b'LAKE ANNAeat&drinkDINING NEWSWant to advertise inLake Anna Life & Times Eat&Drink? Email lkalife@earthlink.netfor information. Kim Jovanellki, Page Editor will be in touch.Cooling Pond Brewery Planning OctoberfestA Short Drive Not to be confused with Lake- CoolingPondowner/brewerFor A GreatOpen 11a-9pMeal!toberfest, which will also be heldJohnPopeisnotexpecting atCoolingPondBrewery,this10,000 visitors, but he does plan business will also be holding aon brewing up some special fall traditional Octoberfest from Sep- beers,keepingthefoodtrucks tember 21 through October 4. well-stockedandhavingbands Octoberfest originated in Ger- play on the Lake Anna Life Me-man Bavaria, the result of twodia stage.centuries worth of partying. I plan on offering two Octo-In the old country 10,000+ rev- berfest style beers; Marzen and ellers drink, eat, sing and danceFestbier. Marzen is simlar to Vi-inmassivehalls.Specialfestenna Lager and Festbier is deep beers are brewed and the eventgold with malt and hop flavors.Serving affordable and prompt lunches & dinnersofficially opens with the tappingSept. 21-Oct. 6 I will have both on tap starting131 Mineral Ave., Mineral, VA. Just a few minutes from the lake!of the first Oktoberfest keg. September 21. LKAB r e a k f a s t / L u n c h/ D i n n e rLIVE At Coyote Hole Continues Into The Fall ATM - Exxon FuelNow Order August 31, Big Gavel will playBeer - Wine Online! In addition to their remainingSeptember 7, Will Gravatt is per- Minnows - CoffeeOrchardMovieNightssched- forming September 17, Big RobUncle Mikes uled for August 31/Gone In 60and Wayne play September 21, Seconds, October 19/Blair WitchMackenzie Roak performs Sep- Tackle ShopandOctober26/Beetlejuice,tember28andScottMcMillen5224 Kentucky Springs Rd, CoyoteHoleCiderworksalsodebuts October 5. Bumpass, VA 23024hosts LIVE at Coyote Hole - aCidermasterChrisDenkers series of musical performancesis planning on a special fall re- LKAby regionally popular articles. lease WearThe music starts around 5 pm All of the Coyote Hole eventsElkcreekcountrystore.com 540.872.3275at this outdoor venue where at- can be reviewed at https://www.tendees are encouraged to bringfacebook.com/pg/CoyoteHole/lawn chairs and blankets.Big Rob and Wayne are sched- events/ LKA Darcy Dawn is scheduled foruled to perform Sept. 21. OPENING LABOR DAY WEEKEND!Delightful Visit To The New Lake Anna Deli Lake Annas very own water- meal was delivered to the table24 taps front, authentic deli opened inwithin 10 minutes by a cordial June and has been serving upemployee. featuringAmerican style deli sandwich-The smoothie was a refresh- craft beers!es, paninis, smoothies, salads,ing way to cool off on a typicalLocated at 208 Lake Front Drpizza, ice and snacks.hot and humid summer day atMineral in Lake Anna Plaza, on the Owners Jason and Melissathe lake. It was good start toLouisa side of the 208 bridgeJanecek opened Lakeside Delifinish with no lumps with an(540) 634-7500 Lake Anna Life & TimesLate Summer 2019at The Boardwalk on Lake Annaeven, fruity flavor.under Tims restaurant. The panini was toasted cor- Our intention is to stay openrectlyandthesourdoughB&L Country year round to offer locals an- breadapleasingblendof otherdiningoption. WewillMango smooth, Cobb saladcrust and interior. The amountStorehave a few tables/seats avail- and a turkey/pimento panini. ofturkeywasadequatewithDown Lakes HQ For Fun!able however most of the busi- enough pimento to augment aFuelFoodSnacksHand scooped ice cream, ness will be call ahead, onlinesidedelilka.com)andFace- tasty tri-flavored bite. Beer Minnowssundaes, milkshakes.ordering, walk-in to-go. We arebook page to view the menuThe Cobb salad was a mini- Dealer For Licenses Cmon In For Our New Flavors!hoping within a few weeks weand place orders. masterpieceusingmixed will offer online catering ordersLife & Times recently stoppedgreens, Roquefort cheese, av-for business lunches and largeby for a lunch meeting, order- ocado, egg, and bits of onion,Minutes family gatherings at the lake,ing a mango smoothie, turkeytomato and bacon. Apparel From The200 Boardwalk WayMelissa told Life & Times. andpimentocheesepaniniNext visit we are looking for- Lake! Mineral,Virginia Janecek says there will be aand a Cobb salad. wardtotryingthepizzaand540.872.3844link on the deli website( lake- Service was prompt and thecold sandwiches. LKA 1205 Fredericks Hall Rd., Bumpass 855.MOOOYOU23'