b'around the lakeWHATS NEW?LAAC Says No Hydrilla Treatment Planned For Lake This Season At its July meeting Lake Anna Ad-We survey almost 50 sites around visory Committee members listenedthe lake and found almost no hydrilla. as Hydrilla Subcommittee chairmanThere is some hydrilla at non-desig-Doug Smith advised them there wasnated survey sites far up tributaries.no need for aquatic herbicide treat- Im not going to say theres no hyd-ment of hydrilla this season as thererilla on the lake but there are no prob-wasnt enough weed to merit appli- lem areas, Smith told LAAC.cation. We havent solved the hydrilla prob-Smith noted a team of trained vol- lem for ever. We have done what weve unteers had completed a survey ofset out to do which is to successfully the lake and not found much of themanage hydrilla.invasive submerged aquatic weed. LAAC also reviewed a draft versionLast year, Smith and LAAC oversawofadocumententitledProtocolfor application of an approved aquaticUndesirable Aquatic Vegetation Treat- Very little hydrilla has been found by trained volunteer surveyers that herbicide by a state licensed appli- mentpresentedbyLAACchairmanchecked the lake this year.cator to treat hydrilla growing in theC.C. McCotter.back of Freshwater Creek and imped-Based on comments from citizenstold L&T. responsibletocitizenandsafety ing navigation. and county staff, this document was Theprotocolidentifiesthegoalofconcerns. According to Smith while the hyd- created to formalize processes and ef- safely promoting the research, control Thegroupvotedunanimouslyto rilla has been eradicated, the amountforts to manage hydrilla, the only un- and/ormanagementofundesirableadopttheprotocolandpostthe that remains isnt enough to justifydesirable aquatic vegetation currentlyaquatic weeds in Lake Anna in a man- documentwithFAQontheLAAC treatment. being managed at the lake, McCotterner which is transparent, effective andwebsite coming this winter. LKAThERES Only OnE namE TO REmEmbER - Timmy hEinNo job is too big or too small for us!- Timmy HeinGUTTERS DECKSLake Anna Life & TimesLate Summer 20195" & 6" Gutters Rehab DecksLeaf Guards Deck Enclosures SidingReplacement WindowsRoofing & RepairsCall US aT 540.894.9341 fOR a fREE ESTimaTE.10'