b'Special People Of Lake Anna SeriesGary Griffith, developer and associate broker for visionary Of The Lake. Dockside RealtyGary GriffithA series documenting those that are making a difference at Lake Annaby C.C. McCotter those that live and visit here will be able to enjoy this intrinsic beauty of the lake.These are the special people and places W resident and visitorof Lake Anna and we should all be grateful for them. Its not impossible that youve sat down atWhat makes Lake Anna so special to soa bar or restaurant in the area and the guy many people, bothplaying guitar or banjo and singing solo or alike? Is it the clear, clean and warm water?in a band was the subject of this editions Is it the abundant fish and birds that alsoSpecial People of Lake Anna. Little did you make the lake their home? Is it the lakeknow this strumming vocalist was also one lifestyle that features both laid back andof Lake Annas most prolific developers and wild boat parties and places with nameshis back story is the stuff TV movies are like Cocktail Cove, The Sand Bar, Kayak- make of these days.ers Beach, Skinny Dippers Cove andGary Griffith, 67, is a self-made success Bohemian Bay? Or is it places like Tims,story that starts from living in a camper Anna Cabana, Anna Point Marina and Hightrailer and driving to an appointment on a Point Marina that offer great access andlawn mower to creating many of the lakes good times? top communities and commercial centers. Its probably all of the above as well asAnd hes not done yet!100 other reasons depending on who you Sitting across from Griffith over a lunch ask. But if you asked folks to name whatinterview I am struck by how long Ive makes Anna so special its more often thanknown the man and how kind and humble not something thats naturala sunset,hes been for all those years. His face is woods, a beach, a quiet morning. a bit care-worn now but his blue eyes still In this series well bring you the storysparkle when he talks about a project hesMy first sale was to a guy named Bill Farris in 90. of families/folks that have made sure thatworking on or remembers a particularlyHe just turned 85 living in the same house in Wallers special story, and hes a great Lake Anna Life & TimesLate Summer 2019story teller. Quarters. We sold the house this year for him recently,The real estate agent and de-veloper from southwest Virginiaand I helped him move with a big trailer. This was a told me his first visit to Lake Anna was back in 1975. He started outvery special culmination of what I do.fishing the lake from Sturgeon Creek Marina. modestly. gone and Griffith found his way back to the Back then it was just CampbellBasically we were hippies living out of alake, living in a camper at Rocky Branch selling out of the back of histrailer. I traded Bill Blount an Alvarez banjoCampground. In his own words he got into pick up truck with a bunch of jonto drill the well. I sure would love to havethe real estate business accidently.boats along the shore, Griffiththat back. I got frustrated looking for a lot to buy reminisces about the late owner By 85 Griffith had his son, Layne, andwith owner financing so I got my license so of the marina. moved back to northern Virginias FauquierI could look at the listing system and learn In a few years, Griffith boughtCounty where he started a siding, roof andhow to navigate them.15 acres in nearby Partlow on thewindow business.He rented a house in Aspen Hill as he lower end of the lake and livedIn 89, after a divorce that business waslooked for one to buy and told his landlord 16 Left - Griffith is a talented guitarist and singer. Top, Griffith with his wife, Tiffany enjoying a lighter moment at Tims.'