b'Lakes Annas Newest Place To Launch Your Boat Is Now Open!Griffith is a diehard Washington Redskin fan and enjoys tailgating at the games.he might be late on the rent a time or two. It wasnta powerhouse agency that employed some of the New & used boatlong before he found a house in Overton Fork offeredbiggest names in Lake Anna real estate over thesales, full service, by the owner. Griffiths car wasnt running at the timeyears. repair & customization of of a meeting with the owner, so he rode a lawn mowerIt became the largest real estate office at the lakeall major brands, and a new from Aspen Hill to Overton, telling the owner he hadwith agents like the late Kathy Brodie, Dave Guna,store stocked with fishing a lawn mowing job he had just finished. Jenny Lukstat, Lil Conner, Kate Elim, Toni Yates andtackle, boating & beach The meeting went well enough that Griffith hadToni McQuair. supplies, snacks & drinks.his first lake home and he went to work for the lateGriffith sold Dockside to Dave Moberly in 2011. Located at Pleasants Landing Marina, next to the dam.Ray Medbury and Lakeside Real Estate for the nextI like selling real estate not managing real estateTheDryDock.net / 540-872-4180three years. agents. Im not a stay-in-the-office kind of guy, theMy first sale was to a guy named Bill Farris in 90.longtime LKAer told me. 349 Pleasant Landing Rd, Bumpass, VirginiaHe just turned 85 living in the same house in Wallers By then Griffith had been developing a community Quarters. We sold the house this year for him and Ia year around the lake. Magnolia Harbor, Sycamore helped him move with a big trailer. This was a veryShoals, Sail Away Bay and a number of others areWe invite you to stop in and check out the lakes special culmination of what I do, recall Griffith. all Griffith communities. headquarters for hardware, paint, power equipment,After being an agent the minimum of three yearsEvery year I would do a community. I like develop-necessary to open his own brokerage, Griffith diding land. I have a dock building company, an excavat- mowers, tractors and small engine repair.just that with Dockside Realty. ing company, a development company and still sell- Jon and Stephanie KorenWhen I turned 25 I called myself a quarter centuryreal estate through a new company called Lakeside wise. I decided I didnt want to work for anyoneRealty under Dockside Development. I have a lot of else. I already had Dockside set up before the threethings typical of a ADHD guy, Griffith joked.years were up.Even with everything hes got going on now, andGriffith ran Dockside for 19 years, building it intocontinued on next pageLake Anna Life & TimesLate Summer 2019Open 8a-5p M-F and Sat. 8-5894.8770540 minutes from the lake!From left to right - Griffith, Bob Probst and George Blount (Dockside Development).4541 chopping rd. , mineral17'