Lake Anna Life & Times Spring 20 1 8 17 the New Bridge Landing/Lake Anna Fool Lion shopping center. He opened the practice back in 2011 when he determined the area needed a high quality veterinary hospital, and year-by- year, he’s become one of the lake’s most loved service providers. We asked the Severna Park, Maryland native how he got started in veterinary medicine. “I have always wanted to be a veterinarian.  I even was listed  in my senior quote: ‘Laugh when I become a veterinarian’ because not everyone thought I would do it. ” Slovis (pronounced Slow-vis) worked as a veterinary assistant starting at the age of 16.  He had horses so he was always working with animals for work or hobby.  He attended the University of Kentucky for his undergradu- ate degree and studied animal science then attended to Ross University and earned his DVM. He said he never even considered any other career path. Caring for people’s pets is a huge responsibil- ity.There are good times and tough times that come with the job. We asked the Lake Anna vet about some of the best and worst aspects of the position. “One of the best parts is helping the clients and patients get through an illness and help- ing to keep animals healthy. “The worst is never seeing an animal when they have no signs of sickness. So many times we only see sick animals and never when they are feeling good for regular preventative care. The preventative care exam helps catch issues before they get sick. Preventative care is done to make sure the animal is healthy and there are no overt signs of something larger going on. “It’s also very tough putting a sick animal down, however we are able to stop pain and discomfort by doing this. ” Slovis says another best part of being a vet is the interaction with clients and patients. “Doing a thorough and competent job for our clients and having the  animal’s improve  be- cause of the care they  receive from Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital is very satisfying. ” We asked if he had any advice for folks won- dering if they need to bring their dog or cat to you, as in when is it time? “There is always a time to come as animals Minutes from the lake on Rt. 522 4533 Zachary Taylor Highway Mineral, VA. Join Us This Season At Lake Anna’s Newest Event Venue&Restaurant! Our menu features traditional steaks, chicken, pork & seafood Featuring weekly Greek specials & sale of home grown produce Onsite catering and banquet facilities 540 894-4343 Farm to table dining, event catering, craft brews and more! need minimum yearly preventative care ex- ams. This helps to catch things early. Twice, annual exams on an animal with chronic is- sues and animals over eight years old are a good idea.  Consider this: Would you go to the doctor for the issue? If you answered yes, then you should bring in the patient. ” Slovis uses quite a bit of high technology in his practice and we asked him how important it is to the service. “It’s very important as we try to develop and cultivate a loyal and growing clientele by us- ing great customer service and technology. “Examples of technology in the practice in- clude: full body digital radiology, digital dental radiology, digital ultrasound, an infrared cam- era, computerized records, online pet applica- tion so records can be accessed by the client, text and email notifications and forward book appointments. ” The vet with the impish grin and curly dark hair has a marked resemblance to actor Patrick Dempsey. He says his practice has flourished because of good word of mouth, detailed ex- ams and the capability to do many tests on site, as well as his staff. “The most important thing is without our great staff Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital can never be successful. The staff are all parts of the community and see clients outside the of- fice all the time. Without the staff I would be nothing.The hard work of each of them leads to the success of the practice and makes my job easier. ” When he’s not working Slovis says he enjoys family time, traveling as much as they can and trying new craft breweries in Richmond. His perfect day off would be spent with this family (wife Kristine and son, Gilbert) on his pontoon boat in a cove unwinding and listen- ing to the wind in the trees. As a final perspective on his job, Slovis add- ed, “Veterinary care is like being many differ- ent people in a day. I am a general practitioner, a dermatologist, a dentist, a surgeon, an oph- thalmologist, and a sports medicine doctor all in one day.   “What other job permits you to make people happy helping to improve the life of their furry friends? My staff and I can always go home and feel we have improved the life of an ani- mal. ” Dr. Dan Slovis enjoying a day off on the lake with his son, Gilbert. 540894.8770 Minutesfromthelake! 4541ChoppingRd.,Mineral Open 7a-5p M-F and Sat. 7-Noon “We invite you to stop in and check out the lake’s headquarters for hardware, paint, power equipment, mowers, tractors and small engine repair.” - Jon and Stephanie Koren LKA