Lake Anna Life & Times Spring 20 1 8 5 dock talk Lake Anna Advisory Committee Ready To Better Represent When it comes to the voices of lake region citizens being heard there are three ways of doing so. The first is direct communication with county district supervisors, either by speaking at a monthly Board of Su- pervisors meeting, calling or emailing them. Planning Commission meetings and hearings also often have oppor- tunities for citizens to speak.The lake lies in Louisa, Orange and Spotsyl- vania Counties, so depending on the residence of the citizen, contact would be made with the corresponding rep- resentative (See sidebar graphic with lake district supervisor contact infor- mation.). Method two would be to become a member of the Lake Anna Civic As- sociation (LACA), also organized into districts, and discuss issues with that organization’s leadership, which in turn, decides what should be present- ed to county supervisors. A final method would be to attend a Lake Anna Advisory Committee (LAAC) meeting and speak during the Public Comment portion. The LAAC consists of a supervisor repre- sentative from Orange, Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties, plus two citi- zen representatives from Louisa and Spotsylvania and one from Orange. The LAAC was formed in 1994 by a cooperative agreement from Virgin- ia’s General Assembly and ratified by each county. The purposes of the group include; to promote cooperation and coordina- tion among the local governing bod- ies and Dominion Energy on issues concerning Lake Anna, to develop recommendations for new or revised ordinances/legislation specifically ad- dressing the needs, issues and or/ or problems involving Lake Anna, its shoreline, its shore land area behind the lake and the watersheds of Lake Anna as designated by the local gov- ernments, to promote planning and management for land, water and oth- er natural resources and environmen- tal quality maintenance, to administer the on-lake marker program, to pro- mote research, control and/or eradica- tion of undesirable aquatic weeds in Lake Anna and to improve the quality of the water and to control pollution in and around Lake Anna and to meet and discuss all local, state and fed- eral agencies concerned with quality of human life, water, pollution, recre- New Lake Anna Rescue Group Holds Emergency Exercise ation, wildlife, fish and fishing condi- tions, in and around Lake Anna and to pass on to all governmental agencies on the local, state or federal level any recommendations believed feasible and necessary to accomplish the pur- poses of this advisory committee. The central assumption of the cooper- ative agreement signed over 20 years ago is that areas of the lake in Louisa, Orange and Spotsylvania Counties are to be considered for policy guid- ance jointly, not independently. The 2018 Chairman of the LAAC, C.C. McCotter (publisher of Lake Anna Life & Times) has served on the commit- tee since 2015, including two years as Vice Chairman and as Chairman of the Budget Committee. Navigation & Safety Subcommittee Chair, Jean McCormick reports to mem- bers of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee at a meeting in December. The February meeting of the newly formed Lake Anna Rescue Group (LARG) determined that a live multi-jurisdictional exercise is needed to scope out the abili- ties of the agencies that com- prise the LARG team. The president of LARG and wa- ter rescue team leader is Bat- talion Chief Mike Grubb of the Spotsylvania County Depart- ment of Fire, Rescue and Emer- gency Management. LARG’s ob- jective is to ensure coordination and communication between jurisdictions in the event of an incident or emergency on the water. This involves search and rescue techniques, communica- tions and may include the need for fireboats, dive teams, marine units and law enforcement. The exercise will involve Spot- sylvania and Louisa counties Fire/Rescue units, Spotsylva- nia and Louisa Sheriff’s Offices, Virginia Dept. of Games and In- land Fisheries, U.S. Coast Guard Aux (CGAUX), Tow Boat U.S, and state/local law enforcement agencies. An update on the exercise will appear in the next issue of Lake Anna Life andTimes. - RB DUKE’S CREEK MARINA Mold Inspections & Remediation 540.895.5065 3831 Breaknock Rd., Bumpass PONTOON BOAT SALES & RENTALS BOAT SERVICE - STORAGE Camping - Convenience Store - Ramp - Fuel Are You Getting The Best Deal On Storage? continued on page 18