Lake Anna Life & Times Spring 20 1 8 27 lake anna reflectionsPAGE Photos - 1/Akbar Denghani, Mark Smith and Cindy Dove received the 2017 Lake Anna Business Partnership’s (LABP) Member Appreciation Award. 2/Doug Whitlock receives the LABP Lifetime Achievment Award from emcee Gene Newman. 3/Tabithia and Wesley Chiles and the LABP Business Person of the Year Award. 4/Dr. Micheal Clark of Piedmont Dental at Lake Anna with the LABP Business of the Year Award. 5/Chris Denkers of Coyote Hole Cidery displays his LABP Best New Business Award. 6/ Joe Messett of Anna Cabana received a LABP Best Fine Dining Award. 7/ Melody and Kenny Bowers received a LABP Best Fine Dining Award. 8/Susie and Barnie Squiers received a LABP Best in Fine Dining Award, too. 9/Susan Binns and Terri Wood at the LABP Business After Hours held at the Louisa Arts Center in February. 10/Lake Anna Life Publisher C.C. McCotter with Susan Smith, Terri Wood, Bob Probst and Mark Smith at the LABP Annual Member Appreciation Night Mini Golf Tournament held at Boardwalk Mini Golf. 11/Jacob Conley and Gary Griffith enjoyed the March LABP Business After Hours held at Sunset Coves Clubhouse. 12/LABP President Jeff Martin assists Jon and Stephanie Koren cut the ribbon at the grand oprening of Lake Anna Tractor & Harware. Photos by Richard Binns and C.C. McCotter. Scenes FROM THE Lake ANNA Glitterati 7 2 1 3 4 5 6 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 Order ahead and avoid the noon rush at Elk Creek!