Lake Anna Life & Times Spring 20 1 8 20 See Pages 22-23 For LakeAnna Dining News How many times have you been driving and someone on Rt. 208 be- tween Dickinson’s Store and Food Lion began drifting into your lane? At the last second they veer back into their own lane and you can see that they were texting or following a map to their next destination. The harmless outcome above is not always the case and some of these incidents involve single and multiple car accidents, some fatal. This is known as distracted driv- ing and with so many folks visiting the Lake Anna area during the vaca- tion season, accidents on the roads around the lake are becoming com- mon. To address the situation, VDOT en- gineers have added rumble strips (drunk bumps, sleepy bumps) to Route 208.These divots in the center- lines are intended to create a noisy, vibrating reminder that drivers have strayed outside their lane. Rumble strips are common along the outside edges of interstate high- ways and are being used more com- monly on rural two-lane roads to combat distracted driving. According to the Transportation Research Board, rumble strips have been shown to reduce head-on or cross-over collisions by 45% on rural, two-lane roads. Rumble strips cost about 40-50¢ per foot according to VDOT, so they are considered a low cost solution to saving lives and property damage. Currently, there are no plans for Rumble Strips Installed On Rt. 208 In Hopes Of Better Safety Rumble strips located on Rt. 208 from Wares Crossroads to the 208 Bridge are intended to keep distracted drivers alert. around the lake rumble strips on other dangerous, two-lane roads around the lake like Kentucky Springs Road, Route 522 from Wares Crossroads north, Route 208 on the Spotsylvania side of the lake and Route 719, though residents are welcome to share their concerns withVDOT by visiting https://my.vdot. Alan Saunders is the local VDOT representative for Louisa County and can be reached at alan.saunders@ Sean Nelson is the Spotsylvania County VDOT rep- resentative and can be reached at 540.899-4300. April 28 May 19 June 9 July 14 Aug. 11 Sept. 8 The Skystone Bluegrass Band Bring friends, family and a lawn chair! Beer, Wine, Soda, Water & Food Available Absolutely No Coolers & No Pets Brought to you by: Happy Hour @5:30 Bands Begin @6:30 Fennario Mach 25 Blues Flash Karen Jonas Pop-Up Trailers l a k e a n n a business Par t n e r s h i p Lake Anna’s 2018 At Anna Point Marina’s Event Pavilion SUNSET CONCERT SERIES GREENSWARD DESIGN | BUILD North Anna Nuclear Information Center Lake Anna Business Partnership Lake Anna Life Media photo