b'dock talk See Also:Algae Blooms Return p. 7HAB Communication Plan p. 7Lake Anna Real E state p. 8No Hydrilla Treatment p. 10State Park Renovations p. 11Hotside Subdivision Denied p. 14Tap House Coming To Lake p. 20 Lake Developer Asks For Rezoning Of 125 A1 Acres To Commercial BY WALTER CLAXTONAt a Louisa County Neighborhood MeetingheldinJuly,PurcellgrilledIn what appears to be an epic boutGriffithaboutspecificsofthedevel-pittingopposingpointsofviewonopment plan. Griffith answered what howasignificantportionofLouisaquestionshecouldanddeflected Countys Lake Anna economic growthother inquires by noting he was curi-areaistobedeveloped,longtimeous to know what Purcell has planned LouisaCountyheavyweightdevel- for his 200 acres and that the rezoning oper Charles F. Purcell is squaring offwould permit Griffith, Carter and their against Lake Anna developers Lonnieinvestors to probably undertake simi-Carter and Gary Griffith. lar projects. Round one was held 7 pm Thursday,Inaletterdated August1sentto August 8 at the Louisa County Plan- Lake Anna Life, Purcell called Griffith ning Commission meeting held in theand Carters plan speculative rezon-Louisa County Schools Administrativeing aimed at getting approval before Building. There, Carters agent; GriffithVDOTsWaresCrossroadsredesign presentedarezoningrequesttotheandbeforenewarchitecturalstan-Planning Commissioners for consider- dards can be passed for this growth ation and members of the public werearea.encouraged to share their opinions.Griffith told Lake Anna Life & TimesCarter (owner of Carter Fine Prop- that getting the rezoning request ap-erties, LLC) and Griffith (Dockside De- provedwouldsendasignaltothe velopment) want to develop 125 acresprojectsinvestorstomoveforward of agriculturally zoned land on eitherand therefore enable him to provide side of Rt. 613 (Mansfield Road) thatthe finer details of the planned devel-alsopartiallyfrontsRt.522acrossopment. from Dickinsons Store. To do so, theyllBasedonhis30-yearexperience need it rezoned to Commercial, spe- with projects like The Boardwalk and cifically C2. Purcell and W.A. DickinsonSunset Cove and over a dozen other (owner of Dickinsons Store) also ownLake Anna communities, Griffith feels 200 acres of commercially zoned landtheres no reason to do all kinds of ex-nearby. pensive site plan studies until rezon- The rub, according to Purcell, is thatPlanned development is overlayed on two properties located along Mansfielding is approved.this proposed rezoning is redundant, Griffth told L&T: Where we are is too vague and would: 1) create evenRoad and Rt. 522 across from Wares Crossroads. that Louisa County wanted to know a more unsafe traffic conditions aroundrun community waste water system,raise concerns over property bufferslittle bit more about the entrances to theintersectionofRt.522and2084) raise concerns about storm waterand 8) raise concerns over C2 zoningthe development and we have better (Wares Crossroads), 2) raise concernsmanagement, 5) raise concerns overland uses. informationforthemnow. Wehave over where the applicants will get thea lack of stated covenants and restric- Purcell declined to comment whenthe answers they wanted and I think waterforthedevelopment,3)raisetionstodevelopment,6)raisecon- hisofficewascontactedbyLife&the meeting on the August 29 should concerns over the proposed privatelycerns over architectural guidelines, 7)Times. continued on page6Now selling garden andLake Anna Life & TimesLate Summer 2019Serving the lake storage sheds! Quality area since 1968!Remodelingemergency service REMODELING SERVICEShot water heater / well pumpsDecks / Pergolashose bibs / faucets / drain cleaningKitchens / Bathrooms garage disposal / pipe replacement540894.8770 BasementsMinutes from the lake! Additions / Pre-sale Repairs 4541 chopping rd. , mineral, vA 23117 (434) 589-1904 www.qualityplumbingremodeling.com5'