks toin our familyThese animals includ-name what makes Anna so special itsed rabbits, cats and horses. I started more often than not something thatsriding horses when I was seven and naturala sunset, woods, a beach, ahave always been involved in horses quiet morning. andthatwasmyoriginalpassion.I In this series well bring you the storyinitially was set on being an equineDr. Slovis with one of his furry patients.veterinarian but after my fourth year in veterinary school I developed a real passion for small animal medicine. I did however start in equine medi-cine but over time it was in my best interest and quality of life to make a change to small animal medicine in-stead.Ihavebeenpracticingveterinary medicine for 18 years and 14 of those Lake Anna Life & TimesWinter 2020years has been in small animal medi-cinePleasedetailyoureducationalback-ground prior to becoming a vet?I started in a college in New Jersey called Monmouth College,after one yearoflivinginJerseyIoptedto transfer to University of Kentucky and continued my education in animal sci-ence with emphasis in equine stud-ies.Dr. Slovis business is located next to the Lake Anna Food Lion.18'