b'around the lakeWHATS NEW?Laketoberfest Event Planned For Oct. 12Lake Anna State Park To Undergoweekendwithmanyfederaland The Lake Anna Business Partner-$1 Million Renovation shipisplanninganeventdubbedstateworkersgettingMondayoff, Laketoberfest this fall, scheduled tomaking it a three-day weekend andLake Anna State Park will receive alowering the snack bar window. be held October 12 at the Coolinggood time to be at the lake.$1 million upgrade to the snack bar/All fixtures will be replaced and allPond Brewery. The event will feature live music, concession area to start after Laborwood siding will be replaced with LABP President Mark Smith toldseasonally brewed beer by the Cool-Day.hardie-back concrete siding to elim- L&T the chamber of commerce typeing Ponds brewer; John Pope, wine,Park Superintendent Dan Quesen- inate rot, Quesenberry said. group has been wanting to hold acider, gift vendors, food trucks and berry told Life & Times the project The funding for the project willfall event for some time. more.Hourswillbenoonuntil5 is expected to be finished in springcome from the State Maintenance Our annual Spring Thing at Newpm.2020 and will include extensive ren- Reserve,moneysetasidetobeBridgeLandingisapopularbusi- Pope and his staff opened Cooling ovations to the ageing facility.used when buildings are in desper- ness fair each year and we wantedPond Brewery back in March, located to hold more of a social event in theon Rt. 522 within a short drive from t ESS PARTak e tNA BUSIN so e The work will remove showersate need of repair, Quesenberry ex- fall for our locals toe most of the lake.For morebfrom the restroom and portion themplained. equipmentreplacements.ing it through a busy celebrate mak- r f informa-Loff with a separate entrance outsideThe funding does not include newsummer as well of the building. There will be sevenkitchenas attracttion on be- private showers total, two of whichDoug Covington is the Departmentvisitors to thecoming awill be a family restroom/shower. ofConservationandRecreationlake area outside vendor contact N NWe are also re-doing the plumbing,ProjectManager.AustinBroken-of the tradition A E Cindy at info@visit K E RSA HL Ireplacing the floor, ceiling and mak- bough is the architect and engineer- vacation season. P lakeanna.org. LKAing the snack bar ADA accessible bying firm overseeing the job. LKA Laketoberfest will be held Columbus Day LKALake Anna Life & TimesLate Summer 201911'