b'dock talk See Also:Lake Anna Real Estate p. 8No Hydrilla Treatment p. 10State Park Renovations p. 11New LACA President p. 13Hotside Subdivision Denied p. 14Special People: Gary Griffith p. 16Tap House Coming To Lake p. 20 Rezoning Request VDH Says Harmful Algae Blooms Are Back Up Lakecontinued from page 5go well. BY C.C. MCCOTTERTesting is usually completed Griffithalsonotedheisevery two weeks at the lake reallyjustlookingfortheLake Anna residents wereand the areas to avoid can be same rezoning that a proper- hopefultheharmfulalgaeseen on an interactive map ty across the street receivedbloom advisories would notatwww.SwimHealthyVA.with no proffers, a propertyreturn this season but thosecom.part-owned by Purcell. hopesendedinlateJuly Algaebloomscanoccur We just felt like wed dowhentheVirginiaDepart- whenwarmwaterandnu-just what our neighbors did.ment of Health issued advi- trientscombinetomake Wedounderstandthingssories for much of the upperconditionsfavorableforal-havechangedandoneoflake. gae growth. Most algae spe-our goals is also to protectTheNorthAnnaRivercies are harmless; however, our community, Griffith toldbranchofthelakewasini- somespeciesmayproduce L&T. tiallydeemedunsafeforirritating compounds or tox- Scott Leiffer, owner of BellswimmingdowntoTheins.Avoiddiscoloredwater Surveys commented on theSplits region. The Pamunkeyor scums that are green or rezoning request via the LakeBranch of the lake was con- blueish-green.Anna Life Facebook page.sidered unsafe initially down The Virginia Department of His insight took a differentto Stubbs Bridge. The mostHarmful algae bloom advisory areas from VDH. Health and the Virginia Harm-view on the proposed devel- recent advisory includes theful AlgalBloom TaskForce, opment: All of this talk aboutNorthAnnaonlydowntolessotherbodiesofwaterin these advisory areas untilwhichincludestheVDH, developing in this commentRose Valley. around the country. Recently,algaeconcentrationsreturnVDEQ, and the Old Dominion stream and no one seems toVDH advisories are issuedthough, due to stricter test- to acceptable levels. Phytoplanktonlab,monitor realize one particular issue.whenharmfulalgae(cy- ing standards or a change in Some harmful algae canwater quality in the lake. just having the land rezonedanobacteria)concentrationsthe level of toxins producedcauseskinrashandgas-In general, advisories may doesntmeanbusinesswillexceedlevelsdeemedsafeby the algae, no swimmingtrointestinalillnesses,suchbe lifted following two con-come to this area.forhumansbyVDEQandadvisorieshavebeenis- asupsetstomach,nausea,secutive test results with ac-Virginia Community BankVDH standards. sued. vomiting and diarrhea. Advi- ceptable levels for algal cell had a piece of land next toAlgae blooms are nothing Thepublicisadvisedtosory signs will be posted incounts and/or toxin concen-WindwoodCovesthattheynew to Lake Anna and count- avoid contact with the lakeareas of the lake. tration.LKAtried to entice a company to buildamedicalcenter.No publicwaterandnosewerLAAC Prepared For HAB Advisories With New Protocol Planwas one of the main issuesBY C.C. MCCOTTERPre-event action involves to ruin the deal.awareness; providing per- Several different hotel andThe Lake Anna Advisorysonal safety, pet safety and restaurant chains have beenCommittee reviewed andenvironmental safety tips contactedaboutbuildingapproved a Harmful Algaethrough outreach trigged by next to the Food Lion at theBloom Communication PlanCounty request.lakeovertheyearsagain,presented by LAAC Commu- During an event, notification no water and sewer.nication Subcommittee Chairis trigged by an advisory fromThe cost of these infrastruc- Sarah Perkinson. the VDH; all lake patrol teamsLake Anna Life & TimesLate Summer 2019tures are very high. Just be- Perkinson, the Dominionwould be made aware of HAB causethislandisrezoned,Energy representative onadvisory areas as well as all does not mean anyone willLAAC, presented the 61-pageapplicable county agencies locatethereuntilthewaterdocument at the July LAACand departments.and sewer is in place Pub- meeting after discussing the The public would also be no-licsewerwouldtakehun- plan with the County Admin- tified by a VDH press release, dredsofmillionsofdollarsistrators of Louisa, Orangeadditional press releases to and 20 years to plan, permitand Spotsylvania Countieslocal media, social media, andinstallandnoone,in- and LAAC Chairman C.C.signage outreach to home cluding the County, wants toMcCotter. owners associations, rental spend that kind of money. A flow chart in the documentagencies and the use of Citi-I have no opinion on thedetailed the steps to be takenWarning signs like this are posted by the VDH around thezen Alert Systems. rezoningeitherway.Justprior to a Virginia Departmentlakes public access points advising visitors to avoid cer- The post event plan is to food for thought. If you wantof Health issued HAB advi- summarize; providing final services at the lake, you needsory right on through the endtain areas of the lake that test positive for HAB.to press the County for infra- of the advisory. outreach and the go ahead to structure. LKA resume normal activies. LKA 7'