b'around the lakeWHATS NEW?Rezoning For New Hot Side Subdivision Denied Until Concerns AddressedBY C.C. MCCOTTERsingle-family detached houses at a density of MembersoftheLouisaCountyPlanningone or two dwelling units per acre.Commission heard a request from W.W. Whit-A neighborhood meeting took place in lock Agency, Harkwood Timber Co. and W.A.theLouisaCountyPublicMeetingroom Cooke, Inc. to rezone approximately 86 acreson June 12, 2019 at which five individuals located in the back of Elk Creek on Wastewere in attendance. A majority of the indi-Heat Treatment Facility (a.k.a. - the Hot Sideviduals in attendance were opposed to the of Lake Anna) from Agricultural (A-2) to Resi- project.Commonreasonscitedincluded dential General (R-2) at its regular meetingover-crowding in the back of Elk Creek and held August 8. potential traffic issues. The rezoning application noted the purposeAt the August 8 meeting, Louisa County would be to create a 92-lot subdivision withstaff recommended denial of this applica-attorney Torrey Williams presenting. tion until the applicant addressed the fol-The 86.7479 acres proposed for rezoninglowing items: 1) Limit the R-2 total parcel from A-2 to R-2 will make up 43 lots. The re- numbers to what is shown on the proposed maining 49 proposed lots are already zonedplat if the number of lots proposed is trulyA view of the properties located in the R-2.TherezoningapplicationshowsR2theintentoftheapplicantasdiscussedback of Elk Creek that were requested zoned lots over 1.5 acres in size. Access toinmeetingsbetweentheapplicantandto be rezoned for a new subdivision.the subdivision is off Rt. 700. staff, 2) the subdivision must have VDOTThe Louisa County Comprehensive PlanStandard roads unless a waiver for privatelightingrequirementsforthesubdivision,At its August 8 meeting the Louisa County designatesthesubjectpropertiespartiallyroadsisrequestedbytheapplicantand5) The applicant should clarify if any per- PlanningCommissionvoted5-1todeny within the Lake Anna Growth Area. The prop- approved by the Planning Commission, 3)mitted use in R2 may be excluded and 5)approval of the rezoning request. erties are in an area further designated aslist correct setbacks on a revised plat. Al- provide written documentation from VDOTCuckoodistrictcommissionerGeorge Low Density Residential. The Comprehensivethough R2 setbacks are listed, A2 setbacksconcerning their recommended transporta- Goodwin noted he thought the lake plan-Plan describes Low Density Residential as,are not on the plat, 4) provide dark skytion improvements for development. ners need a boat density survey. LKALake Anna Life & TimesLate Summer 2019Valid thru 9-30-1914'